5 Effective Zander Baits For Zander Fishing That You Should Not Do Without


Here we would like to present 5 really effective zander baits that we can really recommend after a long time of trying and testing.

This should greatly increase your chances of catching zander!

Bait fish as zander bait

A really recommendable zander bait is the bait fish. Bait fish for zander fishing should be between 5 and 15 cm in size. Gudgeons, perches, roaches and rudd are particularly suitable for this.

You can usually get these in a well-stocked fishing shop or simply in your trusted fishing shop. When buying them, you must make sure that they are fresh bait fish. These are the ones that the pike-perch actually like best. However, they should not be too big.

Jerkbaits or plugs as zander bait

Again and again plugs or jerkbaits are used as zander bait. Roach are particularly suitable for this purpose. At amazon you can currently find the following wobbler which has proven to be very catchy and is also not so expensive: AnzeigeWobbler Jerkbait 150mm roach lure for pike perch zander.

This is an imitation of a roach which we think is very good for a pike perch zander lure. Here is a picture of the wobbler:

More jerkbaits can be found at the fishing spot indicator.

Twister as zander bait

Many anglers swear by twisters for zander fishing. The twisters should be guided and pulled through the water quickly and efficiently. As a result we have already been able to land surprisingly large zander with the zander bait.

A large selection can be found here.

The early evening hours are especially suitable for this when it gradually begins to dawn and the sun slowly sets. At this time many zander are standing directly on the shore and wait for their prey.

If a twister then passes them by, the hungry predators may suddenly and unexpectedly bite at lightning speed.

We can recommend the displayWild Devil Baits Tornado Twister loaded.

Severed tail fin

Another very good zander bait is the severed tail fin of a bait fish. For this purpose you can use either a perch, a roach, a gudgeon or a red-feather.

For this purpose the tail fin of the dead bait fish is simply cut off cleanly with a knife and then hooked again.

Fish fillet

Another bait that turned out to be catchy is the fish fillet.

For this you should cut a piece about 8 to 10 cm from your zander. This is then hooked onto your zander hook and offered.

Make sure that it is as long and large as possible. Otherwise it can happen that other fish bite as well.

If you also have a filleting knife at hand for this, you should get a really clean result.

It’s important that you just try a lot. There is no ultimate patent remedy for pike-perch fishing.

The more you try different pike-perch lures, the better your chances of success.

So stay tuned, the next big zander is sure to come.

Happy birthday!

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