8 Fish Species Whose World Record You Can Break


The generally recognized list of world records is from the IGFA. Unfortunately it is not too easy to submit a record. I myself have caught a knifefish in the Philippines, which is actually a new world record, but did not report it because of the effort involved. On the spot I also heard about a net catch of a 14 kg fish which was guaranteed by a big research institution. But this list is about records of fishes you can catch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Important for the record is not the length, but only the weight.

Country records are sometimes even easier to break, but that is sometimes hardly a challenge.

Table of contents How to set a world record at the IGFA Further lists of world recordsFish species with crackable world record sources

How to set a world record at the IGFA

At the IGFA there is a form to download>>. This must be filled out correctly, whereby

is especially important, also the length measurement of the fish. Unfortunately, however, must be certified by a notary and ideally a line sample of the line used, as well as photos and videos must be enclosed.

Alternatively on some Big Game Boats there are registered captains who can also confirm the catch. However, this is not important for Germany.

Further lists of world records

Wikipedia also has a record list. For the European fish you can find it here. The records are higher than at the IGFA and therefore harder to break. For a publication you need another publication in the internet.

If you catch a record fish, I am willing to publish it, if credible material is available. It’s quite possible that it will be enough for Wikipedia.

Fish species with crackable world record

Of course every world record is crackable but the fish mentioned here either don’t have a record yet or heavy fish are caught regularly in Germany.

  • Chub (3,45 kg)
  • Goldfish (2,68 kg)
  • European eel (3,36 kg)
  • Bream (6,01 kg)
  • Perch (2,9 kg)
  • Aland (3,36 kg)
  • Tench (4,64 kg)
  • Perch (2,9 kg)


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