Fishing Equipment That You Really Need


Those who go fishing often try to keep their equipment as manageable as possible, because after all everything has to be transported to the water and the at least good fishing spots are directly accessible by car.      Besides, nowadays you are literally bombarded with all kinds of unnecessary fishing equipment. Here I would like to give you an insight into how I have sorted my fishing gear. After all, I am on the water more than 250 days a year, even if it is only for a short spinning tour after work.

Table of Contents General: these fishing accessories are always with me When fishing with natural baitWhen night fishingFor predatory fish (pike, zander)When feeding fishFor carp fishingFor catfish fishing (raised hide)When spin fishing

General: these fishing accessories are always with me

Some of these things have to be with me for legal reasons, even if the rules here vary from state to state and water. I always have a landing net, tape measure, pliers, fish killer and knife with me, even if I don’t intend to use the last two.      You can always hurt a massive fish so much that it has to be removed. These essential utensils I always have with my fishing papers and a sharp pair of scissors in a small shoulder bag, which doesn’t bother me.    In this bag I can also carry some spinning baits and other fishing equipment in case I go on a spinning trip.

When fishing with natural lures

Everything I list here, I almost always take with me for natural lure fishing, also for the next fishing techniques and I don’t list these accessories again. As an all-rounder I like to have everything with me to be prepared for every situation on the water. Nevertheless I don’t want to drag so much to the fishing spot. Therefore I have a box with some poses, hooks in different sizes, lead shot, pearls, bait needles, and some bite indicators and bells, as well as bend lights.

Since larger lead and food baskets weigh relatively much, I always take only what I need or might need. In general, I prefer Tyrolean Hölzl, because they can’t sink far into the mud and produce hardly any hangers.

What of course does not fit into any fishing box are my electronic bite indicators and rod stands. Depending on the situation, sometimes a rod pod, although I prefer banksticks. Also a seat is usually included, for the very short seat this is a small folding stool from Spro and otherwise my carp chair.

When night fishing

Even when I go night fishing I pack a few extra things. After all, without a headlamp

nothing works.      I’ve always carried bend lights with me when I’m fishing for natural bait anyway, just like bait needles. Other useful things for night fishing are:

For predatory fish (pike, zander)

Optionally, if there are pike in the water and you’re fishing for predatory fish, a box with pike-safe leader material and triplets is still included. Alternatively I simply take

already finished leaders with me. These are wrapped around a piece of pipe insulation, which in turn goes into a Tupperbox

. Do not forget bait fishes or stippling things. At least if you don’t have frozen ones with you.

Especially on pike, throat locks are also highly recommended – after all, you don’t want to have bloody fingers.

When feeding

Of course you need food baskets in suitable weights and buckets as well as a sieve to sift lumps out of the food. Optionally there are special feeder rod trays if I fish with only one rod. If it goes to the big river, I usually take a stable tripod with me.

When fishing for carp

Carp fishing with boilies is probably the most specialized fishing technique and here you need some special fishing equipment.    Nevertheless, I like to make a short hide, where not everything has to go to the water. Pre-tied leaders in my carp folder are very important. Boilia needle,

Boilie drill and Boiliestopper and a hook sharpener must also always be included. Because I usually use simple inline lead, no special assembly with extra small parts is necessary.    Of course there are also some boilies or pellets and optional some food but that’s it and I don’t need to carry a tent city to the water for a normal hide.

Catfish fishing (raised hide)

Also this fishing technique is so specialized, that you have to have a lot to do.    But even if it’s not very much for me: when catfish fishing everything is bigger and therefore heavier. The U-Pose mounting is the most successful one, that’s why they are always with me. Then there is thick 0.9-1.2 mm leader material and special very stable catfish hooks. Everything else I need for my assembly is of course included.    Lead or stones and cable ties or line, extra strong swivels, tube as stopper and a Sea Boom. For landing, a landing net is usually out of the question for real catfish fishing and so a landing glove is needed. At first every working glove from the hardware store will do.

Extra sturdy rod stands for catfish are also included as well as a hammer to knock them into the ground. If I spend the night fishing for catfish on the water, of course I have to bring appropriate things like a lounger and a weather protection.

When spin fishing

For spin fishing I only take what I really need in the waters I know and that is at most 3-5 different lures, a few swivels and leader material. For pike fishing I use a lockjaw and steel or thick fluorocarbon. It is important to me that I always have enough material to reinstall after one or two breaks.

When spinning I often take a very large landing net with me, if the fishing spots allow it, in which (almost) every pike fits comfortably.

In waters completely unknown to me things look quite different again. Here I also have a backpack with rubber fish of different sizes and colours and also plugs in different sizes, depths and colours. A few spinners and spoons are also part of the package. With these I often tow 3-4 boxes with artificial bait and again everything I need to re-tie leaders. But I only do the whole thing until I know how deep the water is or even get regular bites on certain lures. Then I sort out the lures for the next session.

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