Stippruten Review & Comparison: 6 Fishing Rods Under $100


In the Stippruten Test you will find 6 fishing rods for less than 100 Euro for spinning. Stipprod fishing is a very popular method for many beginners. Stipp fishing is usually characterized by using a rod that is used without a reel and without a ring. Only at the tip of the rod is the fishing line with the corresponding leader. Of course there are also ringed rods as you will see later – but these are rather the exception.

Bottom rods are mainly used for fishing for game fish. Possible target fish are mainly carp, barbel and rudd. Most of the stip rods are telescopic and reach a total length between 3.60 and up to 17 m.

As with most other types of fishing rods such as feeder rods, spinning rods, match rods and fly rods, there are also differences in the quality of the stip rod which influence the success of the fishing. Some of the criteria are for example the length, weight and stability of the rod. Of course, the transport dimensions also play a decisive role with the sometimes quite long rods. Also not to be neglected is the handling of the rod when fishing with the rod. Here the question arises whether it lies comfortably in the hand and is sufficiently balanced.

We have of course checked all these criteria in our published product report and have recorded them in detail. This enabled us to form a comprehensive opinion relatively quickly. This also resulted in the graphic overall evaluation which you can find at the end of each product report. All in all, this should help you to find the most suitable stop rod for you.

We don’t want to beat about the bush, but start with the first test. Have fun with it.

Note: From time to time it can happen that selected spinning rods are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous rods for spinning on this overview page.

Scorpion High Carbon 600

The Scorpion High Carbon 600 is a 6 m long dip rod. In the product report itself it is not the longest but also not the shortest rod. It lies in the good midfield. It is a telescopic rod which consists of 6 parts and therefore has a transport length of just 1.20 m. In our opinion it can be transported very well. Especially when you are on the way by car or bicycle, it is relatively handy due to the small transport size.

It looks very noble by the matt blue and makes a very good first impression. This may not be immediately apparent from the pictures. If you like you can unscrew the metal ends additionally. To prevent the rod from slipping out of your hands in rain or dampness, the handle has been roughened. Thus the rod lies also accordingly safer in the hand. Such a characteristic pays off especially when you have to hold the rod firmly in your hands during the fight.

The rod is also packed in a cloth case. This protects it from rain and other weather conditions during transport. Furthermore, it is very light at 290 g – despite its length of 6 m. This is mainly due to the High Carbon Carbon fibre. This is particularly stable and at the same time flexible during the drill and ensures the low weight.

A picture of the dowsing rod

Below you will find a picture of the Scorpion High Carbon dowsing rod 600:

Short summary

All the important facts in a nutshell:

  • Brand: Scorpion
  • Length: 600 cm
  • Transport length: 120 cm
  • noble protection
  • screwable metal end cap
  • parts: 6 pieces
  • Weight: 290 g
  • Material: 100% High Carbon Carbon Carbon Fibre
  • roughened handle
  • Extras:


All in all the Scorpion High Carbon 600 is a high quality 6 m long spinning rod which has been developed especially for angling. It makes a very good impression on us on the water – both in terms of workmanship and materials. However, at just under 70 Euros it is not exactly cheap. For anglers who want to own something of high quality, in any case a recommendation.

DAM Carbon Tele-Pole, unconditional telescope in the head rod test

Note: It is possible that the item is currently not available. As an alternative, the following display tips can be used.

The DAM Carbon Tele-Pole indicator is the longest spinning rod presented here at 8 m. It is telescopic and therefore has a transport length of just 1.18 m. This is even a few centimeters below the 6 m long Scorpion High Carbon dip rod 600, which makes it easy to store in a suitable rod bag.

On the water we found out that despite the high overall length it is very strong and stable. We definitely attribute this to the raw material carbon. This gives it the necessary stability thanks to the intelligent construction.

However, at 560 g it is also somewhat heavier. Of course, this is not least due to the extra metres. Also the fact that it is a carbon rod without carbon fibre contributes to this. However, it still lies very well in the hand and makes a good impression, especially when tipping.


Here a current picture of the model. Click on the picture to enlarge:


All the important facts in a nutshell:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Length: 8 m / 26.67 ft
  • Weight: 560 g / 19.75 oz
  • Parts: 8
  • Transport length: 118 cm / 3.93 ft

Conclusion on the darting test

Overall, the unconditional DAM Carbon Tele-Pole has a good top action. This is absolutely necessary, because otherwise, with a total length of 8 m, it would be difficult to transfer the first shot to the target fish. If you like long unconditional head rods, you will have a lot of fun with this model. Even though it is a little bit heavier, we were able to land capital carp with it.

Browning Ambition X-pert – Stipprod 7,00 m

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. As an alternative, the following display dip rods are available.

With a size of 7.00 m the IndicatorBrowning Ambition X-pert is exactly between the Scorpion High Carbon Stipprod 600 and the DAM Carbon Tele-Pole. But if you compare it with other spinning rods, it is in the middle range. This makes the rod especially suitable for beginners and anglers who just want to get close to the spinning.

With 450 g it is also not that heavy. However, with a transport size of 1.48 m it is not necessarily the handiest rod, even if it is from Browning. But if you need it, you can easily take it in your hand. We have also managed to get it into a special fishing bag.

The Browning Ambition X-pert is a telescopic rod that consists of 5 parts. The head rod has a good action, but is all in all very tough.


Here a current picture of the Browning Ambition X-pert. To enlarge, just click on the picture:


All important facts summarized:

  • Brand: Browning
  • Length: 7.00 m
  • Transport size: 1. 48 m
  • Parts: 5 pieces
  • Weight: 450 g

Conclusion dip rod test

We can recommend this dip rod to all fishing beginners who want to start dip fishing. It is not too heavy and has a solid length for a beginner rod. The price is also ok. If you are looking for a beginner model, you should look here. Here is our graphic evaluation for you:

Shimano Alivio Cx Te Gt 5-600

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. As an alternative you can use the following display tips.

We have also tested the Shimano Alivio Cx Te Gt 5-600 display. This is also an approx. 6 m long dip rod. In contrast to the other spinning rods presented here, this one is completely ringed. This makes it ideal for fishing in poses. We have used it on various lakes and rivers and were not disappointed. The transport characteristics are perfectly ok. It has a transport length of just 1.38 m and with a total weight of 364 grams it is light as a feather.

Additionally we used a fishing reel also from Shimano. This fits perfectly into the reel seat on the blank. The rings are very stable and ensure a smooth gliding of the fishing line. This is especially noticeable during casting.

All in all we were able to land 4 bream with this rod, which is proportionally “smaller”. This of course makes you want more immediately. The casting weight of up to 20 g is completely ok for a ringed spinning rod in this format.


Here is another picture of the dabbled rod:

Short & concise summary:

All important facts summarized:

  • Brand: Shimano
  • Rod length: 6,00 m
  • Casting weight: 5-20 g
  • Weight: 364 g
  • Transport length: 1,38 m
  • Parts: 6 pieces
  • Very stable ringed ditch rod
  • incl. Shimano reel seat


As expected the Shimano Alivio Cx Te Gt 5-600 convinced us. However, this is definitely an entry-level model. It is not the lightest but also not the heaviest spinning rod and is with 364 g in the good middle range. The transport characteristics are with 1.38 m completely ok and it is relatively easy to transport. We can recommend this rod to all those who do not want to spend so much money and still value a high quality finish. You can’t go too far wrong with this Shimano dip rod.

DAM Sensomatch TRX 800 – Stipprod, unrestrained with low weight

The AnzeigeDAM Sensomatch TRX 800 is with 580 g in the Stippruten test not necessarily the lightest Stipprute, but still handy. Once it has been set up on the water, it lies there very well and does exactly what it is supposed to do: Offer the bait.

When it comes to a bite, it is very sensitive, so you notice the bite relatively quickly. The action during the drill is fast and effective. The carbon fibre construction gives her the necessary stability and balance. With the DAM Sensomatch TRX 800 we have successfully fished for carp, bream and rudd. As there were also some very capital catches, we were glad that the rod was constructed accordingly stable. Of course this also had an effective effect on the hook.

There are also other sizes of this spinning rod, but we deliberately chose the 8 m version, as we have had the best success with it in the past on our waters.


For illustration you will find a picture of the spinning rod in the following:


All important facts summarized:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Length: 8 m / 26,67 ft
  • Weight: 580 g / 20,46 oz
  • Parts: 8
  • Transport length: 147 cm / 4.9 ft


All in all, the DAM Sensomatch TRX 800 is a real all-round genius when it comes to spinning. Anyone who has an idea will appreciate the advantages of the composition of materials and first-class workmanship in practical use. This is why this rod has become the winner of our comparison. We can therefore definitely recommend this rod to others.

DAM Carbon Pocket-Pole 5 m in test

When the AnzeigeDAM CARBON POCKET-POLE 5M arrived at our premises, we were initially surprised by its light weight. This is just 197 g. This makes it the lightest fishing rod in this test. This is not least due to the material carbon which is used in the rod. However, it has a total length of “only” 5 m, which was not necessarily optimal for our area of application. But you can set it up very quickly.

Very positively surprised and for some reason we were not prepared for this, is the small transport length of only 38 cm. As a telescopic rod it consists of 14 parts in total, but because of that it really fits into any standard fishing backpack, fishing suitcase or fishing bag. If you are going to travel a lot with the rod, this feature is certainly ideal for you. Therefore, many anglers like to use it as a small and handy travel rod, for example for fishing at Lake Garda.

We also liked very much that the rod is delivered in a small cloth bag. This protects the rod considerably during transport. Because of the carbon it is a bit more rigid, but for a stop rod it is even better. Because if it is too soft, it will be a bit heavier when you try it out.


For illustration you will find another picture here:


All important facts summarized:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Length: 5 m / 16,67 ft
  • Weight: 197 g / 6,95 oz
  • Parts: 14
  • Transport length: 38 cm / 1,27 ft


The DAM Carbon Pocket-Pole is the perfect travel rod if you don’t want to carry so much bulky luggage. It can be set up easily and quickly and makes a stable impression on the lake. We could land some carp with it and were surprised by the very good action. All in all, this model is a very good stop rod that we can recommend.

Concluding words to the test

We have tested for a long time, tried a lot, were often pleased and sometimes even annoyed. The result is this rather extensive product report which is now coming to an end. Even though the Scorpion High Carbon 600 is at the top of the list, we believe that the other rods also have their strengths in many points.

Because in the end it always depends on the many different needs, requirements and conditions that make a spinning rod successful. In any case, we have taken great pains to show you where the strengths and weaknesses of each rod lie. Therefore we hope that we were able to help you a little bit in choosing your next stipprod.

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