Balzer Magna Magic Lure Reviewed


A new rod series from 2018 is the Balz Magna magic lure. In search of a new allround spinning rod I found this beautiful and very cheap rod. I bought the Lure 25 model, which is used for me on the small river and lake as a spinning rod for trout, perch and chub. The casting weight of my model is 5-25 grams and the length is 2,4 meters.

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First impression

After unpacking the rod, it was first sample wobbled, which quickly showed the semi-parabolic action of the rod. But the rod is not bobbly and jumps back to its starting position without much buffing. Balzer advertises the rod with IM 6 Carbon, which is said to have been used much more than with the Magna magic spin. Nevertheless there is still some fiberglass in the rod, which is not a big deal, so the rod remains more robust and elastic.

The reel seat does not come from any particular brand, but the plastic is not bad and not to be expected with such cheap rods. My 1000’s to 4000’s reels sit bombproof in the reel seat and nothing wobbles. The rings are all double-web SIC rings from Fuji, nice for such a cheap rod. In total there are seven rings including the tip ring. I also like the small hook eye, because I can store my lures here when I am running. Of course the cork is not the highest quality, but it is completely ok. Below the reel grip there is still some foam rubber on the rod grip. The end cap is made of rubber, which I welcome, because I have little inhibitions to put my rod in the dirt.

Apart from that the rod is painted completely black, everything seems to be processed completely OK and I can’t find any gross errors. The design is for sure rather classic with golden ornamental windings and only the cloud pattern just above the grip is a bit more striking. With a Shimano Nasci 2500, which happens to weigh exactly 250 grams, the rod is quite well balanced.

Practical test

In practice I have fished the rod on smaller nature and quarry ponds as well as on rivers and streams for trout. My good first impression has mostly been confirmed in practice. The rod casts far and needs very little power. The rod does not have problems with 3 grams of bait or with 28 grams of spoons. Of course the rod casts best with ~10 gram lures. Nevertheless it casts in the lower casting weight range thanks to its length of 2,4 m even further than my UL rod Okuma Alaris.

Also the feeling of the rod is right, because you get bites very well, especially when you are spinning with braided line. Small pike, like the one on the right in the picture have not been able to do anything with the rod and perch and chub are fun. The rod does not get tired when spinners of size 3 or plugs of ~10 cm are caught.

No rubber rod

Rubbers on the jigging head or mini pilker jigged do not fish so well on the rod, because it is simply too soft for that. Here and there a rubber through the middle water fishing or fishing with finesse rigs is possible.


The Magna Magic Lure is a great spinning rod at a reasonable price, because if you want to fish with everything but rubbers or only fish with them very occasionally, you will get off well. But Texas and Carolina Rigs still works with this rod. Really fun but wobblers, spinners and spoons for the price the rod is actually unbeatable and therefore I can recommend it without hesitation.

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Balzer Magna magic lure 0.00 8.7 Price Performance 9.0/10 Processing 8.0/10 Practice 9.0/10 Pros Very cheap but not cheapGood casting characteristicsSoft but not wobblyHook-eye Cons With this price nothing to complain about! View here at Amazon >> View here at Ebay >>

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