Bearking Wobblers The Better Chinawobblers


The wobblers from Bearking all stand out with a slightly higher price (2-5 €), but are equipped with top hooks and are of a much higher quality than the cheap “chinawobblers”. As I ordered some items lately, the postman was not very happy and switched to storm ringing when the Bearking plugs arrived.

My impression

In general the wobblers stand out because of their beautiful decorations and a top workmanship. Personally I only find that the range of natural colours is a little limited. But I have found what I was looking for. To make a long story short, the wobblers all run top and just as I imagined. The hooks are supposed to be VMC hooks and I think this is possible, but so far nobody has rusted and the plugs are not leaking. They are also very easy to cast and can be easily guided and fished with a light to medium spinning rod.

Especially with the Bass Slicker from “The Viking” series I find the reflective foil very nice. Because the key stimulus of the reflecting light is not used enough with many plugs.

All in all I ordered the following wobblers, which I bought in the Bearking Shop on Aliexpress>>.

  • Bearking perfect action minnow Bass slicker: also a slim and beautiful wobbler with a small diving scoop that makes it to about one meter diving depth at 7,8 cm and 9,2 g.
  • Bass Slicker TT: a slightly deeper diving small fish imitation 6,2 cm and 6 g which makes it to a depth of about 1,5 – 2 m.
  • Bearking Luzender: a small radar maker that dives to about 3m with a big diving shovel and is equipped with loud rattles. The bait weighs 16 g at 6.5 cm length.
  • Bass Slicker 80: With 8 cm and 8.5 g a replica of an expensive japanwobbler, which runs well and has a highly iridescent reflective foil built in. With the small diving scoop it reaches a depth of about 0.4-0.8 m.
  • Bearking-S-Rap: A deep diving wobbler with a body length of 8 cm and a large diving scoop. The bait weighs 14 g and reaches a depth of 3-4 m

With their packaging and presentation the plugs are very reminiscent of top models from our shop and I must say they are in no way inferior to them. Slowly it becomes difficult for me and the agony of choice increases.

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