Best swimbaits for bass fishing reviewed


Choosing the right swimbait is important if you want to ensure success when bass fishing. There are many swimbaits on the market and choosing the right one can get confusing. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best swimbaits for bass out there. This will make your decision making process much easier!


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Why should I fish for bass?

Bass is a popular fish to hunt and for a good reason. Aside from its taste, the bass is also an excellent source of nutrients ( Bass is low in calories and a great source of protein, selenium, and essential omega-3 fatty acids.


This is true for both freshwater and saltwater varieties. Both types of bass provide between 6 and 11 percent of the daily recommended value of magnesium and potassium (


What is the best color to choose for bass swimbait?

Swimbaits come in a variety of colors and choosing the best color can be a daunting task.

The first thing that you should do is get to know the area where you will be fishing. This is important because it will give you an idea on what the bass you’re gunning for actually eat.


If you’re fishing in an area where bluegills are the primary diet source then go for a swimbait that resembles bluegills. If you want to fish in an area where predatory fish hunt trout, then purchase a swimbait that looks like trout. The idea is to always get a bait that the predator would like to consume! (


Best Swimbait for New Anglers

YONGZHI Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Walleye Paddle Tail Swimbaits, and Lizard Lure Fishing Worms with Weighted Fishing Hooks for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing


If you are a new angler, then this is a great swimbait for you.

It has a tapered ribbed body design that distorts its shape to give the swimbait a more natural look. This swimbait is well-known for its remarkable swimming action. New anglers will benefit from this swimbait because it can swim perfectly at any speed. Even if you’re still testing the speed that will work best for you, you cannot go wrong with this swimbait.


Another feature that new anglers will like is its ribbed body design. This design provides protection to the hook point. It also ensures solid hookups.


What I really like about this swimbait is its versatility. These soft fishing lures are ready to use on a wide variety of hooks. Anglers can use this on weighted fishing hooks, a-rig or spinner baits, and wide gap hooks. You can even use them on jig heads or worm fishing hooks. And they come in 5 great colors!


These are useful for fishing bass, trout, walleye in clear water and also in dirty water. The fishing worms are effective to use in deep or shallow water and even through grass or wood.


Lastly, I really like that the lures and baits come in a plastic box. This makes them easy to carry around.


A common customer complaint concerns the size of the non-weighted hooks. Customers have mentioned that the hooks are a lot smaller than how they appear in advertisements.



  • Has great swimming action.
  • Ideal for new anglers.
  • Can ensure solid hookups.



  • Non-weighted hooks are small.
  • Not ideal for large fish.


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Best Swimbait for predator fish

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures Swimbait Bass, Fishing Lures Crankbait Jointed Trout Swimbait Mustad Hooks

This is a swimbait that can work well for both new and experienced anglers. It is especially effective if you’re keen on targeting predator fish like bass, and pike. It is also effective on walleye, muskie, roach, or yellow perch. Whether you like fishing in saltwater or freshwater, you’ll find this swimbait more than enough for your angling needs.


This swimbait also comes in two series. They have a hard model that is stronger and more durable. The other model is a softer model that is more realistic and looks more natural in action.


One thing that I like about this swimbait is its multi-jointed body. This design lends flexibility to the swimbait. It also helps stimulate the natural movement of fish tails. This movement aims to provide anglers with the ultimate swimming experience. On the other hand, artificial swimbait has a 3D printed body. It accurately replicates the colors and patterns of an actual bait fish. Aside from being reusable, this swimbait is also environmentally friendly.


Last but not least, you have the Mustad hook rigged with two sharp treble hooks ( These hooks are highly durable and flexible. They are also effective in both saltwater and freshwater angling.


A common concern raised by those who use this swimbait is the difficulty in making the swimbait ‘swim properly’. There does seem to be a sweet spot wherein the swimbait performs very well. There were also comments that the hooks were quite sharp but grow dull after a short period of time.



  • Great for catching predator fish.
  • Works in both saltwater and freshwater.
  • Can replicate actual bait fish.



  • May not be ideal for novice anglers
  • Hooks might need replacement.


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Best Extra Strong Swimbait

Sougayilang Fishing Lure Whopper Plopper with Floating Rotating Tail Topwater Bait Freshwater Saltwater Lures for Carp Bass Pike


When you target large predatory fish like bass, carp or pike, you need a strong swimbait.  This will help you become successful. This swimbait is as strong as you can get. It is rated to withstand up to 40lbs of break strength ( It performed even better when tested in real-world scenarios. In these scenarios, they withstood over 100lbs of break strength. While most swimbaits have 5 segments, this swimbait has 7 segments constructed from solid plastics. With each purchase, you get 5 different colors of swimbait. You also get 5 fishing lures. All of these are in one plastic box for easy storage.


When I tested this swimbait, I was  impressed with the way that it performed. Its movements were quite tempting for predatory fish. I ended up going home with a bass-filled bucket.  


I also like the razor-sharp treble hooks that came with the swimbait. These hooks made use of premium materials including stainless steel split rings and Japanese steel.


One weakness of this swimbait is its inability to float properly the same way that the Whopper Plopper does. This swimbait also has the tendency to spin around in the water. The spinning issue is easy to solve though. Just add a swivel between the lure and the line and you’re good to go.



  • Has 40lbs of break strength.
  • Hooks use premium materials.
  • Accurately imitates prey fish.



  • Spins around in the water.
  • May not float well.


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Most realistic looking swimbait

Modenpeak HJ-7S 7 Segment Swimbait Lures Crankbaits Baits Hard Bait Fishing Lures 4″ 0.8oz

When you’re looking for a swimbait, you want to go for one that looks like a real fish. The Modenpeak swimbait looks as realistic as any swimbait can get.


This swimbait makes an excellent job of copying the colors and patterns of a real bait fish. This realistic look makes this swimbait quite attractive for predatory fish. If you’re just starting as an angler, this is a great tool to get you started. It can help you land a bass even if you don’t have much experience. The lure is quite versatile and performs excellently in different conditions. It will also deliver satisfying results at different speeds and water columns.


I like that Modenpeak presents options when you want to try their swimbait. You can get just a single if you just want to test their product. You also have the option to get a set of 3, 5, or 6 if you want to stock up.


Although swimbaits coming in sets is not unique, I love that the sets have a wide assortment of swimbait designs. This allows you to choose a design that might be more effective if you’re trying to catch a particular fish.


One thing to watch out for when getting this swimbait is the hook. It has a tendency to fall off when tugged by a powerful predatory fish. I’ve also read customer complaints about the eyes getting dislodged. Although that it something that I don’t find too big a deal, since it impact the swimbait performance significantly.



  • Swimbait looks realistic.
  • Lure can be very versatile.
  • Available in singles or sets.



  • Aesthetics may be prone to damage.
  • Hooks can easily fall off.

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Best Value for Money Swimbait

XBLACK Fishing Lures Set Large Hard Bait Minnow Lure with Treble Hook Swimbait Fishing Bait Popper Crankbait Sinking Lure for Bass Trout Walleye Redfish Saltwater Freshwater


If you’re looking for great swimbaits at an affordable price, then this swimbait might just be the one for you. You can purchase them in 20 piece sets. You can even get a 30 piece set if so desired. And with the cheapest set priced under 20 dollars, they’re as affordable as they can be.


They use 3 types of minnow fishing baits so you can choose which ones you think will yield the best results for you. The painted fishing baits have brilliant colors and patterns that make them look realistic. This realistic design makes these lures ideal for attracting fish both in saltwater and freshwater fishing grounds.


I like that the swimbaits are reusable because I don’t have to keep buying new swimbaits. I can simply keeping reusing my old swimbaits!


These artificial lures have metal balls inside them. The metal ball doesn’t sound much but it has many benefits. They make the lures easier to control. The balls also allow even novice anglers to cast farther. The metal balls create noises that help attract predatory fish.


One thing that buyers should watch out for is the tendency for the paint to chip off after repeated use. Chipped paint or not, the lure can still work as long as it still reels in the fish. Another disadvantage is that the hooks are not super sharp, but you can always replace them with sharper ones.



  • Value for money purchase.
  • Comes in 3 Minnow types.
  • Makes noises to attract fish.



  • Hooks are not as sharp.
  • Paint chips easily.


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Among the swimbaits mentioned above, the one that stood out for me is the XBlack. It’s certainly a value for money purchase.


Each set comes with a minimum of 20 swimbaits so I always have a spare one available should I need it. I also love how realistic they look.


The metal ball in the center of the bait is an attractive feature. Aside from the balance it lends to the swimbait, it also makes noises. These noises attract fish and makes catching them easier.



What is a treble hook?

A treble hook has a ringed eye design and a straight shaft.


They are wide in the base and generally have short shafts. Treble hooks come in different colors and each color is useful for different types of fishing (


What are the most preferred types of bass lures?

The most common bass lures are Bass Jigs, Plastic Worms, Spinner Baits, Crankbaits, and Topwater lures. Anglers prefer these lures because they are effective against most game fish. Using these eliminate the need to purchase different types of lures.


What is the best weather for bass fishing?

If you’re planning on catching bass, an ideal time is just before a cold front moves in. Bite increases due to the rise in water temperature brought by pre-frontal conditions. Pre-frontal conditions also mean that there is enough cloud cover, so the fish cannot see you!


When is bass fishing not recommended?

Fishing for bass is more difficult when the tide is high. The additional water brought by high tides provides the fish more area to spread out.


The weather right after a front is also not ideal for bass fishing. A rise in pressure follows cold fronts and this can result in a drop in temperatures. Cold water conditions usually drive bass towards the deeper part of a body of water. They usually stay in these deep parts until such time when weather conditions have improved.





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