Black Gold The Daiwa BG My Impression Of The Successor Of The Legend


New from Daiwa and available since the end of last year is the new edition of the Daiwa Black and Gold (BG). This is only my impression, because I fished with the reel only for a short time and cranked it a few times in the shop and had a close look at it. The reel I fished belongs to Pete, a total fishing madman, who has had the reel for a long time and fishes 3-5 hours a day on the rocks. When I say daily I mean really daily and the reel gets a lot of salt in it. Pete also washes his reel with fresh water once a day and puts a drop of oil on the axle. He has given the same treatment to his Shimano Biomaster reels but after half a year they only feel like a cement mixer and have been degraded to natural bait fishing. The Daiwa BG is the successor of the over 40 years old Black and Gold reel, which is now a legend among sea reels and still available for purchase.

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Technical details – that’s what makes this reel so good

The crank is screwed in as it should be with all good reels and not held by a counter screw. Also great is the large rubberized crank knob, which provides an absolutely secure hold (see picture on the right). The reel axle is chosen extra thick, which Daiwa does not advertise extra, but makes the reel even more robust. Despite the high gear ratio of 5,7 : 1 the starting resistance of the reel is low, which makes fishing with it very comfortable. The only thing that takes some getting used to is the manual bailing from size 4500 on, the reason for this is that the bail spring is another part that wears out during continuous use, this is not the case.

The reel body is made of aluminium, as are the crank and the spool. The latter is equipped with a rubber ring which prevents braided line from slipping through. The whole reel is very big, a 4500` is already perfect for spin fishing for catfish.

The only drawback of the reel is the thin line hanger but that’s it. There are no other reviews of the reel that are very positive.

Features in the overview

HARDBODYZ reel bodyAIR ROTOR6 ball bearing AATD brake systemDIGIGEAR II transmissionInfinite Anti- Reverse backstopTwist Buster cord rollerABS II aluminium spoolAluminium crankAb size 4500 – manual handle reversalWaterproof brake system


I’ll save the practice part, because I didn’t fish long enough with the reel myself. But Pete has already caught with the reel from Mahi mahi to numerous bonitos and the toughest fighter of the seas (in relation to size) the amberjack (amberjack). I don’t need to mention that the line laying is top with such a reel.


I have a lot of respect for Pete and his opinion he is very enthusiastic about the reel and I thought it was damn good, especially considering how often he fishes it and what it costs. Shimano’s reels in a similar price range the Spheros and Soccoro I have also fished well maintained but in continuous use and they really don’t feel good anymore. No comparison to the BG, which can handle the salt water continuous use very well. If you are looking for a saltwater reel for sea trout or for Norway or for the hard fighting robbers of the south, I can only recommend this reel.

A valid alternative for me was only the Penn Slammer 3, which I chose. Simply because I wanted to have a heavy reel for my heavy rod and I don’t take much care of my reels. If you like it smooth and like to take care of your reel after saltwater use, you will get an ingenious reel for a “ridiculous price”, because no other reel offers so much for the money. Nice that Daiwa has caught up again, I also liked the Legalis LT.

Daiwa BG 9.5 price performance 9.5/10 workmanship 9.5/10 practice 9.5/10 Pros full metal bodySaltwater suitableHigh gear ratioRobustPerfect for braided Cons Thin line hangers View here at Amazon >> View here at Ebay >>

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