Carp Rods Guide With Recommendations


Carp fishing has its own specific requirements for the fishing rod, that is why there are special carp rods on the market. These are designed exactly for the needs of the carp angler and are able to handle even the most competitive fishing.    Moreover, these rods are designed for very long casts, because when carp fishing it sometimes happens that you have to cast your assembly 80 meters or more. This guide will help you find the right carp rod for you.

Table of Contents The Design of Carp RodsRod length and casting weight – The English SystemSelecting the right rodTop Carp Rods an overviewThe price-performance tip the Daiwa Black WidowDaiwa Regal Carp Top Carp Rods medium price segmentChub Outkast MK IIDAM Mad D-Fender III Top Top class the Sportex D. N.A CarpThe right reel for a carp rodCarp rods for the pike – allround rods

The design of carp rods

By now almost all carp rods look quite similar but the differences are mainly in the material (glass fibre and carbon fibre) and its processing and the quality of the rod rings. All this is often difficult for the layman to recognize.

The rod rings are especially interesting for carp rods because they are exposed to very high loads.    So Einstegrings are a bit lighter and also suitable for carp rods up to 2,75 lbs. After that a rod should be equipped with double integral rings. The number of rod rings is also not insignificant. If you want to cast far, many rod rings mean a lot of friction during casting, which of course affects the casting distance. That is why carp rods have less than more rings. 5-6 rings are usually enough. For the same reason the rod rings of carp rods are also quite big to minimize friction.

The weight of a carp rod is secondary for most anglers as the rod is in the rod holder most of the time anyway and not in the hand. Nevertheless the reel seat and rod grips are often minimalistic to save some weight but of course also costs.

Last but not least a good carp rod is also characterized by a high quality reel seat. These are usually designed for large freewheel or long distance casting reels.q

The rod length and casting weight – The English system

Modern carp fishing was mainly developed in England and there the metric system is usually not used. Therefore the usual rod length in meters and casting weight in grams have not been established for carp rods, but feet (ft) for rod length and casting weight is given in pounds (lbs). But it is not quite that simple and the pounds cannot be converted directly into casting weight. This lbs indication rather indicates when a certain bending curve, also called test curve, is reached.

Usually carp rods are 3,66 meters long (12ft), so you can reach very high casting distances and have very good twisting characteristics. Shorter rods are also called stalker rods and are suitable for fast and mobile hides.

Choosing the right rod

When choosing a carp rod, something depends on the intended use. For more precise casts, higher quality rods with a high reset speed are useful. The big problem with the strong fighting carp is that the heavier the rod becomes, the more difficult it is to drill carp in the close range and the risk of slitting is high! On the other hand, sometimes you have to be able to pull weights of 100g fully through to get to the right places on large waters, which is why heavy rods around 3lbs are the order of the day.    The twisting properties of slightly softer rods are better, especially in the close range. So you have to weigh up on which waters you are fishing. With a 2.75 lbs rod you are usually best picked up

  • 1,75 lb Rods are for smaller carp and fishing for barbel and tench
  • 2-2,5 lb These rods are ideal for small waters where a massive backbone is not needed for long casts. These rods are ideal for carp fishing on ponds, small lakes and polders. They are also suitable for fishing close to larger waters. 80 grams of casting weight can still be cast with these rods on 100m casting distance.    But I would refrain from the targeted hunt for very capital fish with such rods.
  • 2.75-3,25 lb are the all-rounders among carp rods, with which you can handle almost all situations! If you don’t want a special rod for every water and you want to be prepared for the capital carp at the big quarry pond, these rods are recommended.
  • 3,5 lb and more are then something for giant waters or if the corresponding casting weights require it. However, they are not optimal for the close range, because fish slit out faster.
  • 4 lb and more are then mostly SPOD rods, which are designed to carry food rockets and similar to the feeding place. Rods for feeding, because they are too heavy for fishing.

Top Carp Rods an overview

Here I present you some especially good and proven models in different price ranges. Almost all rods are available with different casting weights and in different lengths. To make a comparison I have compared almost only 3lbs rods.

The price-performance tip the Daiwa Black Widow

The Daiwa Black Widow Carp is really good for the price, because so much rod for the money is rare. Since this year the series has been reissued and the rod is now available in other versions, also as a stalker for the short seat. Great is also the new 50 mm guide ring, which allows long casts. The blank is quite thin and the tip ring is made of titanium oxide, which gives the rod power reserves and robustness. The Stalker rod is a little more parabolic than the normal version and also cheaper. The rod is also available as SPOD rod in 4,5 lbs to feed at a distance and to transport food rockets out safely.    Last but not least, the

rod is often recommended for beginners in many angling forums.

Daiwa Regal Carp

For a little more there is the Daiwa Regal Carp, which I have tested here on >> and find to be very good. It is only important to know that the rod is rather stiff. Carps up to 15 kg were no problem at all with my 3 lbs rod and also the casting with about 120 g weight was very good with my rod.

Top Carp Rods medium price segment

These carp rods are a bit more elegant and slimmer than the ones in the previous price segment.

Chub Outkast MK II

I have also dedicated a separate test to this carp rod on this website.    The rod is relatively slim and bends quickly under load into the blank. Therefore it has excellent twisting properties and is also top in the close range.    I really had a lot of fun with this rod and can only recommend it. However, it is no longer so easy to get everywhere.

DAM Mad D-Fender III

This rod series is a legend among carp anglers and very popular. You don’t need to write much more about it, so it really belongs to the top class carp rods. The UK 50`er versions have a larger start ring, which should provide for more casts. The rod is now available in different versions with and without cork handle, just as the angler wishes.

Top of the range the Sportex D.N.A Carp

The new rod has a rather soft tip, followed by a hard spine. The blank is very fast, which ensures very good casting characteristics. Ideal as an allround rod, both for close range and long distance casting. For extreme distances Sportex offers the Catapult Carp. As you would expect from a Sportex rod, it is equipped with Fuji rings and a Fuji reel seat.    This is also true for a rod in this price range. The guide ring has a 40 mm diameter.

The right reel for a carp rod

Freewheel reels are best for adjusting the carp. A large overview of good free spool reels can also be found on this page. Carp reels should have a large line holder and be equipped with a strong brake.

The alternative to the freewheel roller are the long throwing rollers, which I also looked at together with the freewheel rollers.

  • Link to the freewheel reel test >>

Carp rods for pike – allround rods

Not only when fishing for carp, but also when fishing with dead bait fish for pike. For pike we recommend carp rods that are a bit harder to get a better grip on the hard pike mouth. More rod rings are also desirable for better action in the fight against pike. I would use a 3lb rod for pike fishing.

A very special rod for this kind of fishing for pike is the Balzer’s Ansitzwunder, which was developed by Matze Koch as an all-round rod for this kind of fishing. I can’t claim to have had the rod in my own hands yet. But the people on the internet agree that you get what you advertise. With the restriction to pay a little bit more for the name. While the Ansitzwunder is reserved for the fish and catch shop, the same rod MK Natur Pur is also available in other shops e.g. on Amazon >>

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