Carp Rods Review: 6 Carp Rods Under 100 Bucks


Our carp rod test is about fishing rods for the carp. You can find out how the individual models have performed here. According to this we have tested 6 carp rods regarding quality, price / performance and workmanship. Therefore we took a close look at the rods and tested them ourselves in practice on the lake.

Features like action, flexibility, material processing and material usage were included in the results. At the end of each article you will find a detailed graphic to clearly illustrate the results.

We have tested the following rods:

  • Fox Warrior S carp rod
  • Angel Berger carp set
  • MAD D-FENDER II carp rod
  • DAM Black Panther Carp
  • Shimano JOY Carp

If the rod you are looking for is not included or is no longer available, you can simply check at the fishing spot. There you will find a really large selection of carp rods.  And now have fun with our product report.

Fox Warrior S Carp Rod Carp Rod 13ft 3,5 lbs

The Fox Warrior S Carp Rod Carp Rod 13ft 3,5 lbs is by far the most expensive carp rod. But it also has many good qualities that we would like to share with you.

The used rings have a diameter from 40 mm up to 14 mm at the tip ring.  In our test the line was really very exact and smooth. It lay perfectly in the line guide. In addition, a line saving CAD line clip was attached to the AnzeigeFox Warrior S Carp Rod Carp Rod 13ft 3.5 lbs. This protects the line from roughening.

This prevents unpleasant surprises like sudden line breakage. Already after unpacking it we noticed that it looks really good from the design.

The matt black with additional stainless steel elements make this carp rod a real eye-catcher. When you go fishing you really feel that it has a good action.

Carp rod test summary

  • FOX SLIK rings: 40mm start to 14mm tip ring
  • 18mm Fox reel seat
  • reel seat with steel reinforced locking screw.
  • Engraved, smoke grey end cap
  • Cord protecting CAD cord clip
  • Parabolic allround action

Picture of the carp rod


The carp rod is a little bit more expensive, but the quality and workmanship is excellent. Furthermore the flexibility is very harmonic. Of course you have to buy an appropriate reel and the other necessary accessories additionally.

But if you have everything together, you can have really nice hours with this carp rod.

All in all expensive, but high quality.

Angel Berger Carp Set complete plug carp rod and reel with accessories

The Angel Berger Carp Set consists of a lot of accessories for carp fishing. These include for example bite indicator, reel, line, spear and hook. With these you can start fishing for carp immediately.

Given the variety of materials, you might think that these are not high quality products.  But after some trial and error we have come to the conclusion that this equipment, which costs almost 60 Euros, is definitely worth the money.

The indicator carp rod has a very good action and is easy to handle. Maybe we would have wished for a cork handle, but unfortunately you can’t have everything.

All in all this is a solid carp rod which is also recommended for beginners.

Picture of the carp rod


  • Steck Carp set consisting of carp rod and reel + accessories
  • DAM Speedcast Steck Carp 50-100g 3,00m carp rod
  • DAM Fighter Pro 150 RD reel with line
  • Gear ratio 5,2: 1 Weight 265g
  • Complete accessories including bite indicator with ground spear


In summary, it can be said that this complete set is definitely worth its money. You actually get everything to start immediately. Even an electronic bite indicator is included.

This carp rod is highly recommended to supplement and upgrade your existing fishing equipment. However, you will think that real professionals will have less fun with such a rod.


Note: This item might not be available at the moment. The following display carp rods are an alternative.

The AnzeigeMAD D-FENDER II G3-10′ 3LBS has a total length of 3.00 m. The transport length is 1.55 m. This is relatively long in comparison. But we had no problems to store the rod in the trunk of our VW Passat station wagon. Altogether it consists of 2 parts.

With almost 300 g it is also relatively heavy. But it lies comfortably in the hand and doesn’t slip away during casting. The plug connection grips cleanly and there is no room to wobble or slip.

The reel seat on the blank is also very good. Here also absolutely nothing can wobble or loosen. In our opinion very important.

In addition she has real power when it comes to a really thick carp. In any case nothing breaks so quickly.

Picture of the carp rod


  • Total length: 3. 00 m
  • Rod parts : 2
  • Test curve 3,00lb
  • Length for transport: 1,55m rings: 5+1
  • Weight 298 g


Like its predecessor, the MAD D-FENDER II G3-10′ 3LBS also has a very good price/performance ratio. This carp rod is neatly processed and impresses with its well-balanced material composition.

We couldn’t catch a carp, but there were some small fish biting. All in all this is a very solid rod. It is also very suitable for beginners who want to start carp fishing.

As an alternative we also offer the 3,60 m version.

DAM Black Panther Carp – Carp rod – 3.60m, 2 pcs.

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. As an alternative we offer the following display carp rods.

The DAM Black Panther Carp – Carp rod – 3.60m (two-piece) is in comparison, a very long carp rod. However, the 3.60m did not prevent us from catching at all. On the contrary 😉

We caught 3 carp that day from the shore. DisplayThe carp rod is very stable and convinces by the fact that it is not too soft, but not too hard either. Therefore you have a very good action.

With a transport length of 1,36 m it can be easily stowed away. Also disassembling and reassembling is very easy. All parts fit together very well. All in all it is a solid beginner’s rod.

Picture of the carp rod


  • Length: 3,9 m / 13 ft
  • TC: 3,00lbs
  • Total weight: 389 g / 13,72 oz
  • Parts of the carp rod: 3
  • Length for transport: 136 cm / 4,53 ft


This carp rod is really a model which is suitable for beginners or suitable for beginners. It has a good weight, is well balanced and has a great action.

It is easy to assemble without any problems and was also convincing during transport. With almost 50 Euro you can have a lot of fun with this rod and land some carp.

Daiwa Phantom Carp 3,60m 2 pcs 3,00lb 11540-360 Carp Rod Carp Rod

DisplayThis carp rod is definitely also suitable for bigger carp. It is really suitable for long drills, because it is very stable. It is delivered in 2 parts and has a total length of approx. 3,60 m.

When we had the carp rod in our hands for the first time we noticed how light this rod is. With 350 g you hardly feel it at all.

However it is not so convincing of the transport characteristics.  With nearly 1,90 m it takes a lot of space. Especially if you do not have ideal transport possibilities this carp rod is not very suitable.

However, it impresses with its excellent price/performance ratio.  Usually beginners can’t do much wrong with such a carp rod.

Picture of the carp rod


  • Total length 3.60 m
  • Parts of carp rod: 2
  • Test curve: 3.00 lb
  • Rod weight: 350 g
  • Transport length: 1. 90m


This carp rod is definitely excellent for drilling. With a price of a little over 40 Euro you can honestly not do much wrong.

Admittedly, there are carp rods of higher quality but if you want to try carp fishing you are on the safe side with this carp rod.

Shimano JOY Carp 12ft 2.75lb Carp rod

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. As an alternative we offer the following display carp rods.

The Shimano JOY Carp 12ft 2.75lb Carp rod is by far the most favourable rod among the tested carp rods. For almost 25 Euro you really can’t go wrong. The Shimano company is anyway known for its high quality and workmanship.

You can feel that also with this model. Even if it seems very cheap at first. The Shimano JOY Carp 12ft 2.75lb carp rod has a very good weight of 315g compared to the length of 3.60m.

In total it has 7 rings and consists of 2 parts. However one has to accept a relatively high transport length. With nearly 1,85 m you have to think about how to transport this carp rod best.

We have been able to store it comfortably in a fishing bag. This way it was well protected and it was relatively easy to transport the carp rod. In addition, there was enough room for more rods.


  • Length: 12ft / 360 cm
  • Transport length: 185 cm
  • Total weight: 315 g
  • Rod rings: 7
  • Parts: 2
  • Casting weight of the carp rod: 90 g

Conclusion about the carp rod test

In our opinion there is not much wrong with the price. Great workmanship, stable rod, moderate transport characteristics but the price is very good. If this is not available, the Shimano AnzeigeBEASTMASTER DX SPG 240cm MH freshwater spinning rod is also available.

Not found?

Not found the right rod in the carp rod test? At the fishing spot there is a really big selection of carp rods. Just have a look and browse a little bit as many branded articles are partly reduced.

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