5 Effective Catfish Baits For Capital Catfish / Catfish At A Glance


In this article we present you 5 really effective catfish baits.

This one has already been used by us in practice and we have been able to make really big catches.

Catfish bait – bait fish

The catfish eats almost exclusively live fish when adult, especially during twilight and night time. The advantage of using a dead bait fish as catfish bait is that you can use it at almost any time of the year.

This means that even beautiful specimens can be fished in cold temperatures.  In Germany only the use of dead bait fish is basically possible.  The use of live bait fish for use as fishing bait is generally prohibited.

You get dead bait fish in your fishing business of trust. On the following picture you can see bait fish. We most likely recommend roaches. With them you can usually do nothing wrong.


Another very good catfish bait are the so-called pellets. The good thing about pellets for catfish fishing is that they don’t dissolve in the water and give off very long smells that the catfish or catfish taste particularly good.

Good pellets usually dissolve only after about 24 hours and are raised on the “Harr”. If you are interested in pellets, we can definitely recommend the AnzeigeBlack Cat Pallets (Monster Mullet).


You can also use squid as fishing bait and make a capital catch. The advantage is that you can use it in both standing and flowing waters (e.g. on the Rhine). The longer the octopus has been dead, the more delicious this bait is for the catfish.

The decomposition substances attract the catfish like magic. You can then make really good catches with the squid. With the help of the buoys it can be offered in every water depth.  Following a picture about the catfish bait squid:

Dewworms as catfish bait

Dewworms as catfish bait

Dewworms are also very popular with catfish and should best be offered as a bundle. They are also eaten by catfish especially after floods or very heavy rain.  On the following picture you can see this catfish bait.

Which catfish bait you finally decide for is up to you. We have had good experience with all 3 lures and hope that you too will soon be able to make some big catches. You can find more baits in our Angel Shop.


As the last catfish lure we made very good experience with plugs. These are small fish imitations. In most cases trout, chub, barbel, herring and perch are imitated.

Although they are artificial lures, some of them show a striking similarity to the real fish.  For plugs we can recommend the AnzeigeWobbler set consisting of 5 artificial lures for catfish fishing.

In addition, you will also find a very large selection of display plugs under the following link.

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