The 3 Best Catfish Hooks For All Catfish Bait Sizes


In this article you will learn all about the most important and effective catfish hooks.

When we created this article, our main concern was to diversify them. We would like to give you an extensive overview of the best hooks for catfish.

The most important thing with catfish hooks is which bait you use.

There is a large selection of catching lures which we have already presented in the past in a separate article about catfish lures.

In this article we will only deal with the use of the right catfish hook with consideration of the right lure.

Catfish hook in size 10/0 for smaller bait fish

In our opinion, large single hooks in size 10/0 have proven to be the best choice for catfish fishing with bait fish. With these hooks you can take very good common catfish baits such as roach, eels or even squid. In addition, catfish hooks in size 8/0 have already proven themselves.

System of triplets for larger baits

If you want to catch really big catfish, we recommend using a carp as bait. This bait fish tastes especially good to catfish, especially large and adult specimens. However, you should use several triplets for this.

The triplets are hooked directly and deeply into the carp. This makes it very difficult for the carp to fall off and it is really very firmly “anchored”. This is especially useful for further casts as you have to use a lot of force to cast the bait fish as far as possible. The AnzeigeBlack Cat Kaiju Power Drilling or the AnzeigeBlack Cat 2/0 Power Treble have often proved themselves for this purpose.

It’s even worse if it should fall off during the cast. Very often a triplet gets caught in the mouth of the bait fish to ensure stability.

Here is a nice video to tie a leader with triplets for catfish fishing which we would like to show you: We recommend Kamkatsu catfish hooks in sizes 6/0 to 8/0. These have proven to be very stable. In addition, we also recommend the single hooks of the Owner brand. They are very cheap in comparison and most professionals fish with them.

At amazon you can get this display here.  But also the AnzeigeBulldozer single hooks Wallerhaken 2/0 – 10/0, size:2/0 have proved themselves. If you want to be on the safe side you should have a look at the fishing spot AnzeigeBlack Cat 8/0 Power Single Hook.

Where can you buy good catfish hooks?

At amazon there is currently a very good offer. There you can get 5 bulldozer catfish hooks in sizes from 2/0 – 10/0. Here you can find all common sizes. Here you can go hunting for big and small catfish.

You can find the offer here. If you search for more catfish hooks, you will find them quickly. Another way to get good catfish hooks is to look at the fishing spot. There you can find a really big selection of catfish hooks.  We hope that this article about catfish hooks will help you a little and shed some light on the dark.

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