Cheap Reel From China In Short Review


I really liked the expensive Kodiak and the “middle class” Sharky wheels. Time to try an experiment and see what the cheap reels from the Far East can do. OK there are even cheaper ones but with about 10-15 € depending on the dealer and size the reel is really cheap.

First impression and report

From the package the roll turns quite well. Softer than the last discounter rolls in any case! The crank has minimal play to the rear, which is not yet a catastrophe. Also I had to tighten the screw of the line roller again. Really nice is that the brake jerks freely. I think this is one of the most important criteria of a good reel. The foldable roller crank is practical and saves space. I really like the roller crank, which is really stable and reminds me strongly of the one from Spro Passion.

The reel certainly does not have the 11 ball bearings listed. It is also advertised by different dealers with sometimes more and sometimes less. The crank handle is made of pressed wood and not plastic and looks nice. The spool is also, as advertised, made of aluminium and the body of solid plastic. When casting the reel makes a good impression and wrong and badly wound monofilament fishing line still didn’t give any wigs. The winding pattern is not quite optimal braided ones might just work, but it doesn’t have to be.


The reel doesn’t make a super good impression but I have bought worse reels for triple the price. The discount reels are definitely beating them for me and this year I was in three of the big chains to have a closer look at the fishing gear. But I didn’t buy anything, because I know where I can get the same or better for less.

The reel is especially interesting for young or occasional anglers.

The reel is available here on Aliexpress >>

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