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Word has got around in the meantime: Not only the Iphone and other consumer goods come from China, but also many fishing tackle importers get their things from there or have them made to order. What could be more obvious than to order one or the other tackle directly from Asia? Aliexpress makes it possible and offers besides buyer protection a huge choice. Clearly not everything is usable and there are already a lot of bad cheap products, not different from here with the difference that you often only pay 5-10% of the price you would pay in Germany. Also the whole Chinatackle does not only consist of copies, but there are many innovative products. Even products for the US fishing market, which are difficult or expensive to get here, can be found on the Chinese market platforms.

There are a few things to consider: On the one hand there are the customs and import regulations in Germany, on the other hand you can pay more and more often but not all shops there use Paypal, then there are some other methods like credit card. On the other hand the delivery times from China are of course long. For all impatient people there is a lot of China Tackle especially the wobblers on Ebay and Amazon to buy. Of course there is a certain surcharge, but the fast delivery, as well as a real buyer protection give security.

My first website blog was, there it was almost exclusively about tackle from China, but since I couldn’t keep this site up to date anymore I decided to continue to run all articles from there under and also prepare something at the same time.

My experiences with China fishing tackle


Wobbler is one of the most expensive lures at all and is also my favourite lure, because no other lure is so versatile. Provided you have models for different water depths and water conditions. This can quickly become quite expensive, so I have bought

over 40 different lures on Aliexpress and published them for some test reports, which you can find here. Lures that don’t run I had none so far, but there are massive differences between the triplets, the snap rings of the paint and the used plastic material between different lures. The price of the lures plays a role here, if the wobbler costs 1€ you can assume that the triplets will survive a few uses and are well sharp, but then rust very fast, while the snap rings rust even faster and the plastic does not take two casts on one stone. But if you buy the plugs that cost 2-5€ or even more, you get (mostly) brilliant quality and hooks that can be used in salt water for a week without being washed up and plugs whose plastic can also be thrown on rocks. Such wobblers are usually available from the better Chinese brands like Bearking, Sealurer or Noeby. Especially interesting are also many Wlure plugs, which have very lifelike plugs on offer.

Fishing reels

There are also many reasonable fishing reels from China, including high-priced models such as the Kastking Kodiak, but also cheap models that are very similar to the famous and quite useful discount reels. Only the quality assurance seemed to me with the cheap reels under 20€ anything but good. The reason why I have so many Kastking reels is quite simple. Since I personally had good experiences with them, I was not very keen on experimenting with buying expensive rolls from unknown brands. But you can hear in many forums that other reels should not be bad and that Kastking reels are not really quality controlled. Except for the Mela reel all my KK reels were top.

Tests of Chinese rolls

  • Cheap roll from Aliexpress >>
  • Kastking Sharky II >>
  • Kastking Kodiak >>
  • Kastking Royal Legend >>
  • Kastking Mela >>

Small parts

Yes, you can’t save on small parts – quality is important here, but I haven’t had a single swivel or snap from China that crumbled or bent open. Also single hooks from China are often damn good. I have been using them for two years and have caught everything from conger (1 m) to roach. The only thing I have not used so far are all the triplets I ordered.

Here is a link to the Lixada hook box >> and the swivel box >> on aliexpress believe it or not, if I don’t need bigger or smaller hooks than I find in the box, then I fish 90% of these hooks. The same goes for the swivels. For me as a lot of angler it will quickly become expensive for me to pay 3-5€ for 10 swivels. So far I have never lost a fish because of the small parts.

Rods, lines and other

Besides various lures, weights, floats and above all very good fishing lines I have tested or described many other items.

You can find the reports about Kastking lines here >>

Shopping tips for Aliexpress

  • Here I have created a post about how you can save the most on Aliexpress and how you can make as few bad buys as possible
  • Information about the payment methods can be found here >>
  • Of course it is important to note that there is an import sales tax

Brands on Aliexpress

Yes, there are also brands in China and some of them. It is true that many products are also available from many brands but there are still some brands that have many exclusive products and also pay attention to their quality. The following brands are especially well known.

  • Bearking is known for many good plugs with top workmanship and unique design. This also applies to their hooks and snap rings. But there are still some wobblers in their program, which you can buy cheaper elsewhere
  • Meredith offers mainly rubber lures, which are very hard to resemble the models you can find in every fishing store. The rubber lures are soft and of good quality, unlike many other rubber lures from China, which stink of softeners
  • Kastking a brand that is strongly geared towards expansion to the west, which has quite good reels and rods in its range. Kastking is also sold in the USA and has many products on Aliexpress, which are also available elsewhere.
  • Proberos has some wobblers that are not or only rarely found elsewhere, so this is one of the more exclusive brands that seems to focus on quality. My plugs of the brand were all perfectly fine
  • Seaknight one of the biggest brands on Aliexpress with a large arsenal of products that is quite similar to the Kastking range but much larger.
  • Trulinoya is a global brand on Aliexpress, whose products are usually also available from other brands. Often the products with the Trulinoya label cost a bit more or are a bit better equipped
  • Lixada is also a global brand like the above mentioned
  • Goture is also a global brand like the above mentioned
  • Johncoo under this brand many fishing rods are sold, which are usually quite ok. I have tested a cheap Johncoo travel rod myself and found it more than ok for the price.
  • Rosewood makes some useful rods, even if they are not necessarily exclusive and can be found elsewhere
  • BKK is not a brand that you will find less often on Aliexpress, but the Big King Kong hooks are an example of a top quality Chinese product that has been hyped in this country. The hooks can keep up with Gamakatsu and co in terms of stability and sharpness

Tops from China

No I don’t mean clothes for women, but ingenious good items that I would buy again and again. (article will follow soon)

Flops from China

Besides a lot of really good tackles I also bought one or two flops – completely useless junk. These articles are not worth a lot of testing, it’s just not worth the effort. But a list of the flops I’m currently creating with a photo and a description why it was a flop.  (Sorry guys the site is just a construction site but the articles are coming) But I’ll tell you one thing: don’t buy a net from China

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