Cod Fishing Equipment: 5 Things You Should Not Miss


The right equipment is really important when fishing for cod. Due to the circumstances such as weather, water conditions etc., cod fishing requires particularly stable and safe cod fishing equipment.

The best equipment

Therefore it can happen that your equipment is destroyed by the wrong material. The fishing line breaks, the rod breaks or the bait is simply swallowed including the leader. We recommend the following materials to everyone who wants to go cod fishing:

  • hard cod rod (200 to 310 cm)
  • casting weight (between 100 and 200g)
  • large cod reel (minimum 100m line capacity)
  • min. 0,35 mm braided cod line
  • Pilker (minimum 100g)

Use a cod rod that is as stable and non-elastic as possible Due to the weather conditions at the sea, including the waves etc., your cod rod can also break quickly. If you are already saving on this, you are probably saving at the wrong end.

Use a cod rod that is between 200 and 310 cm long.  The casting weight of your cod rod should be about 100 to 200g. These criteria are met by the very affordable Zebco Topic Salty Jigger.  In addition, you will find here a good display overview of cod rods.

When choosing a rod reel you should not be squeamish. A high line capacity is essential when fishing for cod, especially at sea. The cod reel should be able to hold at least 100m of line.

The fishing line itself should be at least 0.35 mm thick and braided. Never choose a line that is too thin. Otherwise it can happen, similar to me, that the line including the leader is simply torn off. As bait you can use a pilker.

The heavier the pilker the better. In Iceland pilkers should be heavy up to a maximum weight of 300g. This is due to the conditions in which you fish there (swell, rain, current etc.). There is also a special section at the fishing spot with only cod fishing equipment. Here you can put everything together easily, especially at the beginning.

Conclusion about the cod fishing gear

The right cod fishing gear is really important. Don’t save money at the wrong end because you will probably regret it later. If you invest in high quality materials from the beginning, you will be spared unpleasant surprises.

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