Courage For Size My Most Successful Pike Baits


My top pike lures for spin fishing are actually always quite big or at least a good portion and there is a good reason for that. In this article I will also tell you the ideal management style of these catching pike lures. Many anglers still want to have a chance at small predators when fishing for pike and try baits that even a perch can handle well. For me this is always a compromise, because even a small straight pike of 45-50 cm can easily catch a good 15 cm. If I want to go pike fishing, I’d like to do without the small ones and catch a minimum of 70+ pike.

Table of Contents That’s why I fish with big lures These are my top pike luresFox Rage – Natural ReplicantSavage Gear – Real EelSalmo – Slider

That’s why I fish with big lures

  • Lures that not everybody uses: when I watch my colleagues fishing on the water many of them use the typical pike perch rubber around 10 cm. So very slim little fish. I would like to stand out from this, because I don’t fish on the Bodden or other extremely good pike waters, but on lakes and rivers that are heavily fished. Especially at one of the lakes you are around once in two hours and have fished everything. This is done by 5-10 anglers a day and the pike knows every lure model. Whoever fishes here has to feed the pike something that corresponds to their natural food and looks like it.
  • Lazy pike attract: what will a pike move for? For a small snack or for a fish that will satisfy it for quite a while? Logically more for the latter, because the pike also needs to be energy efficient and prefers to move for a worthwhile prey rather than for a tiny lure.
  • Another trick I use to be successful in these heavily fished waters is to almost always use natural colors, no matter what the weather and cloudiness of the water looks like. I don’t want to drag 20 different colours to the water and that would also cost me money. Big lures stand out just by their stronger pressure waves and size and are therefore well perceived. In my opinion there is no need for flashy colours. Besides I don’t need to change even in very clear water.

These are my top pike lures

Here is the overview of my pike lures without which I do not go to the water. After I wrote this list I noticed one more thing: none of the lures rattled and that is especially in much fished waters an advantage. Here the fish often react allergic to the once so tempting noisemakers. In addition, they are all available in very lifelike decors, which can be adjusted to the prey in the water. It was especially interesting when I fished a spot that a colleague had just worked on and moved on without any result. Often after one to three casts I had the pike.

One more little hint: All lures I buy with my own money 🙂 and nothing was sponsored.

Fox Rage – Natural Replicant

This year nobody was as successful as the new and very realistic rubber fish from Fox Rage. It is available in two sizes and three decors, the larger 18 cm long 85g model runs significantly lower than the smaller 14 cm model with only 45g. Since I mounted the lure the first time I have hardly taken it off, because it has conjured up pike where other lures have failed. The attention to detail is really unique with this lure and the rubber looks like a real roach. As we have a lot of tench, I decided to use the golden model. The only annoying thing is that after a few pike the lure is a bit shredded, especially the smaller one, while the 85g model is almost always outside the mouth and only the triplet holds. In general the bigger model could also have another hook further back, as you always have a bad tackle.

Still: on the lure I had my biggest pike this year and also a few bites that almost ripped the rod out of my hand. My lure management style is very simple: I usually just reel it in and correct the running depth with how I hold my rod and how fast I reel in. But slow casting was actually the most successful. But for very shallow waters the lure is nothing and 2-3m should be enough. The hooks on the belly triplet are absolutely sharp and stable.

Savage Gear – Real Eel

Another lure for very lazy anglers, because the imitation eel from Savage Gear not only looks realistic, but also snakes seductively through the water even at very slow speed. Let it sink to the bottom every now and then, but sometimes it’s the best way to succeed. Clearly, an eel is absolutely worthwhile prey and with its high fat content, the energy supply of the “gourmet pike” is guaranteed for a long time. This is how I explain the success of this bait.

Mostly I have fished the 30 cm variant, but it is also available in 20 and 40 cm. There are also different versions with integrated lead head. But this one is by far the heaviest and I can’t determine the weight of my lead head myself, so I usually fish the “loose body” variant. I can also determine the length of my stinger. My most successful decorations were the purple white and the black and white, which is based on a real eel. My conclusion: a great lure for spring and winter pike. Savage Gear also reveals how to patch up the rubber fish with a lighter or hot water after a few pike attacks, which is only possible thanks to the high quality rubber compound.

Salmo – Slider

A lure for almost all situations that also flies bombastically far. With this bait you can easily catch pike 80 m from the shore. Unattainable for most anglers and especially in waters where boat fishing is prohibited, this is often an advantage. You can use the lure as you like, because it doesn’t matter if you hit it, just crank it, let it sink again and again or make a mix of everything. He always catches his pike, if they are catchable at all. The most fished variant of mine is the 10 cm long sinking Real roach. Although this is not a huge spinning lure like the other two, the slider is still a good deal, as it is very high backed. Especially in autumn and spring I can lead the lure very slowly and it is then the right portion for these pike. Remarkable are the hooks that Salmo uses here. They have the right mixture between high stability and good sharpness.

The lure runs one meter deep, while the 12 cm version dives a good 2 meters deep.    The smaller version with 5 or 7 cm runs in my opinion not as good as the 10 cm slider.

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