Daiwa Regal Carp Carp Rod Reviewed


A new carp rod is best with 3lbs for use on lakes and larger rivers. Usually my carp rods have to be used with bait fish for pike and also as other heavy ground rod. The rod tested here is the Daiwa Regal in 3lbs and 3,6m length.

Price tip: The Daiwa Regal is no longer produced in the three-piece version and now the top rod is available for a very good price.

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First impression

Compared to other carp rods the rod is rather in the upper power segment, so it is a quite strong 3lbs rod compared to others. The rod has, as stated by the manufacturer, a tip action followed by a strong backbone, so the

rod is more suitable for big carp. Apart from that I liked it very much from the first moment on. The carbon fibre winding on the blank is three-dimensional, rough and feels good. On the handle there is a thin rubberized layer, which offers a secure grip even in summer with wet fingers. To be honest I miss a real grip on most carp rods, but that is where the trend has gone and for various reasons. Of course also because of the weight and so the 3.3 m rod with 2.5 lbs only weighs 210 grams. That is almost spinning rod level!

The connectors fit absolutely cleanly and the rod holds bombproof. I have not noticed any processing errors and the equipment is also great with Fuji reel seat and strong double leg rings throughout. The starter ring has 50 mm and is therefore also just suitable for Big Pit reels. But first of all I use my Okuma Longbow XT>> or Shimano Baitrunner OC>> on the reel,


Here is an overview table of the different versions of the rod.

Practical test

As you would expect from a good carp rod in this price segment, the rod casts a good distance with little effort. 110g can be pulled through with my 3lbs version.

In fact I managed to catch a nice 8.3 kg scaled carp from a stream mouth (see title picture above) during my first practical use. Two hides later a smaller carp was added, but I didn’t notice much of it during the fight, the rod is simply designed for big fish. So I will also use it for bait fishing for pike. There is a pike in a lake where I often fish a pike that always robs very far out. I will use the rod to attack once after the end of the closed season.


Beautiful very strong carp rod, which is currently available at a fair price. High quality workmanship and components round off a top rod for big carp!

Update 27.01.2019: After almost a year with this rod I am still fully satisfied and could catch one or two more big carp with it.

Daiwa Regal Carp 8.3 Price Performance 8.0/10 Processing 8.5/10 Practice 8.5/10 Pros StrongGood ProcessingHigh casting distances possible View here at Amazon >>

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