Daiwa Legalis LT Reviewing The New Spinning Reel


New at Daiwa is the Legalis LT Allround and spinning reel, which is in the price segment a bit above the popular Daiwa Ninja. I bought this reel for an older spinning rod and tested it extensively on the lake while fishing for pike. The reel has now also undergone a real test of strength.

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First impression

First I notice the rather small size of the reel. Normally Daiwa roles are bigger than Shimano’s, not so the Legalis, which is also advertised by Daiwa. But the stability should stay the same, it was just built smaller and lighter. Anyway, the reel of size 3000, which I bought, is only a little bigger than my Shimano Stradic 2500. I can only assume that Daiwa now wants to produce reels of comparable size like Shimano. I can only welcome this, because then there is a better comparability of the reels.

Apart from that my first impression of the reel is Top: it winds itself out of the package very easily, as you are used to with better Daiwa spinning reels and looks nice as well. Also nice is the thicker and more stable line-catching bar, which folds neatly from every crank position with a rich “clack”. Otherwise you can find a lever for the backstop on the reel. The usual washers are enclosed with the reel, in case the line winding does not fit. My reel has a 18` braided one on it, from which you can wind up 300 meters. The winding pattern of the reel is tip top, even with the newly wound line I did not throw wigs. Sexy is also the thin crank and the crank knob, which is rubberized and allows a good grip. Top is also the fact that there are big allen screws all over the reel body, which can be removed easily to maintain the reel, otherwise you are used to tiny screws made of bad material. Of course the crank can also be screwed into the reel on both sides, unfortunately with the usual counter cap and not the better, because more stable system, where the crank is screwed in directly.

Technique and Models

Let’s get to technique: My reel is the Legalis LT 3000 D-C. I bought this reel for spin fishing for pike and zander.

LT (Light & Tough)DS5 reel body5 ball bearingAIR ROTOR®TOUGH DIGIGEAR® GetriebeATD™ brake systemInfinite Anti- Reverse® BackstopCross Wrap™ Line layingSilent Oscillation SystemAluminium Air SpoolCNC milled aluminium crankAIR BAIL® Roller BracketTwist Buster® II Line RollerModel in overview

Practical test

For the practical test I was on the lake with 20 to 50 grams of bait on pike. At first it bit a bit badly, but after a while I got a really good pike, which also hit the brakes, which I unfortunately slammed too hard and probably lost the fish. The fish was heavier and fought harder than my best pike this year, which had about 70 cm. Anyway I will take the pike again. The braking power of the reel is immense for a freshwater reel and is not needed. It is 10 kg for the 2500`er and 3000`er reel. I can’t blame the reel for the loss of fish, because the brake still worked properly. The low weight of the reel made me point my 2,8 m rod always a little bit towards the water surface but that was desired anyway, because the pike are still low and so my lures are led deep.

Later I caught two nice pike (see picture left) and the reel had no problems with them either.  When spinning the reel gave me a great overall picture and I am satisfied whether casting, cranking or drilling.


Light, stable and strong for the money you get a nice reel for a fair price. To grumble correctly I have nothing price/performance right. The roll is a little smaller than usual. But it is at least as strong as you are used to with other 3000cm rolls. For me the role is absolutely top and even better than the Daiwa Ninja.

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