Daiwa Ninja Cheap Monofilament Line Reviewed


A very cheap fishing line is the Daiwa Ninja monofilament nylon line.    This year I used the Ryobi Cynos II>> fishing reel with a thickness of 0,26 mm and I will report here how I did with the line. It was mainly used for simple bottom fishing for tench, barbel and co.

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First Impression

The line is relatively stiff and has a good stretch. Neither of these must be bad, but you simply have to know this when you handle the line.    The line is not really suitable for spin fishing, but I didn’t buy it for that either.

In test

The line is relatively stiff and jumps off the reel relatively easily at the beginning. I would recommend to let it rest on the reel for a few days after winding it up. But I never had any real problems with the line and I can’t remember any wig or anything like that. The line was also used in the river with a good current. The good reel will certainly have had its share, as it winds very cleanly.

The knotability of the line is good, so long 4 turns to knot a neatly tight clinch knot.

The line always held and I was able to catch some barbels up to 65 cm, as well as trout and on the lake some tench with simple basic installation on maize. With hangers I noticed how much the line carries and that seemed to me to be quite sufficient for a 0.26 mm line. I measured it exactly but it is not yet below average but the line is definitely not. Anyway, I am surprised how strong even cheap monofilament lines have become, 20 years ago you had to worry that the line would bang when throwing a 100 gram lead with a 0.3` line. Those times are over and nowadays even such lines are suitable for easy fishing.


Useful fishing line for the small purse.    The high elongation makes the line more suitable for bottom fishing at close distances.

Daiwa Ninja Monfile fishing line 7.2 Price Performance 8.0/10 Processing 7.0/10 Practice 6.5/10 Pros CheapGood knotability Cons High elongationStiff View here at Amazon >>

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