Daiwa Ninja X Feeder Rod Under Review


From the Daiwa Ninja series most anglers know the spinning reel, but since the end of last year Daiwa has some other products in this rather cheap series. For example the Daiwa Ninja Feeder rod, which I have been fishing for quite a while now and with this experience I am writing this test. The model I tested is the Daiwa Ninja-X Feeder in 3.6 m with a casting weight of 40-120 grams. At this point I would like to point out again, that even though I have been testing a lot of Daiwa products lately, which I also like, I am not sponsored

The rod is also compared to other top feeder rods >> very good.

Table of Contents First impressionEquipment and modelsApplication areasPractical test – from minnow to carpFazitDaiwa Ninja-X FeederPrice PerformanceProcessingPractice (preliminary) Pros Cons

First impression

A pleasantly light feeder rod, which I can hold comfortably in my hand even when sitting for a long time. The workmanship is top and I have nothing else to complain about. The three tips come in a stable and separate tube, which together with the rod can be stored in a rather cheap cloth feeding room. The sensitive tips are followed by a good backbone, so that every stroke should go well. Only with the cork of course no high priced grip was chosen, but rather cheap material for the price of the rod but absolutely ok. I also like the three-way split of my rod plus tip, because it is easy to transport.

Equipment and models

Here in a simple table, the overview of the different models of the rod. Attention the old model of the rod is also available in two parts and it has a foam rubber handle over the reel seat. The new Daiwa Ninja-X Feeder has titanium oxide rings and two carbon fiber and one glass fiber tip.


With my 3.6 meter long MH rod I mainly use it on lakes and slow to moderate flowing rivers like the Neckar. My target fish is mostly everything with scales, but of course mainly carp and other fish and at night sometimes eel.

Practical test – from minnow to carp

I had the rod with me for quite a while now and was able to catch everything from 5 cm minnows to roaches and 12 pound carp. Most of the time I just put the rod upright and so I could see every bite clearly even the bite of small minnows. But once I took the rod in my hand, I still felt the delicate plucking of the tiny little fish in the blank in front of the handle where I like to place my finger and this through a monofilament 30` line! I cannot expect more sensitivity from any feeder rod. To be fair, I have to say that this was at a rather short distance of about 5-6 m, but also in a river.

During the drill of the 12-pound carp the rod had not yet reached its limits. But I am sure that with the heavier version you can go for bigger carp. Thanks to the strong but still sensitive blank after the tip, the first shot comes through well and I can put pressure on the fish afterwards. I am more than convinced of the practice. 40 gram baskets full of heavy feed I have often done with the lightest tip.


Great feeder rod at a reasonable price, both in practice and from the properties absolutely top. The rod can take on almost any 80-90 € feeder rod without any problems and is also pleasantly light. If I didn’t want to test more fishing gear for the site, I would buy a second Daiwa Ninja Feeder rod immediately.

Daiwa Ninja-X Feeder 9.3 Price Performance 9.5/10 Processing 9.0/10 Practice (preliminary) 9.5/10 Pros Three interchangeable tipsExtremely sensitiveLightweightRobustStrong backbone Cons Nothing to complain about at this price View here at Amazon >>

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