Daiwa Prorex Spinning Rod Reviewed


The Daiwa Prorex Spin is a spinning rod from Daiwa, which is suitable for plugs but also for rubber fish jigging thanks to its not too hard action (almost semi-parabolic). The Prorex is one of the very often recommended spinning rods and in search of a new one for pike from shore I bought the version with 2,7 m and 40-90g casting weight.

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My first impression

The rod is very light (190g!) and quite fast, but not too much, so that nothing stands in the way of having fun with plugs. The cork-EVA handle feels good and the rod is of good quality and well made. I have not noticed any manufacturing faults. The plug connections are clean and the lower male part is painted.

My version is not yet the new Prorex XR from 2018, which comes with a pure foam rubber grip and a slightly different design.

On the handpart of mine is still cork, which looks nice for me. At the moment the Prorex spin is also cheaper, although not much has changed compared to the XR. The (new) XR version is also only 5 grams lighter than the classic Prorex with the same casting weight and length.

The equipment:

  • HVF carbon fibre blank
  • X45 carbon fibre construction
  • V-joint spigot connection
  • Titanium-oxide rings
  • Fuji reel seat
  • High quality cork handle
  • Transportfutteral

The rod is available in different casting weights and lengths ranging from the light spinning rod with 7-21g casting weight and 2.1 m length to the model I now fish. For boat anglers there is also a 2.4 m long version, which is a bit heavier with 50-110g casting weight.

Practical test

I really liked the rod in practice too. Under extreme load the rod bends up to the handle, nevertheless the spine

is really neat. Smaller fish are parried with the tip, which quickly returns to the starting position. Even trout can be drilled with my heavy rod without dropping out. The feedback in the blank is also great bites or even the smallest plucks you can feel very well, not even a skeletor can keep up.

In the meantime I have drilled some pike with my rod and I have to say that the previous picture is confirmed. The rod cushions everything during the fight and so far the bite was 3:3.

Although the rod is so light, my 2,7m Prorex was only well balanced with a reel of 450g plus line. Therefore a slightly heavier spinning reel is recommended, for example from Penn. I also noticed that my Spro Passion 750 (5000` size) does not fit into the reel seat. The reel foot of the Spro is 7 cm to about 6.7 cm in length, so one reel just fits in the holder.

With a Penn Clash 5000 the rod should be relatively perfectly balanced. Mine, however, comes with a small counterweight and a Slammer III 4500 (~400g).


Great spinning rod for a fair price. I really enjoyed the rod and it will certainly accompany me for a while. If you are looking for a rod for plugs and rubber fish in an addiction, you are in the right place. For once I have nothing to complain about. Only one hook eye I missed a little bit, but it can be easily retrofitted.

Daiwa Prorex Spin 9.3 Price Performance 9.0/10 Processing 9.5/10 Practice 9.5/10 Pros Very lightGood processingIngenious feedbackGood casting Cons No hook eyelet View here at Amazon

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