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The pike (lat. Esox lucius) is without doubt one of the most popular angling fish in Germany. Time to give it its own contribution in the new fish encyclopaedia. Its appearance is unmistakable, so there is no danger of confusion with other European freshwater fish, even though the color and color patterns may vary, it is always greenish with white patterns. Its duck beak-like mouth is also unique here. Only the American muskie looks very similar to the European pike. In America you can also find both fish species, as the European pike has been partially released there.

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Names: Grass pike, Heekt, Schnuk, Schnök and Schnück. Sometimes also called “duck’s beak” or “master esox”.

English names: Northern Pike, Pike, Pickerel, Northern Pickerel


The European pike occurs throughout Europe with the exception of Scotland, Spain, Greece, Southern Italy, waters near the Adriatic coast and Iceland. In Norway and northern Sweden it occurs only sporadically. Otherwise, the pike is common in all European waters.    Ireland and Sweden (archipelagos) are considered the regions with the best pike stocks. Holland also has a good stock thanks to the partly obligatory catch and release practice.

Endangered status: the pike is not considered endangered

Spawning season

Depending on water temperature, the spawning season runs from February to April.

Seasons of rest and size of pike

In the following you will find all seasons of rest and size of pike in all federal states as of 2018. In some waters these may be extended or changed. This information can usually be found on your permit or in case of doubt in the respective state fishing regulations or fishing laws. The list has been taken from the fishing laws of the respective federal state to the best of our knowledge and belief and makes no claim to accuracy.


Pike with up to 1.3 m are regularly caught in Germany. The world record pike had a length of 135 cm and was caught by Lothar Luis weighing 25 kg.


The pike is mostly active during the day and usually hunts any prey it can manage.

Pike are generally very aggressive and even the larvae are already

cannibalistic After the spawning period, bite marks of the larger females are often seen on the males. Pike react strongly to movement, which is why it is extremely difficult to get used to dry food in breeding and for the sake of simplicity is not done.    Although there are the famous boilie and pellet pike, which sometimes hang on the rod of carp anglers.

The habitat of the pike

Pike generally like clear water, but can also cope in murkier waters thanks to their extremely good eyesight. Thus the pike is considered an eye hunter, even though it responds very well to signals on the side lines.


The pike generally likes to be covered, but it can also find water plants. But here too the pike is completely misjudged. The pike is doing well where it has something to eat and this explains the huge open water pike in the pre-alpine lakes and large reservoirs, which are after the schools of whitefish, perch and whitefish in the open water. The fact that the pike is dependent on cover turns out to be a fairytale.

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Angling for pike and angling techniques

Pike can be fished with natural bait at the pose or base line as well as spinning and trolling. In summer it is often easier to outwit pike with a spinning rod and in winter the bait fish is considered a better choice. Trolling allows you to search large areas of water for predators.

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Fishing gear for pike

On this website you will find many articles with tips on fishing for pike, but also tests and market overviews of the right fishing gear.

For spin fishing

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For sitting on the ground

For sitting on the ground carp rods are perfect. There are also extra rods for sitting on pike, but for easy fishing nothing special is needed. As always, free spool reels are particularly suitable for bottom fishing.

Watch out for teeth, pike have very sharp teeth, so it is important to take the right fishing gear to the water and choose the right leader material.

The best lures for pike

Almost all spinning lures are suitable for pike. Even dead bait fish are gladly taken.

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Pike in the kitchen – taste

The pike has a very neutral, firm and tasty flesh. Only the intermediate bones make it difficult to fillet pike. Popular dishes are therefore also fish cakes, in which the bones are minced in the mincer in such a way that they do not interfere with consumption.

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