Iron Claw Backpacker Fishing Backpack Reviewed


Iron Claw Backpacker Fishing Backpack in TestIntroductionThe Ironclaw Backpacker is a medium sized fishing backpack that has some special features and wants to be very flexible. Due to its size the backpack is not only suitable for spinning but also for hiking fishing. Especially for bigger tours the Ironclaw Backpacker is a candidate that you should take a closer look the following test report we have taken a closer look at the backpack Product detailsDimensions: 53 x 25 x 38 cmWeight: 2,5 kg (empty weight: bag + bait boxes)Upper and lower part separableScope of delivery: bag, 3 big bait boxesBuilding up & processingThe backpack is only available in the colour military green. At least personally I don’t like this too much, because it looks a bit old and aged. In my opinion a fishing backpack should not only be practical, but also look good, the space of the backpacker is very good in any case. A variety of bags makes it possible to take some tackle with you. In the net pocket on the front side, especially fast accessible equipment like a knife or a hook loosener can be stowed away very well. 2 holders for longer items are available on the right and on the left side. Fishing rods or landing nets can be stowed away comfortably and the lower pocket is a special highlight. This can be either half or completely detached. If only the zippers are opened, additional storage space is created, for example to store a jacket or the like.  In addition, the bag can also be completely detached from the upper part of the backpack to transport it separately with a shoulder strap. Here are also the 3 tackle boxes included in the scope of delivery, which offer enough space for your baits.handling & practicalityThe carrying comfort of the backpack is good. The centre of gravity is in the right place and the good padding of the back and the shoulder straps make the rucksack comfortable to carry even on longer tours. These also block the compartment to the bait boxes and must be opened and closed at all times, and the straps cannot be stowed away if the lower pocket of the rucksack is removed. Accordingly, these then dangle around and disturb. In my opinion, this is not the end of the function, and there is no additional protective layer to protect the bottom of the rucksack from dirt and moisture. ConclusionOur copy of the Ironclaw Backpacker was very well made. Accordingly, we have nothing to complain about here. It is also comfortable to carry, with the back and shoulder straps in a good position, although some features, such as the removable bag, were not thought through to the end. The loose straps on the backpack are annoying as soon as the bag is removed. The position of the clips is also rather suboptimal and makes access to the bait boxes more difficult.and the side holders could have been placed a bit lower to carry fishing rods and landing nets better.all in all a mixed test result with a conditional purchase recommendation from our side.

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