Emergency Bait Which Can Be Easily Obtained


The tackle shop is too far away or closed and the bait box is empty. But necessity is the mother of invention and so I found some extremely good baits by experimenting myself, which you can easily get in any city or even look for yourself at the water.

Table of Contents Bait from the pet shop (Fressnapf and co)MealwormsZophobasCrickets and cricketsLure from the supermarketCornPeaBread SausageCheeseFind emergency bait by the water

Bait from the pet shop (Fressnapf and co)

Pet shops don’t just sell food for dogs and cats, but also fish food and usually also live food for insectivorous reptiles. Exactly this is our stroke of luck because insects and their larvae are also taken by fish.


An ingenious bait for all fish that also eat water insects (actually everything except pike, pike-perch and catfish) and on top of that totally underestimated. In my opinion it is a real alternative to maggots and above all you can catch the big fish that have become shy of maggots. You can get them alive in almost every pet shop. They move under water for a long time and are therefore also top bait for perch. Dried they have a nutty aroma and can be ground or grated and mixed into the food.

Another advantage over worms and maggots is that these animals do not need to be cooled and therefore a shady place is sufficient for them even in summer.


They look like big mealworms and it takes even me some effort to lure these wildly crawling animals. They are relatively catchy on all peace fish and trout but unfortunately they die very quickly in the water and then of course they don’t move anymore. So it’s more of an emergency option when the mealworms are sold out. For trolling with the pose in an L shape on the hook lured but always useful.

Grasshoppers and Crickets

Especially in summer with a water ball they are extremely good trout baits. But also at the lake they are useful baits for peaceful fish. But be careful with crickets and crickets, because if they break out at home there can be big trouble and the furniture has to be destroyed until the exterminator comes.

Bait from the supermarket

It is also no secret, in the supermarket there are many good baits, because what is nutritious for us, it is often also for fish.


No surprise here, because corn is sometimes even available at the gas station. I always buy maize in the supermarket – it’s cheaper of course. My recommendation is the Lidl corn, because it is (as of the time of writing this article) especially sweet and in my opinion the most catchy.


Fish taste protein and the pulses have much more of it than corn. That makes peas a very good alternative to maize. All fish love peas and even with this, large, corn-shy fish can still be caught.


Ok no surprise and I don’t have to say much more about it. A very classic bait, which is also available in every tank. Whether swimming on carp or sinking as bread dough in small portions on white fish. Bread and rolls can be found almost everywhere and is still a top bait that can be found almost everywhere. Even on holidays you can ask in restaurants or snack bars for some old bread.


Especially chubs can be caught on pieces of sausage, but also other fish can bite on them. Nevertheless the sausage is more of an emergency bait that I would only use when everything else falls flat.


On cheese you can catch barbels and therefore many species of game fish for the barbel stalk like to go to the supermarket to buy hard cheese for the food and Gouda for the hook.

Finding emergency bait on the water

Without question on the water it is often most difficult to get a natural bait, but once you have forgotten your bait you don’t have to stop fishing, because even here you can usually find something. Of course this depends a little bit on the situation, where the fishing place is, but especially at the water you can find the food that the fish know best. With insects and their larvae at the water you have to be careful if they are protected and therefore not allowed as bait. Also leeches are good baits, but they are also mostly protected.

Unfortunately my tips here have to be a bit more general, because the multitude of lures would make a gigantic list.

  • Insect larvae and caterpillars
  • Search fishing spots – often you can still find corn, boilies or other bait lying around at busy spots
  • Other anglers are worth a keyword here too – just ask if you can have some bait for free! Especially with club colleagues this should lead to success
  • In the water just turn over stones if available.
  • Worms can also be found under stones and dead wood on land, of course one of the best baits

Have you ever caught something with emergency baits or do you have something else I forgot here? Then write me a comment!

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