Long Cast Plugs And Other Sea Lures From China My Top 5


For the holidays at the sea I present you today some plugs, which I also had with me on the Canary Islands and which will accompany me also the next holidays in the south – no matter where. Many of them were recommended to me by Pete, who himself has been fishing for Chinese bait for several years and regularly catches everything on Lanzarote from dolphinfish to bonito to fat barracudas. As casting distance is often important at the sea, most of the models are very heavy and sinking so you can even let them sink to the bottom before cranking them in at high speed or even slowly. Most of these sea wobblers are a bit more expensive than the normal cheap chinawobblers, but this is also noticeable in the quality. All of them have been in the sea and have also gotten a lot of salt water from the surf and none of the more expensive models just mentioned has rusted. Nearly all of them are, copies of quite expensive plugs from Daiwa, Yo-Zuri and co.

Unfortunately I will not do any more single tests for any chinawobblers. I think it will be enough to give you an overview if these are good, what the quality is, what are the most important features and what are my experiences with the respective plugs or lures. All photos of the lures are taken after use, so you can see them already in use and maybe even worn out.

One more tip: If you have no idea what colours you want to fish in the sea, just use silver and bluish tones. You will almost never go wrong with them. Two shock colours for changing fishing conditions or rich fish and you are usually well prepared.

Table of Contents Top 5 China artificial lures for the sea Top 1 – Bearking 120 mm/40g MinnowTop 2 Metal Jigs View Metal Jigs on Aliexpress >>Top 3 Sea Popper by NoebyTop 4 NOEBY NBL9448Top 5 Pencil MinnowTop 6 Who likes it extra long? These lures didn’t make itThe squid imitation

Top 5 China artificial lures for the sea

These 5 (respectively 6) chinawobblers are no junk, but of really high quality and an ideal companion, if you want to go to the sea in the south. No matter whether to the Mediterranean Sea, to South East Asia to the Pacific Ocean or in warmer areas of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course you can also try the baits here in fresh water. I plan to do so as soon as the season starts again :). By the way, most of the lures on Aliexpress are now available with Paypal as payment method. Bearking now offers this for almost all their plugs.

Top 1 – Bearking 120 mm/40g Minnow

The best first, the Bearking wobbler flies extremely well and dives to an estimated 1-1.5 m. In the close range it continues to go up of course and runs super stable even at very high catching speed. I can’t complain about the quality, I peppered the lure on the rocks every now and then during continuous casting and the wobbler kept banging on the rocks when I was pulling in on the shore. Except that some paint came off, but not much happened. The hooks are still sharp and since I only rinsed the plugs with fresh water once at the end of the holiday, they have a few small rust spots on the hooks, which can be considered as completely ok. Actually you should shower your bait as well as rod and reel after every fishing session. The wobbler costs 4-5 € a piece from China and can also be ordered from Amazon, of course with a price surcharge, although on Aliexpress there is now usually Paypal as a payment method. The only thing I have to complain about is the strength of the snap rings. If really big fish are expected, they should be replaced.

Top 2 Metal Jigs

I also never miss Speed and Slow Jigs when going south. No bait casts further and with Assist Hooks or normal triplets you can catch all the marine predators from big to small. This is not a special jig, because you can hardly do anything wrong with them. If you thunder the lures against the rocks, the paint will come off with time, even on expensive Japanese marina jigs. Most of the metal jigs come without the special hooks, but you can buy them later. For pure spin fishing most people including me mount a triplet with snap ring on the tail of the jig. If you’re in danger of getting hung up or you’re fishing vertically, then Assist Hooks are indispensable, otherwise your triplet will be hopelessly caught. But if you like, you can also mount a stable single hook here.

Top 3 Sea Popper by Noeby

I also liked the Popper of Noeby, it flies damn far and swims naturally. It runs even with a good swell and makes a lot of noise in the water. Also here the quality of plastic, snap rings and hooks is right. I fished the lure a bit less often and therefore it didn’t get rust at all.  The Popper can be used like any other Popper in many different ways, either with short jerks, long strokes with the rod or just cranking it in. With that it is not really difficult to lead him, however, I have found out that with my stay the Bluefish (bluefish) are not present, which totally like poppers. Barracudas also go occasionally on these lures, but this is rather rare. The popper is a little more expensive and the 13 cm model weighs about 50g and costs about 7-9 €.

Top 4 NOEBY NBL9448

Also from the brand Noeby, which mostly sells the “better” chinawobblers, the low running plugs are here. Also here I have absolutely nothing to complain about the quality of hooks and snap rings, because I did not treat it very well and the run is good. But it doesn’t run really deep either – I guess that at a distance it only goes up to 2-3 meters. The run is great and he also catches his fish. He is also 11 cm long and 40 grams heavy.

Top 5 Pencil Minnow

A thin, slim and long pencil lure also this hardbait convinced me. It flies quite good, even if not as far as the previous lures on the top list, because it weighs only 26g at 125mm length. The quality fits here too and it didn’t really get any damage, the plastic is absolutely stable and the hooks are sharp and rust resistant. Because the lure sinks, you can use it in many different ways.

Top 6 Who likes it extra long?

Again from Bearking comes this 18 cm long and very slim plugs. It does not weigh as much with only 26g and does not fly as far. Nevertheless most predators like such long and slender fish and this plugs will do the job, the quality fits, as usual at Bearking.

These lures didn’t make it

A few lures didn’t make it into this list, even though they might run well, the quality didn’t convince me.

The squid imitation

Who likes squid? Actually all big sea robbers and that is why I bought this wobbler. Because of the rubber fringes it runs a little bit meandering through the water, which is not necessarily imitating the natural movement of squids, which rather glide straight through the water. Anyway – it fits into the prey scheme and the whole thing doesn’t really look bad. Unfortunately the plugs with their fringes and wide body do not really throw themselves far. Also my first model was leaking, if you make the picture big, you will see the water trophies in the lure. So the quality is not too intoxicating, if you seal it with epoxy resin at the eyelets for example, but it will catch its fish too.

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