How To Find The Best Offer On Aliexpress


Anyone looking for fishing gear at Aliexpress will be overwhelmed by the sheer mass of offers. I have spent a lot of time comparing and researching and have summarized some tips and tricks to save and compare when shopping and ordering on the biggest Chinese online marketplace.

Using the search function correctly

First of all for clarity: is translated from English to German by default with google translate, which means that most translations are involuntarily funny. But it is quite understandable what is meant. If you can speak English, you should also display the website in English. At the top right of the website there is the “go to global site” button that allows you to go to the English version of the site at any time. Since a few weeks you can also click on the button “See the original version in English”.

On the “German” page it also helps to enter English terms like bait or lure. Often the site can’t do much with German search terms, because the back and forth translation via Google translate often doesn’t find anything with German search terms. To give you an example of what the English – German translation does: “Lure” or “Bait” is translated from English into German instead of bait as “lure”.

Unlike the largest online mail order company with the name of a tropical river, each dealer places the items in his own shop. It is not possible to click on a basic article and then with one click to see all offers of the same product from different dealers with their also different prices.

This makes it more difficult to find the cheapest item. My tip: once you have found a product you want, it is recommended to search the specific product attributes again with the search function of the site and then sort by price. For example I found a 9cm long wobbler while browsing. Now I search again in the search function for 9cm crankbait or 9cm minnow and often find the same model at other dealers for much less money.

All Sale or what ?

“Sale” or not? In my experience the sale is often not a sale, it just looks good if the item costs 250€ and is now offered 90% cheaper for 25€, but other dealers offer the same item for 25€ as standard. Most of all you could fall into the trap of buying the item for 250€ in the hope of getting something of high quality. The key is to compare here again! The Chinese brands and model names help you to find the best offer of the item.


Coupons most shops have always in the offer, some only starting from high order values, some already starting from 10 dollar thus 9€ and a few cents depending upon course. Clicking on them is usually worth it if you want to order something in the shop! The coupons expire after a few days and every shop usually has a certain amount of coupons, which is rarely used up.

The shipping costs

Shipping costs are usually not available at Aliexpress for smaller items that can be shipped with small packages, like wobblers or reels. At “123 Bucht” you often think that the dealers earn money with the shipping costs. This is not the case with most Aliexpress dealers. Who buys big articles like belly boats or similar, has to count with higher shipping costs. It is also recommended to choose the standard shipping, because it is usually free of charge. The shipping times can be shortened extremely with UPS or other express services, but they also become much more expensive. For customs and possible costs I have written an article for you here.

The feedback function

Viewing the feedback of other customers is often a good idea. Just click on the View Feedback tab and see what other buyers write. If the product is of poor quality or does not match the description, then other buyers have probably already written this if the product has been on sale for a while. I pay little attention to single negative reviews compared to many positive ones. With 100 buyers, there is always one who is not right or it just goes wrong, which unfortunately happens no matter where I order from time to time.

Use Google translate

At the moment many anglers from Russia and Brazil in particular are ordering on Aliexpress. Therefore I simply work with Google translate to translate some longer comments e.g. from Russian to German, I just copy the text and paste it in.

You can also just check the box “from your country only” in the feedback tab and you will see all reviews that German users have made, even if some German users write in English, this can be useful.

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