Eel Skeleton: Yyou Should Know That (head Skeleton And Axial Skeleton)


The eel belongs to the genus Bony fish. The eel skeleton is therefore a continuous bony, completely ossified skeleton.

The snipe eel (Nemichthys scolopaceus) has up to 600 individual segments, so-called vertebrae within its skeleton.

Furthermore, the gill cavity of the eel skeleton is open to the outside. As a result, the gills remain sufficiently moist for a short period of time, even on land.

This allows the eel to travel distances over wet land.

The skeleton must also be divided into a head skeleton and an axial skeleton.

Conclusion on the eel skeleton

Amazing how many individual skeletons the Schnepfenaal can have. But with a maximum size of up to 150 cm it is no wonder.

Our book tip if you are looking for more information about the eel: AnzeigeDer Aal

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