CatfishAll About The Catfish (habitat, Reproduction, Food Etc.)


In the following you will learn everything about catfish and waller. We will particularly focus on the size, diseases, skeleton, habitat, reproduction as well as the food, nutrition and diet of Silurus glanis.

Catfish in general

The catfish, also known as Waller, is the largest fish that lives in Europe in fresh waters. It can reach lengths of up to 3 meters. Its catchment area and habitat is mainly in Southern and Eastern Europe.

In addition, it is also known as the so-called Schaidfisch. The correct Latin name is Silurus glanis.  The Silurus glanis is considered to be the only predator without scales and is a very strong fish which is mainly found in deeper water sections with muddy bottom. Especially remarkable are its long and mobile barbels on its upper jaw.

In addition the catfish has four more barbels which it cannot move. In total he has 6 barbels. 2 very long on the upper jaw and four somewhat shorter ones on the lower jaw. Furthermore the Silurus glanis has very small eyes and a wide mouth with pike teeth. Remarkable are also its very long anal fin and the rounded caudal fin.

It has a very small dorsal fin which lies far in front of the base of the ventral fins. It is also the only fish without scales. In the following, the individual sections of the previously declared areas will be explained further.

Here is another book tip about catfish: AnzeigeWaller: Giants of freshwater: here you will find more detailed information about the catfish.

The catfish is considered to be an unprotected fish species. It is also considered a regionally valued food fish. As the catfish is a bottom fish and is especially in hiding places on the bottom, it is best caught by the method of bottom fishing.

In most cases dead bait fish or bundles of roundworms are used as bait. But also the method of spin fishing with appropriate artificial baits is a widely used method to catch a catfish.

In particular, catfish rods or hand fishing rods and tackle should be used which can be exposed to heavy loads when catching catfish. Especially suitable are for example the AnzeigeBlack Cat Passion Pro or the AnzeigeBlack Cat 3.40m Godzilla.

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