Eel Habitat: The Anguilla Anguilla Lives There (Danube, Rhine Etc.)


Eels occur in almost all river regions and have their general eel habitat there.

In addition, they also colonise corresponding lakes via tributaries where they reproduce.

Eel habitat: mud and roots

Eels like to hide in mud or between roots or stones and water plants within their natural habitat during the day.

In addition, the eel habitat is characterized by stagnant and flowing water. It likes to live in both types of water. Shelters are preferred by eels with soft bottoms.

Natural reproduction of eels is not possible in the Danube area. They are artificially introduced into the habitat. This is because the fish cannot migrate through the Black Sea.

The main phase of eel activity takes place at night. In particular, it becomes active as soon as it begins to dawn.

In this phase the intake of food also begins. Our book tip if you are looking for more information about the eel and its habitat: DisplayThe eel

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