Eel Reproduction: This Is How It Reproduces And You Must Know This


The eel spawns only once in its life. After that it dies naturally.

For reproduction Anguilla anguilla migrates from the freshwater habitat to the Sargasso Sea in the West Atlantic.

Thus the eel is also known as a catadromous migratory fish.

In addition, spawning migration for reproduction is characterised by the external transformation from yellow eel to silver eel.

The spawning migration begins as silver eel.

Eel reproduction – larvae and glass eels

The larvae of silver eels reach Europe after 2 to 3 years, after hatching in autumn and migrating with the Gulf Stream. Here they transform into so-called glass eels. After this phase within reproduction and the ascent into the rivers, the so-called pigmentation begins.

The stay in the freshwater habitat lasts about 4 to 12 years. In this phase the eels are called yellow eels. This is due to the yellow underside of the belly. They are also in a so-called feeding phase.

The transformation to silver eel begins with the change back into the sea for reproduction. The silver eels are particularly characterized by their white belly. Our book tip if you are looking for more information about eel reproduction: AnzeigeDer Aal

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