Fishfinder Review: 5 Fishfinders From 35 Bucks Reviewed & Comparison


Here you will find 5 echo sounders between 35 and 235 Euro Fishfinder Test. We deliberately go for a large price range. Therefore, there should be the right fishfinder for everyone. We present the following echo sounders:

  • Lowrance Fischfinder Mark-5x Pro, grey
  • 100m portable sonar sensor Fishfinder Fishfinder Alarm Beam Sensor
  • navico Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Fishfinder
  • Lowrance Elite-3x Fishfinder with transom transducer 83/200 kHz
  • Electronic-Star Echolot Echolot Sonar-Fishfinder Fishing

The respective product report for the echo sounder contains a description, a picture, a summary and a conclusion with graphical evaluation.

Note: From time to time, selected sonars may not be available for a short period of time. If this is the case, you will find numerous fishfinders on this overview page.

How did we proceed with the fishfinder test?

After we were provided with the Fishfinder models, we inspected them all in sequence and made notes about the condition and feel of each echo sounder.

After that we went over to the practical test. We tested them one after the other on our boat at Lake Constance. In the meantime we kept taking notes. These were then included in the evaluation.

And now have fun with our product reports.

Lowrance Fischfinder Mark-5x Pro, grey

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. Alternatively, you can use the following display fishfinders.

The displayLowrance Fishfinder Mark-5x Pro, grey is one of the few echosounders that feels really good to the touch. Even after we switched it on, we have to say that it keeps its promises.

The menu navigation is completely in German. The operation is also very intuitive and explains itself all by itself. If you want, you can of course also download the instructions on the Internet. But we did not need them.

The display is very detailed and shows you exactly the information you need. What is also very nice is that this fishfinder has an illuminated display. This means that the echo sounder can also be used at night.

Also very positive is that the display is completely anti-reflective. This means that you can see everything very well and in detail even in direct sunlight on the boat.

Fishfinder image

The following is an image from the fishfinder test: Display


  • 300 W RMS, 2nd edition 400 W PTP;
  • Depths up to 305 m
  • Dual frequency 83/200 kHz
  • Illuminated display & keypad
  • 5 inch display
  • Resolution width: 480 pixels
  • Resolution height: 480 pixels
  • Anti-reflective display
  • Width: 174 mm
  • Height: 136 mm
  • Depth: 63 mm
  • Colour: black


All in all we were completely satisfied with this model. It showed us exactly which fish were in the area and what the bottom looks like. In any case the echo sounder did what an echo sounder should do.

Only the price is in the middle segment. But in our opinion it is justified. Whoever wants to strike is definitely on the safe side with this model.

100m portable sonar sensor fishfinder fishfinder alarm beam sensor

The display100m portable sonar sensor fishfinder is a very affordable fishfinder. But not necessarily worse. It has a depth range of 0.7 to 100m and is therefore completely sufficient for many lakes.

The round transducer sensor is connected with a 7m long cable. This can be placed comfortably at any place. It also displays precisely the depth, bottom condition and fish including depth. Complete shoals of fish can also be displayed.

In our opinion a really good device at an incredible price.

Fishfinder image

Here is an image from the fishfinder test: Display


  • Display: TN / Anti-UV LCD
  • LED backlight
  • Depth range: 0.7 m to 100m (2ft to 328 feet)
  • Sensor beam angle: 45 degrees
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 70 ° C
  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries
  • Choice of meter or foot


The 100m portable sonar sensor fishfinder is a sonar that is hard to beat at this price. It shows exactly what it should show. For this purpose we have compared the data with a more expensive model.

And the information about depth, bottom condition and shoals of fish were exactly the same. If you don’t want to spend so much money but still want to have a fully functional model to find fish, this fishfinder is for you.

Following the graphical evaluation:

navico Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Fishfinder

Note: It is possible that the item is currently not available. Alternatively, you can use the following display fishfinders.

The navico Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Fishfinder is the most expensive fishfinder in our test series. However, it has by far the most functions and really plays in the absolute top league in terms of quality.

With this echosounder you get pictures from up to 61m water depth. As you can see on the picture, these recordings are really very detailed. So detailed that you can even see the leaves of the herb and the underwater plants.

Also very nice is that you can go up to 80 km/h with the boat and still recognize something. The optimal image quality is obtained at speeds of 13 km/h. Here the picture on the display is really pin sharp.

The Down Scan technology with 800kHz in the Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Fishfinder display delivers the right pictures in black and white.

Fishfinder image

The following is an image from the fishfinder test:

  • User friendly
  • Suitable for structure, fish or other objects
  • DownScanTM
  • Resolutions 480×480 pixels
  • 16-level grayscale display
  • SuperTwist
  • 455/800 kHz Skimmer
  • 800 kHz at 2800 watts
  • Recording at 61 meters and 80 km/h possible
  • Optimum image quality at 13 km/h


The handling takes some getting used to. But after experimenting a little bit with it, one gets used to the handling very quickly. The price is the highest in our test series, but compared to the pictures that are possible with it, it is quite cheap.

If you often use a fishfinder, the navico Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Fishfinder is the right choice.

Lowrance Elite-3x Fishfinder with transom transducer 83/200 kHz

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. The following display fishfinders offer an alternative.

The Lowrance Elite-3x Fish Finder with transom transducer 83/200 kHz is in the medium price range. In any case it delivered exactly the pictures we expected. The color graded display makes it easier to see fish and undergrounds.

Unlike many other models, the encoder cable is long enough and there are few conflicts. The echo sounder also feels very good to the touch. It has been manufactured to a very high quality and impresses with its intuitive menu navigation.

Fishfinder picture

Following a picture from the fishfinder test:

  • Colour sounder
  • Broadband Sounder
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Fish I.D.
  • LED colour display
  • z 83 or 200 kHz Broadband Sounder
  • Battery and charger not included


The disadvantage of this echo sounder is that no battery and battery charger were supplied.  You have to order both separately. This is in any case very unfortunate, because it means additional costs.

But in terms of functionality and equipment, this sounder makes a really good overall impression. If you still have some money left for a battery and a charger, you can strike without any problems.

Otherwise you might want to take another look at the Lowrance fishfinder Mark-5x Pro. Here the problem does not exist.

Electronic-Star Echolot Echolot Sonar-Fishfinder Fishing

The Electronic-Star Echolot Echolot Sonar Fishing display does what it should. In our fishfinder test it is the second most expensive and lies with it in the middle 2-digit range. In principle it shows everything it should. It can also be used on rivers, ponds and lakes.

The display is kept relatively simple, but keeps what it promises. Because of the display lighting this echo sounder can also be used at night. Even if it starts to dawn in the evening, this function is very helpful.

For the price, it is astonishingly suitable for deep sounding. It can be used at depths of up to 100m.

Fishfinder image

Here is an image from the fishfinder test: Display


  • sonar based fishfinder
  • suitable for river, pond and sea fishing
  • up to 100 meters depth
  • beam angle of 45°
  • anti-reflective
  • 5cm display
  • fish position and depth display
  • Ground relief illustration
  • Water plant indication
  • Night fishing possible
  • Suitable for ice fishing
  • Temperatures between -20 and 70° Celsius are no problem


All in all a solid piece of equipment for occasional anglers. The echo sounder shows the fish almost exactly when compared with high-quality models and therefore keeps its promises.

If you don’t spend a lot of time in your boat and would like to use an echo sounder from time to time, this is the perfect choice.

Conclusion of the echo sounder test series

We have now shown you many echo sounder in the most varied price segments. For the small but also for the bigger purse there should be something here. We hope that you enjoyed this test.

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