Rod Pockets Review: 5 Fishing Bags Under 60 Bucks Reviewed & Comparison


Looking for a sensible rod bag? In this test we present 5 rod pockets. They all have different characteristics which made the evaluation not always easy. Especially since we wanted to present an objective but comparable picture of the respective rod bag. But now to the rod bag test.

Note: From time to time it can happen that selected bags are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous angling bags on this overview page.

How did we proceed with the rod bag test?

We looked at each bag and checked it for different criteria. We were particularly interested in properties such as stability, tear resistance, workmanship, space for rods and space for any accessories. We also filled each rod bag and took it with us for a real fishing trip. This is the only way to really find out how good the rod bag is for fishing.

Which rod bags have we rated?

We have tested the following rod bags and rated them accordingly:

  • DAM 3-pocket rod bag padded 1.90m
  • MAD D-Fender 3-Rod Holdall 2.10m rod case
  • Behr rod bag 3-fold length: 1.60m
  • D. A.M. 8302175 Rod Bag Rod Bag
  • Specitec Comfort Rod Bag Deluxe / Rod Case (6 mounted rods)

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can simply look at the fishing spot. There you will find a really large selection of rod bags.

DAM 3-piece rod bag, padded, 1.90m

The AnzeigeDAM 3-piece rod bag is an extremely high-quality rod bag. You will notice this characteristic when you hold it in your hands for the first time. It is 190 cm long and comes in the colour olive green.

The nice thing about this rod bag is that it has room for 3 mounted or fully equipped rods. There is also room for a fishing umbrella and landing net. Also in the side pockets there is enough room for additional accessories. So you have everything you need for fishing in one place. A further advantage is that the material used is very durable and therefore promises a long life.

Picture of the rod bag

Following is a picture of the rod bag: Display


  • Delivery: 1 rod bag
  • length: 190 cm
  • Material: 100% Nylon

Conclusion to the DAM 3-piece rod bag padded 1,90m

All in all we are very satisfied with this rod bag. With 1,90m it is big enough and offers enough space for up to 3 fishing rods. So every hobby angler should be served sufficiently. From us there is a clear recommendation to buy this bag. The price justifies the great quality in any case.

In any case, check here for the AnzeigeDAM 3-rod length bag and compare.

MAD D-Fender 3-Rod Holdall 2,10m rod case

The AnzeigeMAD D-Fender 3-Rod Holdall has a total length of 2,10 cm. Therefore it is even 20 cm longer than the previous model. It offers space for a total of 3 fully mounted rods. When filling it we also noticed that there is actually even room for some spare rods.

In the outside pockets there is also room for an umbrella, landing net and bank sticks. This way you really get everything you need under the roof. With a suitable fishing bag you are fully equipped and the fishing day can begin.

The dimensions of the MAD D-Fender 3-Rod Holdall are 210 xm x 30 xm x 6 cm. Oh well, the material also feels very high quality. You will notice this as soon as you hold the fishing bag in your hands for the first time.

Picture of the rod bag

Below is a picture of the rod bag: Display


  • Delivery: one rod bag
  • Length: 210 cm
  • Material: 100% Nylon

Summary of the 2.10m rod case

All in all this fishing bag leaves nothing to be desired. As with the previous model, everything has really been thought of here. The material consists of nylon and thus provides sufficient safety (regarding scratches) of the rods. We can also recommend this rod bag without hesitation.

Also look for theMAD D-fender indicator when fishing.

Behr rod bag 3-fold length: 1.60m

The Behr rod bag 3-fold length: 1.60m is really great value for money. It offers enough space for up to 6 mounted rods. In addition, the additional compartments also offer space for accessories such as hooks, leaders, etc.

When I held the rod bag in my hands for the first time, I immediately noticed how soft it actually is. But still this rod bag is made of a very resistant and robust material. The carrying comfort is also pleasant. It can be carried comfortably over the shoulder.

Picture of the rod bag

Following a picture of the rod bag: Display

  • up to 6 mounted rods
  • Material : 100% 600d nylon and extremely durable
  • Long side pocket on the outside for additional material such as ground spikes, landing net, etc.
  • very well padded shoulder strap
  • additional hand carrying straps
  • 2 large outside pockets on the right
  • 2 small outside pockets on the left

Conclusion to Behr rod pocket 3 compartments length: 1,60m

All in all a very flexible rod pocket. However, it is only 1.60m high. We also had difficulties to store the landing net neatly. But with this rod bag you can’t do much wrong. Also very nice is, that the shoulder strap as well as the wrist loop are padded comfortably. So you can transport your rods safely and comfortably, even on longer distances.

D.A.M. 8302175 Rod Bag in rod bag test

The display D.A.M. 8302175 Rod Bag Rod Bag is in the middle price segment. It easily offers space for up to 4 mounted rods and has the following dimensions: 175 cm x 18 cm x 25 cm. Therefore it is slightly smaller than the two rod bags presented first.

This rod bag is also nylon. The material is therefore very durable. Especially when you are travelling in difficult terrain, this can sometimes be a blessing for your rods. The colour is a little bit brownish and it is very different from the other rod bags. The bag can be divided into two parts. This allows the rods to be transported separately. A nice additional option I think.

Picture of the rod bag

Following a picture of the rod bag: Display

Summary of the rod bag test

  • Dimensions: 175 cm x 18 cm x 25 cm
  • Material: 600D Nylon
  • Colour: olive

Conclusion on the D. A.M. 8302175 Rod Bag Rod bag

All in all a rod bag which should meet the requirements of a normal hobby angler. It is durable, has space for up to 4 rods and offers many advantages for transportation. We therefore rate this rod bag with the predicate “good”.

This is also available in the AnzeigeAngelplatz Angelshop.

Specitec Comfort Rod Bag Deluxe / rod case (6 mounted rods)

The AnzeigeSpecitec Comfort Rod Bag Deluxe 165 cm with 3 large rod chambers is very spacious and you have a lot of space to store your rods. Altogether 6 rods including reels fit into this rod bag.

When you unpack it for the first time you will immediately notice the high quality workmanship and the robust material. The quality of this bag can definitely compete with the other rod bags. The price is in the middle price segment.

There is also an additional compartment. A landing net can easily be stowed away in this compartment. So if you are looking for a bag that is inexpensive but still offers plenty of space, this rod bag is the right choice.

Picture of the rod bag

Following a picture of the rod bag: Display


  • Double zippers for more safety
  • 2 padded, adjustable, extra strong shoulder straps
  • two outside pockets
  • shorter outside pocket for rod stand
  • longer outside pocket for a fishing umbrella
  • Including slide-in compartment with Velcro fastener for landing net
  • 3 high-quality rod chambers,
  • Rod chambers are sufficient for at least 6 rods mounted with reels

Conclusion on the Specitec comfort rod bag Deluxe / rod case (6 mon. Rods)

All in all a rod bag that is worth seeing. It offers space for 6 rods. These can even be mounted. Furthermore it is not that expensive. We can definitely recommend this rod bag.

Not found in the rod bag test?

There is a really large selection of display rod bags available at the fishing spot. Just have a look and browse a little as many branded products are reduced in some cases.

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