Winkelpicker Review: 6 Angle Pickers For Less Than $80 Reviewed & Comparison


In the Winkelpicker test we present you 6 pickers for less than 80 Euro.

The angle picker is a fishing rod with a length of 2.40 m to a maximum of 3.00 m. The angle picker is a popular method for many anglers, especially on rivers and canals. Angle pickers often have a casting weight of up to 40 g. A characteristic feature of the angle picker rod is the tip, which is often in a contrasting colour so that the bite is clearly visible.

At the pond very often correspondingly fine bite indicator tips with 0.5 oz are used, because there the current and the wind is usually very low. If stronger currents are tackled at channels or lakes, correspondingly stronger tips are recommended. Here we start from 0.5 oz to 1.5 oz (1 oz corresponds to 28 grams). This way you usually have all areas covered. Whereby one must say that angle pickers are actually ideal for very shallow, current-free waters (still water).

The reason is very simple: To fish in strong currents with an angle picker, you would have to use a larger feed basket with a larger lure to withstand the current. However, as this would quickly exceed the maximum casting weight of 40 g with common angle pickers, the load on the rod would be too great. In the worst case the result would be a broken rod (rod breakage). Because often you are already at the casting weight limit of 40 g with a normal feed basket and an appropriate bait.

Usually a simple stationary reel matching the rod is also used for picking. It does not matter if the reel is front braked or rear braked. Normally a 20 to 30mm size is ideal here. You should make sure that the brake used releases line without jerking. In addition, a simple rod holder is used to deposit the rod. The picker rod is placed at an angle of 120 degrees to the line. The angle is simply used to detect possible deflections of the rod, in case of a bite, easily and quickly.

The assembly is as simple as possible. We use the following equipment for a normal month:

  • Rubber stopper (to protect the knot on the swivel)
  • Anti tangle tube
  • Small feed basket (10g)
  • Triple swivel
  • Hook: 10 to 14er
  • Lure: Maggots

To give you a better visual impression, here are some more basic information about picking and pictures of the assembly, briefly summarized in the video:

We hope you got a good impression of what is important when picking with a picker rod. To help you choose the right rod for you, you will find below 6 angle pickers that we have tested for you. Have fun with them!

This is how we tested the angle pickers

We tested the angle pickers of the picker rods with the following aspects in mind:

  • Action
  • Weight
  • Backbone
  • Quality and workmanship
  • Price / performance

Especially during the action we paid attention to how the picker behaves in the drill with regard to the bending curve. It was important to us that there is no semi-parabolic or parabolic action of the rod. Especially with angle picker rods a solid tip action was important to us.

Of course the total weight was also not insignificant. Good angle pickers weigh between 180 and 250 g on average. Some pickers can reach up to 300 g total weight. But the lighter the rod is, the more comfortable is the handling during casting and drilling.

Of course the backbone of the angle picker is also decisive for the first shot.  And this is exactly what we paid attention to in our angle picker test. If the rod had a strong backbone, we rated this characteristic more positively.

Of course, quality and workmanship are also very important. Here we have paid attention to whether the individual elements have been processed with the appropriate quality and whether the materials make a solid impression. Last but not least, of course, the price/performance ratio was also important to us. After all, what good is the best angle picker if the rod is not affordable in the end?

We then summarized all these criteria in the respective product report and formed an overall mark from the various criteria. We hope that we have just been able to give you a good impression of the individual criteria. But now we don’t want to wait any longer with the product reports and wish you a lot of fun with them.

Note: From time to time it may happen that selected pickers are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous pickers on this overview page for fishing.

Angle picker Prion GFR Picker 3,00m with 2 interchangeable tips

Note: This item may be temporarily unavailable. The following display angle pickers are an alternative.

Start with the Prion GFR Picker. The AnzeigePrion GFR Picker with a length of 3.00 m and 2 interchangeable tips is relatively inexpensive with a price of just under 32 euros. It is not the cheapest angle picker, but still one of the cheapest. It has a total weight of 237 g, which in combination with a light stationary roller is still very little. As usual for common angle pickers, the Prion GFR picker has a throwing weight of up to 40 g.

What we also liked very much is the fact that 2 interchangeable tips are included. These are both very soft and provide excellent tip action. So in principle you always have a replacement with you should one of them break, break or be accidentally sunk.

In terms of quality and workmanship, it makes a good impression. The cork handle is well made and also lies well in the hand. The rings are made of SiC and are therefore especially hard. This means that the fishing line cannot cut into the material so quickly, even with larger catches. At 1.53 m it is not necessarily the most comfortable rod in terms of transport length. In our experience there are more transportable angle pickers. But also the Prion GFR picker can be transported in a small VW Golf without any problems.

Picture of the picker

Here is another picture to give you a better idea of the angle picker. For an enlargement, you can also simply click on the picture:

Short and concise summary

In the following overview you will find the most important facts once again in a nutshell:

  • Make / Model: Prion Power GFR Picker
  • Length: 3,00m
  • Weight 237 g
  • Throw weight: up to 40 g
  • Handy cork handle
  • Transport length: 1,53 m
  • 2 parts
  • Including 2 change tips
  • SIC- ringing
  • Finest bite recognition


All in all, the Prion GFR angle picker can also be used to make bigger catches. However, you should make sure that the casting weight is not exceeded, otherwise the rod may break during casting. It is cheap, solid in workmanship and 2 spare tips are included. What more do you want for the start?

DAM Sumo Trx Picker 10′ 10-35G 3.00M 2+3Pc

Note: This item may not be available at the moment. The following display angle pickers are an alternative.

The displayDAM Sumo TRX Picker is a medium price angle picker. This is already available for almost 50 euros. When we could hold it the first time in the hands, we noticed immediately the ease of movement. At 237 g, the weight is similar to that of the cheap models, but it looks much more balanced. Of course this is also noticeable during ejection. In this respect it is simply very easy to handle.

With a throwing weight of up to 35 g, it is a little below the norm of 40 g. In our opinion this is quite sufficient. All 11 rod rings are completely made of SiC. That means they are especially hardened. We also like small details of the angle picker. This includes, for example, that the rod holder is equipped with special high-quality stainless steel caps. In our opinion such small details enhance the rod optically.

We have equipped the picker with a stationary roller during the angle picker test. We then tested this with a monofilament fishing line and then with a braided line. Both worked without problems. We had the feeling that the monofilament line glides even better through the SiC rings. But in any case it can be used with both lines.


Following is a picture of the angle picker rod:

Short summary

Here you can find all important points at a glance:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Model: Sumo Trx Picker
  • Length: 3 m / 10 ft
  • Casting weight: 10 – 35 g / 0,35 – 1,23 oz
  • Weight: 230 g / 8,11 oz
  • Parts: 2+3
  • Transport length: 156 cm / 5.2 ft
  • Rings: 11


Finally, it should be noted that although it is somewhat more expensive, it also has a few additional qualitative extras. Not only the balance is affected, but also the design of the angle picker rod. In terms of transport length it is not the smallest rod, but we can recommend it to everyone who does not want to spend so much money. Also those who just want to test if angle picking is right for them will have fun with this rod. Here is our graphic evaluation:

SPRO Boxxer Picker, 2-piece / 2.40m / 2 + 2 parts

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display angle pickers are an alternative.

What immediately stands out with the displaySPRO Boxxer Picker is the price. It is already available at amazon for just under 20 euros. Whether it is a bargain or whether it is better to keep your hands off the rod, you will find out in the following. Ok, it does not have a high quality cork handle like more expensive angle pickers. The handle of this model is made of Comfi-Foam – a material similar to foam. But it convinces with its weight which is only 202 g. Therefore it is very light. Also the transport size of 125 cm could convince us.

In addition a spare tip is also included. Both Winkerpicker tips are very soft and have a good action. The material of the blank consists of G- Fiber. So for our taste, not the top league, but already quite high-quality. In addition, the backbone of the rod has also made a good figure. It could lift two bigger trout without breaking apart directly.


Here is another picture of the angle picker:

Our summary

Here you can find all important points:

  • Brand: SPRO
  • Material blank: G- Fiber
  • Length: 2,40 m
  • Parts: 2 + 2
  • Transport length: 125 cm
  • Weight: 202 g
  • Throwing weight: up to 40 g

The conclusion

Fact is, if you are looking for a very inexpensive entry-level model and value brand quality, you will not be able to avoid this angle picker. Of course you have to make some concessions in terms of quality, but you don’t pay that much for it. We can therefore definitely recommend it to beginners.

DAM Backbone Multipicker 3.00M

With a length of 3 m, the DAM Backbone Multipicker is definitely one of the longer angle pickers presented here. In comparison to the already introduced DAM Sumo Trx Picker, the Backbone Multipicker differs for example in the number of rings. The backbone has a total of 9 rings and therefore 2 rings less. This of course also has an effect on the line guidance. With the Sumo Trx we had the feeling that it simply runs a bit cleaner.

However, the DAM Backbone Multipicker has a much higher casting weight. It weighs almost 50 g and is therefore one of the angle pickers with the highest throwing weight. In addition to the actual rod tip, two further tips are also supplied. In our opinion this makes it even more flexible.

The cork handle is also very pleasant, just as one is used to from most rods made by DAM. Although it has not been ergonomically adapted, it still lies comfortably in the hand.


To give you a better idea of the picker, here is another picture:

Summary with the most important facts

Short and concise summary:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Throwing weight: 10 to 50 g
  • Length: 3.00 m
  • Transport length: 1. 54 m
  • Parts: 5 pieces
  • Rings: 9 pieces
  • Total weight: 256 g
  • Including 2 spare tips

The conclusion

All in all, this angle picker is a bit more expensive, but you can already see that it is of higher quality in direct comparison. However, the DAM Sumo Trx Picker has, in our opinion, performed better in terms of action and backbone. Another positive aspect is the fact that two rod tips are included. So you always have an appropriate replacement. All in all, we can recommend this model.


Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display angle pickers are an alternative.

The AnzeigeDAM Spezi Stick Picker is an angle picker with a solid length of 2.7 m. This rod also has a casting weight of up to 50 g. This makes this angle picker a little more flexible regarding the weight of the leader and the lure. Rods with a casting weight of e.g. 35 g are much more limited. With the DAM Spezi Stick Picker you also have the chance to catch more capital fish.

Even with a total weight of just 225 g, it feels relatively light. That’s why it cuts quite a fine figure in long distance casting on the water. This is also due to the material used. The blank is made of high-quality carbon, which of course has a positive effect on the action of the rod and the reinforced backbone.

This rod also makes no problems with braided fishing lines. In our opinion it is equally suitable for monofilament and braided lines. It also has the typical but higher quality DAM cork handle. This also makes the handling much more comfortable.

Picture of the angle picker

Following a picture of the angle picker rod:

Short and concise summary

All important points, here once again at a glance

  • Brand: DAM
  • Model: Spezi Stick Picker
  • Length: 2,7 m / 9 ft
  • Casting weight: 10 – 50g / 0,35 – 1,76oz
  • Weight: 225 g / 7,94 oz
  • Parts: 2+1
  • Transport length: 138 cm / 4,6 ft


The DAM Spezi Stick angle picker is with 2,70 m a bit shorter, but therefore perfectly equipped. This applies to the quality, the throwing weight and the transport length of just 1.38 m. In our opinion it is a high quality angle picker with which you can pick on bream, trout and rudd without any problems.

DAM Sumo GT4 Carp Picker, picker rod, 10-40g, 2+3 parts

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. The following display angle pickers are an alternative.

The Sumo GT4 Carp Picker display from DAM comes in a size of 3 m, as is usual for an angle picker. Despite the size of 3 m it is the lightest rod in the entire product report. And this difference is really noticeable when compared to the other rods presented here. Especially when drilling, the ease of movement is clearly noticeable even with capital specimens.

In addition, it has a solid casting weight of 40 g. In our opinion this is quite sufficient for angle picking and especially interesting when fishing for pied fish. We used a lighter feed basket and ordinary maggots as fishing bait for the DAM Sumo GT4 Carp Picker and were able to achieve capital results.

We also liked the fact that the cork handle was ergonomically shaped. This makes it particularly comfortable to hold. The blank consists of a T30 GT4 carbon structure. In addition, it has proven to have a strong backbone during the drill.

Illustration of the picker rod

Here is a picture of the rod:

The most important facts brought to the point

Everything you need to know can be found below:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Length: 3 m / 10 ft
  • Casting weight: 10 – 40g / 0,35 – 1,41oz
  • Weight: 188 g / 6,63 oz
  • Parts: 2+3
  • Transport length: 156 cm / 5,2 ft

Conclusion of the angle picker test

All in all, we can definitely recommend this picker. That is why we have declared this angle picker the winner of the comparison. We liked the very light weight as well as the optimal action behaviour at the bite. The Winkelpicker shows a strong backbone, despite its feather-light characteristics. We can recommend this model to all beginners and advanced users who value excellent quality at a reasonable price. Following are the most important details from the Winkelpicker test:

Concluding words to the Winkelpicker test

In the end, the DAM Sumo GT4 Carp Picker has become the winner of the comparison. But the other rods are not to be sneezed at either. In principle it is also not always easy to evaluate objectively, as many anglers have different goals with one picker. That’s why in our test we tried to evaluate as impartially as possible to give you the best possible result. We hope that we were able to help you in the angle picker test and that you have found the right angle picker for you personally.

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