Carp Lounger Review: 6 Carp Loungers Under 170 Bucks Reviewed & Comparison


Are you looking for a reasonable carp lounger? We have tested and evaluated a wide variety of carp couches in the Carp Fly Test in this product report. You can find the following carp couches in our Carp couch test:

  • Angel Domain Nightwalker Pro Comfort Bedchair Carp Lounger+Clubman Sleep
  • DAM Carp Lounger Bedchair
  • MK-Angelsport “5 Seasons 8 Leg Lounger” Bedchair Carp Lounger
  • Chub X-Tra Comfy Bedchair Comfort lounger with fleece mattress
  • Anaconda Cusky Bed Chair Alu Lounger 6 Leg Bedchair
  • Fishing Specialist 8-Leg Luxury Carp Lounger Bedchair with mattress

Each product report for the individual carp lounger is similarly structured. At the beginning you will receive a short introduction, a picture of the carp bed, a short summary and a final conclusion. In addition, each product report of the individual carp lounger is graphically prepared once again to visualize all advantages and disadvantages in a simple and clear way.

From the beginning it was important for us to tell you about our personal experience with the respective carp lounger. This concerns comfort, convenience, dimensions, material and transport characteristics. This way you can get a better picture before buying and compare comfortably.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can simply look up the advertisement at the fishing spot. There you will find a really large selection of carp loungers. Just have a look and browse a little.

Angel Domäne Nightwalker Pro Comfort Bedchair Carp Lounger+Clubman Sleep

The Angel Domäne Nightwalker Pro Comfort Bedchair Carp Lounger is a successor model of its predecessor and has therefore been completely revised technically. After the carp bed arrived at our premises, we unpacked it immediately and tried it out.

The first thing we noticed was the incredibly light weight. It is only 8kg and compared to many other carp loungers it is very light and comfortable to transport. After one after the other we all agreed on the AnzeigeAngel Domäne Nightwalker Pro Comfort. Because of the padding it is incredibly comfortable and convenient.

Technically well solved is also the feature that the padding overlaps the frame. This prevents you from touching the uncomfortable frame while sleeping. As we had to try this carp lounger outside, we could see that the thermal padding insulates very well. Hardly any heat escapes downwards. Therefore it keeps relatively warm even on colder evenings.

What we also liked very much is that the Clubman Sleeping Bag is also included. This saves money and it is also comfortable. However, it is more suitable for warm summer nights as it is not very thick.

Picture of the carp couch


  • Couch surface: 2,00m x 0,75m
  • min. couch height 30cm
  • max. couch height 30cm
  • max. couch height 30cm
  • max. couch height 30cm
  • Transport dimensions: 75x80x20cm
  • Weight: 8,25 Kg

Conclusion to the carp lounger test

The Angel Domain Nightwalker Pro Comfort Bedchair Carp lounger is very comfortable and convinces by the good price/performance ratio. It is already available for almost 100 Euro and is also supplied with a sleeping bag.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but still high quality carp lounger, the Angel Domäne Nightwalker Pro Comfort Bedchair is the perfect choice. We would like to recommend it to others.

DAM Carp Lounger Bedchair

The DAM Carp Lounger Bedchair is by far the cheapest carp lounger we have tested. What we liked from the beginning is that it is relatively simple and does without superfluous things. The Bedchair always does what it is supposed to do and keeps you warm.  But at the beginning you notice a little bit the smell of polyester. But after a few hours it has almost completely disappeared.

Especially in the nature you really don’t notice anything of this smell after some time. Because the AnzeigeDAM carp lounger Bedchair insulates so well, it lets almost no cold from below through. Due to the own stored warmth in the sleeping bag it is therefore continuously warm and is especially suitable for carp fishing, even on cooler nights. Despite the relatively low price, the stability of the Carp Bedchair was convincing.

Here almost nothing wobbles at all and that makes the comfort of view fishing particularly pleasant. Nothing is worse and more annoying than when something is constantly wobbling and not sitting properly. The reason why this carp lounger does not wobble is that the feet also adjust to the ground.

Picture of the carp lounger

Here a picture of the carp lounger: Display


  • Material: 100% 600 D-Nylon / PVC
  • Weight: 9,4kg
  • Length: 2,05cm
  • Width: 0,75cm
  • Height: 0,30-0,45m
  • Transport size: 75x81x24cm
  • Material: Cover 100% Polyester


All in all there is really nothing to complain about. It is the cheapest couch we have tested and therefore the price/performance ratio is really very good. We can recommend the DAM Carp couch Bedchair without any restrictions. If you want to compare again, you should have a look at the AnzeigeDAM CARP Couch in the shop.

MK-Angelsport “5 Seasons 8 leg bed” Bedchair Carp Bed

The MK-Angelsport “5 Seasons 8 leg bed” Bedchair Carp Bed is the third carp bed we have tested. It is in the medium price range and is also suitable for larger people.

Unfortunately we had to find out overnight that struts of the substructure press on the back after lying for a long time. Of course, this can also be due to the weight (120 kg), but in our opinion this should not occur with a product in this price segment. Nevertheless the MK-Angelsport Bedchair Carp Lounger is relatively comfortable at the beginning. The workmanship is also impressive.

In addition, even people with a height of 1.96m have enough room. Another disadvantage is that the AnzeigeMK-Angelsport Bedchair Carp Lounger takes up a lot of space during transport. Due to the transport dimensions (85 x 22 x 77 (cm)) you should also allow for sufficient space in the car.

Picture of the carp lounger


  • Weight: 9,7 kg
  • 8 legs
  • High stability
  • Dimensions: 2,08 x 0,77 x 0,40m
  • Transport dimensions: 0,85 x 0,22 x 0,77m
  • Height of legs adjustable: 28 – 40 cm
  • Height of the couch: up to 49 cm
  • Including mud feet
  • Mattress made of Oxford Nylon, PU coated
  • Neoprene pillow


All in all this carp couch did not perform as well as expected.  The metal struts in the frame press on the back when sleeping. This makes the whole thing a bit uncomfortable. Also the transport characteristics are not the best. But the carp lounger is otherwise very well made. The price is also ok.

Chub X-Tra Comfy Bedchair Comfort couch with fleece mattress

Note: This item may not be available at the moment. As an alternative, the following display carp couches are available.

Next we will introduce the Chub X-Tra Comfy Bedchair comfort couch with fleece mattress. It is a carp couch which is extra padded by the fleece mattress. It is especially wide and therefore very comfortable.

The lying comfort is also very good. The mattress is made in such a way that no cold can rise from the floor into the back. We tried out the AnzeigeChub X-Tra Comfy Bedchair comfort couch with fleece mattress ourselves overnight at the lake. The next day I had no back pain at all and could sleep very well. There was also enough space on the left and right.

Although I am relatively broad myself. Which unfortunately is not so nice that the feet cannot be determined. That means you could also fold up unintentionally. The possibility of locking is completely missing here. But in my opinion this is also the only minus point.


  • Length: 210 cm
  • Width: 81 cm
  • Weight: 10,1kg
  • Very comfortable
  • Comfortable
  • Fleece mattress included

Picture of the carp lounger

Here is a picture of the very comfortable carp lounger: Display


This carp lounger is really sufficiently wide and long. Therefore you have an excellent lying comfort. The price/performance ratio is also more than justified. The only disturbing deficiency is that the carp couch legs are not lockable.

Here an unintentional collapse during very strong movements is possible. All in all it is a very comfortable carp lounger which is perfectly suitable for permanent use at the lake.

Anaconda Cusky Bed Chair Alu Lounger 6 Leg Bedchair

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. The following display carp loungers are available as an alternative.

The Anaconda Cusky Bed Chair Alu Lounger 6 Leg Bedchair is one of the most efficient and highest quality carp loungers currently available on the market. This carp lounger is also very resilient. Up to 170kg can easily sit on this carp couch.

It also has many comfortable extras. For example the continuously adjustable leg rest for maximum lying comfort. When you lie on this couch, you can literally feel the enormous space on this couch. The upholstery also ensures a high level of comfort.  In addition, the displayAnaconda Cusky Bed Chair Alu Couch 6 Leg Bedchair is very heat resistant.

This means that the cold from the earth does not rise directly into your back but is diverted. It is really a high quality product which leaves nothing to be desired.


  • Dimensions: 206x85x34cm
  • adjustable legrest
  • weight: 10kg
  • thermo-insulated 5cm thick padding made of 600D PU Oxford
  • aluminium square frame
  • max. load 170kg
  • incl. removable tackle bag, neoprene cushion (removable lining)

Picture of the carp lounger

Here is a picture of the carp lounger.


The Anaconda Cusky Bed Chair Alu Lounger is a highly professional carp lounger with a lot of space. The only drawback of this lounger is the high price. But apart from that it has a high quality finish and makes every carp angler’s heart beat faster.

We can really recommend this lounger to people who do carp fishing regularly and extensively. The comfort and quality definitely justify the high price.

Angler 8-legged luxury carp bed with mattress

The Angler 8-legged luxury carp bed Bedchair with mattress is also in the medium price range like the first models of this carp bed test series. After we had spent one night on each of these carp beds we could confidently consider them suitable.

We were all satisfied with the AnzeigeAngelspezi 8-legged luxury carp lounger. It is very soft and very comfortable. It also keeps you warm enough thanks to the good insulation. Also this carp lounger is very easy to assemble and therefore very suitable for quick transport. With 12,5kg it belongs to the heavier models.


  • Steel frame
  • Quality fleece padding
  • Neoprene mesh pillow for comfortable sleeping
  • Length: 202 cm
  • Width: 86 cm
  • Height 43 cm
  • Height adjustable: between 32cm and 43cm
  • Transport dimensions: 86 x 26 x 82cm
  • Weight: 12,5 kg
  • Loadable up to approx. 180 kg

Picture of the carp lounger

Following a picture of the carp lounger:

Carp lounger test conclusion

This carp lounger can be loaded very strongly with up to 180kg. Here it did very well in our carp lounger test because it can withstand the highest weight by far. The height adjustability is another plus point.

All in all the lounger is very comfortable and available at a great price/performance ratio. We can easily recommend this carp lounger to every carp angler.

Did not find what you were looking for in the Carp Lounger Test?

There is a really big choice of carp couches at the fishing place. Just have a look and browse a little as many of the branded couches are reduced.

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