Fly Rod Review: 6 Fly Rods Under 100 Bucks In Big Comparison


In order to be really successful in fly fishing, you need above all a reasonable fly rod. Especially when fly fishing it depends on the casting characteristics, the action and the behaviour of the rod during the fight. Of course, the weight of the rod and the processing of the materials used are also very important. We have therefore tested 6 different models in this fly rod test for you, which we would like to introduce to you in more detail.

Note: From time to time it can happen that selected fly rods are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous fly fishing rods on this overview page.

This is how we tested the fly rods

Clearly, not every fly rod is the same. Therefore, we have first selected different characteristics that are the same for all rods. This should of course improve the comparability between the rods in order to create a uniform overall picture. We have looked at the following characteristics:

  • Quality
  • Casting characteristics
  • Action
  • Handiness
  • Price / Performance

In terms of quality, we have paid attention to how each fly rod has been processed. Here, for example, we have attached importance to the fact that the materials are “coherent” and fit together. If there were any visible adhesions, we interpreted this negatively for the rod. The same procedure is followed in case of material defects. There is nothing worse than a fly rod suddenly and unexpectedly breaking during the fight.

The casting characteristics of the fly rod were also important to us. As you know for sure, fly fishing has very different casting requirements than pike, carp or trout fishing. Just because fly rods are shorter, they behave quite differently when casting. That is why this point was also very important to us in the product report.

Finally, the action of the rod is another important point. The rod action describes nothing else than the bending curve or the taper of the blank. Therefore we have looked at how flexible and pliable the respective fly rod is in the end when drilling. We have also included this point in an intermediate note.

Of course, a fly rod for fly fishing should be very handy for the fly fisherman, as such fly rods are usually held in the hand for a long period of time. That is why we also paid attention to the ergonomic shape of the rod handle and the material it is made of.

Finally, we evaluated the price/performance ratio. It was important to us whether the quality of the rod really justifies the required price. Because it is of no use to anybody if you buy a completely overpriced rod which already flies apart after the first 3 casts.

We hope that you were able to get a good first impression of our test criteria. Let us now start with the first fly rod test. Oh, we have also published a product report about fly reels, just in case you are interested.

Shakespeare Sigma fly rod, 5 WT brown 9 Ft in fly rod test

Note: It is possible that the article is currently not available. The following display fly rods are an alternative.

At first we were very surprised by the price of the Shakespeare Sigma fly rod. It is far below the other rods we tested. So of course we asked ourselves: Where is the catch?

When we were standing on the river to go fly fishing with it we had to try it out immediately. The casting characteristics are very good. In addition, it has good action, but does not give in too much. All in all we were surprised how much fun we had with the rod, despite the low price.

Altogether it has a length of 2,70 m with a weight of only 116 g. On the other hand it is extremely light. You can hardly feel it in your hand because of its light weight.  The blank is also made of thin carbon which also contributes to the low weight. This also looks very noble and exquisite.

All in all it is delivered in 4 parts which can be put into each other relatively easily. The design is reminiscent of the typical fishing rod design due to the cork and the black varnish. This makes it very attractive to us.

Official picture

Click on the picture for an enlargement: Display

At a glance

You will find the most important facts below:

  • Brand: Shakespeare
  • Length: 2,70 m
  • T-dimension: 0,72 m
  • Parts: 4 pieces
  • Weight: 116 g
  • Material Blank: thin carbon
  • Material Grips: Cork, EVA, Hyperlon or heat shrinkable tubing
  • Titanium oxide (TOG), Titanium SIC (TS) or snake rings
  • Screw reel seat


If you are looking for a really cheap fly rod and at the same time value quality and workmanship, you will not go wrong with this model. It is suitable for fly fishing in any case. We were also able to land some capital catches with it. All in all it is a great model for a small price.

Flextec CDX66 Fly Rod

The AnzeigeFlextec CDX66 4-piece fly rod was developed together with the international fly fishing team I.T.F.F.A from Ireland and comes with an additional lifetime warranty. Of course we had to take a closer look at this model. The fly rod consists of an ergonomically manufactured cork handle and therefore lies very well in the hand. The individual components such as blank, rod handle, end cap and rings were really high quality processed and built into this rod as an overall composition.

We thought it was great that this fly rod comes with a Cordura cover, which is also of high quality. This offers sufficient protection during transport and generally makes a very chic impression. The rod itself has a very good action which you can feel especially when you bite into it.  Furthermore, it can be used for dry and wet flying as well as for smaller streamers.


Here is the picture of the Flextec CDX66: Display

Everything at a glance

Here is the most important summary:

  • Brand: Flextec
  • Sizes: 274 cm, 304 cm and 335 cm (5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9)
  • Material handle: Cork
  • Unrestricted lifetime warranty
  • Including tailor-made Cordura sleeve with sewn-on Flextec logo
  • High degree of attachment


This rod is also not very expensive to buy.  The rod can be bought in 3 different lengths.  We have decided on length #5/6. This means that it can also be used on the lake. We believe that especially beginners or novices who want to try fly fishing will have a lot of fun with this model without incurring any expenses. Therefore we can recommend it to beginners in any case.

Here are the most important details from the fly rod test for you:

Abu Garcia Diplomat 904 #5/6 LH Fly

We have chosen the Abu Garcia Diplomat 904 #5/6 LH Fly because it comes as a complete fly rod set. This means that you also get the matching reel and line directly included. This is of course very practical and comfortable as they are perfectly matched.

Also very nice is that all components are delivered with a nice carrying bag. When assembled, the rod including the rod reel can be stowed away in this bag without any problems. This is of course a blessing even on longer ways to the water. In addition, the fly rod is also well protected from the weather.

The material itself is made entirely of carbon and is therefore incredibly light. The rod is also supplied with a cork handle. This of course makes the handling much easier and more comfortable.


Here is a picture of the Abu Garcia Diplomat 904:

All facts

Here are the most important facts about the fly rod:

  • Brand: Abu Garcia
  • 100% Carbon Blank
  • FS Rings
  • Cork handle
  • Graphite reel with backing, line and leader
  • Delivery in Cordura Casing


If you are looking for a fly rod set, you will certainly not go wrong with the Abu Garcia Diplomat 904 #5/6 LH Fly. With this set you can go directly to the water and you don’t have to worry about line and rod reel anymore. So perfect for beginners and novices when it comes to fly fishing. There is also nothing wrong with the action of the fly rod.  In the following the most important information in the graphic evaluation from the fly rod test

Shakespeare fly rod Agility EXP 9.6 feet

The Shakespeare Agility EXP 9.6 feet is a fly rod which is also used by many as a travel rod due to its small size. When the rod arrived at our home, we were first positively surprised. At first sight it looks very well processed. The handle, the rings and the materials used are exactly where you expect them to be without being mounted crooked or crooked.

The materials also make a very good impression when you hold them in your hands. They simply feel higher quality compared to cheaper fishing rods. Last but not least, this is also due to the high-quality cork handle and the Burlwood-Rubbercork handle ends. This is a plug-in rod and the components can be connected relatively easily. We have now tested it for a total of 1 month on the water and were able to separate and assemble the 7 parts as well as the first day. Nothing jammed here. This also speaks for the high quality of the fly rod.

The action of the rod is not the best but also not the worst and therefore completely ok for fly fishing. Also the weight is a little bit higher compared to other fly rods, but considering the weight of the fly rod it is still a difference like day and night.  Also from the transport point of view it fits into almost every fishing backpack because of the 7 different parts.

A picture of the rod

Here is another picture. If you click on the picture, you can see a larger version: Display

All important facts at a glance

Here are the most important facts at a glance, briefly summarized for a better overview:

  • Brand: Shakespeare
  • Model: Agility Exp Fly 9Ft6 7
  • Size: 2,85 m
  • T-dimension: 0. 47 m
  • Parts: 7 pieces
  • Weight: 156 g

Conclusion about the fly rod test

The Shakespeare fly rod Agility EXP is a bit more expensive but the quality is convincing. If you are still looking for a fly rod that is superior to many other fly rods in terms of weight, action and casting characteristics, you will certainly have a lot of fun with this model. We can therefore definitely recommend it to others. Here is our graphic evaluation, which summarizes the essential points once again:

DAM Exquisite Fly G2 9Ft/4 #7

The AnzeigeDAM Exquisite FLY G2 is the second generation of the proven Exquisite fly rod series from DAM. Admittedly, it is slightly over 100 Euros, but it is definitely worth the money. We have chosen the 2.74 m version because it is an all-round length with which you can cover quite a lot of fish. This includes for example trout, grayling and even pike.  If you prefer a different length of course, you can also take another one. In total this model is available in the lengths 2.44 m, 2.59 m, 2.74 m, 2.90 m and 3.04 m.

For a length of 2.74 m it is very light with just 139 g. This of course also gives an immediate advantage during transport. If you put them apart, they are also very easy to transport with 73 cm. Not as perfect as the Shakespeare fly rod Agility EXP, but still handy. The DAM Exquisite Fly G2 only has 4 parts.

Last but not least the very light weight of this fly rod is also due to the material used. TC30 Carbon was used, which makes it very light. The carbon also contributes to the breaking resistance.  It is ringed with 10 SeaGuide snake guides which guarantee optimal line guidance. You can really feel how smooth the line glides over the rings.


Here another picture. If you click on the picture, you can see a larger image:

Short & concise fly rod test

Everything important summarized for you in the fly rod test:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Model: Exquisite Fly G2
  • Length: 2,74 m
  • Transport length: 73 cm
  • T-dimension: 0,73 m
  • Parts: 4 pieces
  • Weight: 139 g
  • Rings:  10 pieces
  • G2 (Generation 2)
  • Material: TC30 Carbon
  • ringing: SeaGuide snake guides
  • “Fighting Butt”
  • For safe transport a Cordura tube for the rod including

Conclusion on the fly rod test

The DAM Exquisite Fly G2 9Ft is a real Ferrari among the “cheaper” fly rods. High quality materials combined with a high degree of precision unite them to a real grenade when fly fishing. We can therefore recommend them to others.

Greys Fly Rod GR50 8′ #6

First of all one has to say about the display fly rod – Greys GR50 – 8 feet that it is well over 100 Euros. That is why we have not chosen it as the winner of the comparison. However, it is without doubt the best fly rod presented here. Why do we explain in the following.

With nearly 170 Euro it is really not cheap. But it convinces primarily by the high-quality processing and the excellent materials used in this rod. In addition, she looks very good with her anthracite-coloured ice-grey-olive matt blank.

All in all it can be assembled in 4 parts and has a total length of 2,44 m. For our taste a very good length for fly fishing. With her very good progressive action and the great power transmission she could convince all of us in the team completely. Even the smallest details like the reel seat with real root wood inlay distinguish a cheap product from this very high quality fly rod.

The official product picture

Click on the picture for an enlargement:


Here is the most important summary:

  • Brand: Greys
  • Length: 2,44 m
  • T-dimension 0,61 m
  • Parts: 4 pieces
  • Weight: 85 g


We are convinced that this fly rod is suitable for both beginners and advanced fly fishers in the same measure and due to the progressive action will fully convince every fly fisherman from the beginning. We can recommend this rod if you want to own something really high quality, enjoy fly fishing and simply want to treat yourself. Clear recommendation to buy if you are looking for the best fly rod.

Summary of the fly rod test

All in all, the AnzeigeShakespeare Agility EXP 9.6 feet has become the comparison winner due to its high quality and clean workmanship. It is also not quite as expensive and is suitable for beginners and advanced fly rods alike. But if you want to go one better, you should take a look at the AnzeigeGreys Fly Rod GR50 8′ #6.

We hope that we were able to help you a little with this fly rod test and wish you all the best in fly fishing for the future.

Peter safe and sound.

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