Fishing On The Neckar A Not So Easy River


Since I lived in Stuttgart for many years, the Neckar was my “home water” and I spent many hours at the beautiful river. In this article I would like to share my knowledge of how to fish and catch fish on the Neckar.

Table of contents Good fishing spots on the NeckarThese fishes can be caught in the NeckarVarying conditions of the fish stocksThe Neckar stretchesThe upper course of the Neckar

Good fishing spots on the Neckar

One thing in advance The Neckar is no matter where no easy water and you have to work for your fishes. But when you’ve got the hang of it, there’s always something going on. I hope this article will help me to shorten this time because my first times on the Neckar were not crowned with great success, but after a few times it looked better. The most important thing is to find the right fishing spots. This is not always easy, especially on densely populated sections of the Neckar, hot spots are often very busy. That’s why it’s recommended to choose the more uncomfortable fishing spots where not everybody takes the trouble to start a hide or cast some artificial bait.

You can catch these fish in the Neckar

The classic hot spots on the Neckar are where it is navigable, especially below weirs, where you can catch barbels, catfish and sometimes trout and chub. At night you can also catch eels there. On Zander it gets better the further you go down the river towards the Rhine. Inlets of streams and small rivers are of course also hot and good fishing spots. You can be successful there, especially in summer, for both predatory and game fish. The Neckar has a great variety of fish to offer and so even brown trout can swim alongside tench and pike. Besides very few bream, there are more and more roaches and arbours. With asp is to be counted on starting from the 9`er section in the 10`er these are still very rare. Even though even in Rottenburg a 2.47 catfish has been caught, they are more often found further down the river. Especially the stretch around Heilbronn is famous and popular with the catfish species.      On the idyllic upper reaches, salmonids such as grayling and brown and rainbow trout are of course most common.  There are some huge specimens of carp, which can be caught mainly in the dammed areas above weirs. Longer feeding is usually mandatory here to be successful.

For some years now the Black Sea Goby has also been fighting its way up the Neckar and can be found above the 10` section. Since then, with worm maggot and corn as bait, you have to do without bottom fishing or let the bait lift 20-30 cm from the bottom with a polystyrene ball. This is also one of the best methods for trout on the Neckar.

Fluctuating conditions of the fish stocks

As in all natural waters, the natural stock changes considerably due to different spawning conditions for the fish. Thus, in the last 10 years, no year on the Neckar has been like the other. In one year, the Lauben Brut gets through well and provides a richly set table for the predatory fish for the next years. Unfortunately, as in many waters in Germany, the cormorant has caused great damage almost everywhere, which is another factor for the constantly changing stocks.

The Neckar stretches

The navigable stretch stretches from Deizisau above Stuttgart to the mouth of the Rhine near Mannheim and is divided into 10 sections, for each of which annual tickets are also available for guest anglers. Small sections and oxbow lakes are mostly reserved for members of local fishing clubs. For Baden Württemberg conditions the tickets are quite cheap. Day tickets are also available for guest anglers at almost all fishing shops along the Neckar.

Numerically it starts from Deizisau with the 10`er section and ends with the 1`er and 0`er section near Mannheim.

The upper course of the Neckar

On the upper course, various fishing clubs are responsible for the routes and only issue guest tickets for very specific sections. The closer you get to the source, the more difficult it gets and there are some stretches in the upper reaches which are only open to fly fishermen.

By the way, there is a great forum where you can find many more tips and information about the Neckar. Fishing at the Neckar Forum, of which I am also a member.

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