Fishing On The Oder River Report And Tips


The Oder is a very fishy river with quite low fishing pressure. However, even here the fish do not jump into the landing net and you need good conditions to be really successful. I was on site for a week, spent my fishing holiday on the Oder and will tell you how I did. I have also collected all the important tips and tricks for the Oder.

First to the hard facts and further down you will find my report, which also contains some information,

Table of Contents Fishing permit for the OderFishing permits for the OderFishing permits for the OderSpecies of fish on the OderThe right lead head sizes for the OderThe best rubber fish colors on the OderFishing for pike-perch on the OderFishing for pike on the OderFishing for catfish on the OderReport this is how I’ve faredAlways good for a surpriseBuhnen so far the eye is enough – find the “good ones “On a tour of discoveryAlso for occasional anglers without a fishing licence and for the whole familyFrame

Fishing licence for the Oder

Fishing licences for the Oder are available at numerous sales points and in any case in every fishing shop along the Oder. The “Große Oderkarte” is currently available for fishing license holders for about 30 € and it is allowed to fish almost the entire German bank, as well as numerous oxbow lakes and polders. Night fishing is permitted with the card. More information and regulations are on the card.

Species of fish on the Oder

Clearly the Oder is in a state of flux, and so the river, which is becoming cleaner and cleaner, no longer suits the zander as it used to. Nevertheless, it is still possible to outwit it and a large number of other fish. If you take the many polders, oxbow lakes and other bodies of water in the immediate vicinity, you can outwit almost every freshwater fish that exists in Germany. Nevertheless, the most interesting sport fish for us anglers are clearly zander, catfish, pike and asp. Furthermore, the Oder is considered a very good burbot river and besides barbels and chub, there is also a good perch population. In the oxbow lakes there are also carp and especially many tench. You can also fish for roach and bream at other peaceful fish.

The right lead head sizes for the Oder

At normal levels lead heads of 14 to 20 grams are in demand. At low tide, as I have found, you can usually get to the bottom along the current edge with 10 gram jigs.

In general, the Oder is much more angler-friendly than the Rhine or the Elbe, and hangers are very limited in the sandy bottom. As long as you don’t pull fully into the stone edge at the groynes. For comparison: I only had 2 demolitions in 4 days of continuous fishing. Nearly all the smaller hangers were free snap.

The best rubber fish colors on the Oder

A look at the rubber fish assortments of the local traders says it all. Green and white (also pearl white) are very popular here. Of course you can also experiment and adapt to the weather conditions. Nevertheless, you won’t go wrong with these two colours.

Fishing for zander on the Oder

Even if the stock is declining, the Oder has traditionally been a good river for zander and it can always be worth a try. The zander here love green and white gums, just as written under gum fish colours. You are also welcome to mix both colours.

Good spots are usually the deeper groynes.    It is also worthwhile to look in which groynes there are a lot of small fish and to fish them more often or even to dare a hide.

Because of the good pike population it is always worth using a steel leader or even better a 60-80 cm long fluorocarbon leader from 0.65 mm upwards.

Fishing for pike on the Oder

The pike stock is on the rise and the beautiful predators are doing better and better in the clearer river. There is also no lack of natural spawning opportunities compared to many other waters.    The pike are easy to catch with slim bait fish and are more often a by-catch when jigging or lazing around for zander.

Pike are often found in the quieter areas in groyne shade. But if the Oder current is particularly weak, the pike stand directly

Fishing for catfish on the Oder

The Oder is probably one of the rivers in Germany with the best world population. At night you can hear the big predatory fish robbing at the groyne head and in the shallow water. A hide is worthwhile in any case, even if, as everywhere else, you first have to find suitable groynes. Have you found one and the thermometer shows over 15 °C ? Then you can start. But there are also species that only fish for catfish in winter and they do it successfully, because now only the big ones rob.

Report how it happened to me

I was fishing for a week on the Oder river, mainly for predatory fish and especially during the day I tried to catch zander with rubber fish. At night I either fished for catfish with a tangle worm bundle or went pike-perch stalking with the plugs. Unfortunately the water level was very low in October so far and the zander were generally bitchy. Actually I haven’t heard of a single catch. It’s quite possible that they got caught in the main current out of reach of us anglers.

I have seen and heard catfish, especially in the evening but also all night long, even at 10°C water temperature. Therefore I can confirm the really good catfish population in the Oder. Nevertheless none of these guys wanted to tell me about the

band. It was different with the pike, because they bit very well and were often close to the edge of the current at this low level. Most of the pike were taken as by-catch when fishing for pike-perch. That is why I always fished pike safe and used a thick fluorocarbon leader.

Always good for a surprise

As I have often read, the Oder is always good for a surprise, and so I found out that when I was lazing around on zander, a 43 cm perch was on the line, which is something to be very happy about. That the perch stock is also quite good can be seen in the many young perches, which hide at night between the stone packs. Nevertheless I would not have expected such a beautiful fish. So the Oder had a surprise for me.

Groynes as far as the eye can see – the “good” ones find

The Oder is completely full of groynes and not every groyne is the same. Strictly speaking, each groyne is unique and usually differs greatly from the neighbouring groynes. So it is also important to find the fish bringing good groynes, which for example have deep, washed out holes. As everywhere, good groynes are often located in the outer curve and have a strongly pronounced current edge.

On a discovery tour

At night when you don’t want to fish, because that’s how you scare off many fish, I have a few times when

a spot was fished off with the head lamp into the shallow water and marvel at the many small and young fish that seek cover from the predators between the stone cracks. Here you can also see the variety of species. Also many brook flea crabs and immigrated floating shrimps can be seen. Fish feeders are to be found in large numbers as well as the odd crab,

Also, if you just go fishing with the tipple or light pose rod and with maggots you can catch many different species and here you should be careful and you should recognize the difference between a young asp and a young bower. There are also young chubs and just like the asp, they are also very gentle on the Oder.

Also for occasional anglers without a fishing licence and for the whole family

In Brandenburg there is a peace fishing licence so that people without a fishing licence or fishing licence can also go fishing. As the name says, it is only allowed to go fishing for fish and with a few further restrictions.

You can do not only fishing around the Oder, but also many other activities. Cycling along the Oder dikes or other water sports such as kayaking are very popular.


Also on the Oder you have to find fish first and not every fish is always so easy to catch. However, as a tailor you rarely have to go home and a good catch is always possible.

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