Braided Fishing Line Review & Comparison: 6 Cheap Lines Reviewed


In the braided fishing line test we present you 6 cheap models.

Unlike monofilament fishing lines, braided fishing lines are multi-filament. That means they consist of a multitude of fibres that are braided together. The materials from which the lines are made are often Dyneema, Spectra or Kevlar.

All three materials have the property that they cannot rot easily. Nevertheless they have a high potential to absorb water. However, this means that there is a risk that they will freeze in winter. However, there are also a few high-quality braided materials that can absorb little or no water. Furthermore, braided fishing lines are in most cases not stretchable. Nevertheless, many anglers like to use them again and again.

They have a very high load capacity with a very small line thickness. Braided fishing lines also have a long life span, which is mainly due to the constant thickness. In relation to the load capacity a braided line is also relatively thin. You can also feel a bite much more clearly because it has a very low stretch. Furthermore, they are particularly suitable for waters with water plants such as water lilies or herbs. Because under tension they glide through the water and the plants like a saw. This is why the angler can use it to get to places where he would not normally use a bait.

We have tested 6 different fishing lines with different characteristics for you. How they have been cut, you will find out in the following. For a better overview we have also prepared an overview table for you.

Note: From time to time it can happen that selected braided fishing lines are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous alternative braided fishing lines on this overview page.

Overview of the different braided fishing lines

Here is our table with all the important features at a glance:

How did we test the fishing lines?

Short and sweet: On the water. What good is a braided fishing line test that is carried out with machines to measure the pulling power? Such scenarios are usually scientifically correct, but in our experience they can prove to be quite different when you drill with a 6 kg pike. Therefore we would like to describe our experiences with the braided lines in the following.

So we believe that with the help of the facts (carrying capacity, line thickness etc.) and with our experience you can allow yourself the best judgement. That’s why we don’t want to beat about the bush and start with the first product report. Have fun with it.

Stork 4-ply 18.1 kg load capacity

The first thing we would like to do in the braided fishing line test is to introduce you to a 4-ply braided fishing line from Stork. The AnzeigeStork HD is suitable for use in both fresh and salt water. We have received it in red with a line thickness of 0.29 mm. After that we first wound it on a pike rod for pike fishing.

In contrast to many cheap lines this braid looks very round and this throughout the whole line length. In addition, it is relatively thin because it is “only” 4-plait braided. Many lines are often thicker for the same load capacity. Here you can easily see how tight and compact it has been laced.

On the water it made a good impression on us. It stretches almost not at all with a bite. It is rigid and relatively inflexible. Exactly as one would expect from a braided fishing line.

Illustration of the fishing line

Here is a picture of the braided line:

All the facts at a glance

A short summary of the most important facts for you

  • Brand: Stork
  • Colour: red
  • Length: 600 m
  • Carrying capacity: 40 lbs / 18. 1 kg
  • Cord thickness: 0.29 mm
  • Price: approx. 30 Euro

Our conclusion

All in all you can fish for pike with her very well. It is thin and is also very easy to wind up. In any case, we think it has proved itself very well in the water. Also when we drill it makes a high quality impression on us. With 30 Euro it is also relatively cheap.  Altogether one gets 600 m of fishing line delivered relatively quickly to one’s home. All in all a product that we can recommend.

Freefisher 8-plait braided fishing line

The 8-plait braided fishing line from Freefisher is a comparatively expensive fishing line at around 60 Euros. However, it also has the highest load capacity. In total you can trunk 68 kg with it. So it is ideal for catfish fishing. We can recommend it for example in combination with the Penn Spinfisher 950Ssm and the Cormoran Big Cat Ultra Lifter. Both the reel and the rod are ideal for catfish fishing. But back to the line.

When we unpacked the line we first noticed a rather intense smell. It smelled strongly of solvents. But fortunately this smell disappeared almost completely after a few days in the fresh air or at the fishing shed. Of course we spooled it up right after that. That went relatively problem-free. It has a high sliding ability and can be rolled up and unrolled very easily (despite its thickness).

With a thickness of 0.7 mm it really can withstand the most extreme conditions. She could easily withstand the weight of my girlfriend. For whom the 1000 m version is too much, can also order with 300 m.  We have used it in currents as well as in normal flowing waters. In both waters it has proved itself completely.

Picture of fishing line

Here is a picture of the braided line:

The most important facts for you from the braided fishing line test

  • Brand: Freefisher
  • Colour: Grey
  • Length: 1000 m
  • Load capacity: 68kg
  • Line thickness: 0,7 mm
  • Price: approx. 60 Euro

Our conclusion

All in all the Freefisher in the 8-plait version, with a line thickness of 0.7 mm, is more than sufficient for the bigger fish. We had a 20 kg catfish on the line with her. Especially during the drill she proved herself very well. Even if it smells strongly of solvents in the beginning, it has also proved to be very useful when casting and hauling in the line.

But you have to pay about 60 Euro for the 1000 m. This is not very cheap in our opinion. But if you are looking for capital catfish, you will not get around this braided fishing line. Here is our graphic evaluation:

Stork 4-fold 9.1 kg load capacity

The AnzeigeStork HD with a line thickness of 0.19 mm has a load capacity of 9.1 kg and is therefore only half as strong as the first braided fishing line presented here. It is also approx. 0.1 mm thinner, which of course has a positive effect on the overall line capacity. Especially with regard to distance casts on smaller stationary reels, you have a few extra meters and a little more room for maneuver.

This version also feels very good. Compared to other lines with the same load capacity it is extremely thin. Moreover, it can be wound up without any problems.  Even at a price of just under 28 euros, you can’t really complain about 600 metres of fishing line.

What we also liked very much in the braided fishing line test is the fact that we tested it in salt water (i.e. on the North Sea).  It absorbed almost no water. This is mainly due to the good impregnation. This also ensures that it is additionally protected from stones and branches. Especially when fishing in unfamiliar waters, you don’t have to be constantly afraid that the line will break. You can feel the seal when you pick up the line. It feels slightly waxy in the braided fishing line test.


Here is a picture of the braided line:

Summary of the braided fishing line test

  • Brand: Stork
  • Colour: Red
  • Length: 600 m
  • Load capacity: 9,1 kg
  • Line thickness: 0,19 mm
  • Price: approx. 28 Euro

Our conclusion

All in all, this version of Stork is ideally suited for smaller target fish. The two lines are not very different in price. We really recommend choosing the line according to the expected target fish. If you expect a slightly larger fish, e.g. pike, then you should use the thicker line if necessary. Or just read on 😉

Skysper® Fishing Line 100%PE

Next we would like to introduce the Skysper® Fishing Line. This is a braided fishing line that can be used in salt water as well as in fresh water. It is quite flexible in this respect.  We were positively impressed by the fact that the Skysper® Fishing Line had almost no smell of solvents or similar. It smells almost neutral. Very pleasant as we find.

Furthermore, it is delivered with a total length of approx. 1000 m. For other braided lines with identical characteristics you often pay the same, but only get about half the total length. Here the manufacturer offers an incredible amount for a relatively small price. Even after more frequent hooks we have noticed almost no abrasion on the line.

What we also like is the high load capacity of almost 27 kg. With this you can easily get into the herb without having to be afraid that the string will break. This is exactly what happened to us while fishing for carp. The carp escaped with the line into the weed. We had almost given up hope until we were able to pull the carp including the weed out of the water. Also at the sea where there are mussel beds this line is very nice. It does not break at all. On the contrary: It literally cuts through the algae and the herb.


Here is another picture of the braids:

The most important facts

Here are the most important facts about the braided fishing line test for you in the overview:

  • Brand: Skysper® Fishing Line
  • Colour: White
  • Length: 1000 m
  • Load capacity: 27 kg
  • Line thickness: 0,4 mm
  • Price: approx. 30 Euro

Our conclusion about the braided fishing line Test

All in all it made a very good impression on us. Especially because it has a high load capacity and does not break quickly. We also liked the fact that you get a relatively large amount of line (just under 1 km) for an unbeatable price. Here every angler’s heart will beat faster if he is into capital carp or the like. We can therefore recommend this line to all those whose goals are a bit bigger.

Stork 8-plait braided premium fishing line 600m

In the following we would like to introduce the last fishing line from Stork. This is a Anzeige8-fold braided fishing line. 8-fold means that 8 fibre strands have been braided together and thus provide a special stability and tear resistance.

In contrast to the other products presented, this fishing line seems very soft to us. Therefore it can be cast much more elegantly. We also had the feeling that this characteristic has a positive effect on the casting distance. Sometimes it has already happened that they have formed loops in the cast with inferior quality braided fishing lines. This has often caused line twist. Fortunately, this was not the case with Stork’s 8-plait braided fishing line.

Especially with SiC rod rings, it glides very quietly and smoothly. Almost as if it were not there at all. This makes it incredibly sensitive to the moment of a bite due to its additional strength. You feel immediately when a capital trout or a capital carp has bitten. So you can react immediately. And then the drill can start. 🙂


Here you find a picture of the braided fishing line:

The most important facts

Here you find the most important facts in the overview:

  • Brand: Stork
  • Colour: Grey
  • Length: 600 m
  • Load capacity: 18,1 kg
  • Line thickness: 0,28 mm
  • Price: approx. 50 Euro

Our conclusion

We can recommend this braided fishing line without reservation. Not only does it have a high load capacity, it is also very supple when casting. Furthermore, we think that the price/performance ratio is absolutely right. Here the word “Premium” is definitely the program.

WFT Round Dynamix 1000m braided fishing line

As the last in the test we would like to introduce the AnzeigeWFT Round Dynamix.  Here you get a lot of line for your money. All in all you get 1000m braided fishing line for just under 60 Euro. In contrast to the Stork fishing lines this one is really a bit thicker. This makes it look a bit “clumpier” in direct comparison. Nevertheless, it has a load capacity of 32 kg and is therefore perfectly suitable for more capital fish. Admittedly, at just under 60 euros it is also somewhat more expensive. But in our opinion it looks quite good.

The area of application ranges from fresh water to salt water. It can be used for both types of water without any problems. We have used it at a larger lake in the north of Germany and have not regretted the purchase. We were able to land 2 big pike with her. It is not only suitable for predatory fishing but also for heavier sea fishing. We also like the fact that it has a relatively striking colour. The colour yellow gives it a very good recognition value, even when it’s already getting dark and the sun is slowly disappearing behind the lake.

If you want to try your hand at more capital fish, the WFT Round Dynamix is the right choice. Even as a fishing beginner you can’t do much wrong with it.

Picture of the braided fishing line

Here is another picture of the fishing line:

Short summary

All the facts from the braided fishing line test at a glance:

  • Brand: WFT
  • Colour: yellow
  • Length: 1000 m
  • Load capacity: 32 kg
  • Line thickness: 0,35 mm
  • Price: approx. 60 Euro

Our conclusion on the braided fishing line Test

All in all, this gelfoched fishing line is the ideal beginner’s line when it comes to predatory fishing. It is a bit more expensive, but it has a good price/performance ratio. The WFT Round Dynamix has also proved itself for us on the coast. Once you have ordered the 1000 m, you won’t need a new one any more. We can therefore recommend it to others.

Closing words to the braided fishing line test

We hope that our small product report about braided fishing lines could help you a little bit to find the right fishing line for you. If you haven’t found the right line yet, we can also recommend the following display link. Here you will find a large number of selected braided lines.

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