Carp Chair Review & Comparison: 5 Carp Chairs For Under $130


Here you will find the big carp chair test. We have tested 5 different carp chairs for less than 130 Euro and rated them accordingly.

How did we proceed with the carp chair test?

First of all we tested the respective carp chair for comfort and convenience. We took it to the lake and tested it for several hours. We asked ourselves the following questions: Which elements are still expandable?

What provides the necessary stability for the fishing chair? Where are the weak points? How comfortable is the chair when you spend up to 8 hours in it? All these experiences are values that we have included in our evaluation.

At the end of the test we were able to collect everything and visualize a detailed evaluation. This can be found at the end of the corresponding carp chair test. This gives you a rough summary of all the important characteristics of the chair.

Which carp chairs were tested?

Below is a list of the carp chairs we have tested:

  • Nash Indulgence Daddy Long Legs Chair
  • Anaconda Carp Chair I Carp Chair
  • DAM luxury folding chair with arms Chair 130Kg
  • ANACONDA Slumber Chair II Carp Chair

When selecting the Carp Chairs it was important to us that they are branded products where we have had good experience with other products of the same brand in the past. But now to the evaluations. By the way: Please turn off your adblocker so that you can see all pictures.

If you cannot find what you are looking for here, you will find a large selection of carp chairs under the following link. The offer is really extensive.

Nash Indulgence Daddy Long Legs Chair

The AnzeigeNash Indulgence Daddy Long Legs Chair is actually the most expensive carp chair in our test series. It can be purchased for a little under 130 Euro. Why it is so expensive, and what special features it has, you can find out in the following. Already at the first test sitting we found out that this carp chair is really comfortable.

It has many good features. Among other things it is very stable and does not wobble. When the chair stands, it stands. Whether on asphalt, concrete, muddy shore or a meadow. These are swivel mud feet that can easily adapt to almost any surface. Furthermore, it has a comfortable seat height.

We ourselves are between 1,83m and 1,96m tall and everyone could find a comfortable place in the chair. In addition, the seat height can also be varied. Thus the seat height is adjustable between 40 and 58 cm. Also the cover looks very high quality when touched. You feel that immediately.

Illustration of the fishing chair

Following an illustration of the carp chair:

  • Summary Material: Aluminium , Seat height adjustable: from approx. 40 to 58 cm , Length of backrest: approx. 65 cm , Width without table: approx. 63 cm , Table: 18 x 40 cm , Weight: 8,4kg , Colour: olive , Length: 180,00 , Width: 71cm , Leg length: 40-60 cmcm , Transport dimensions: 80 x63 x 21 cm Conclusion on the Nash Indulgence Daddy Long Legs Chair The Nash Indulgence Daddy Long Legs Chair Carp chair is not without reason one of the high-end carp chairs on the market. High quality workmanship, stable design, first class aluminium frame and a weight of only 8,2kg. If you have a little more money at your disposal, you will certainly not go wrong with this model. DAM CARP SUPPORT CHAIR WITH ARMS LIGHT In the following we would like to take a closer look at the DAM CARP SUPPORT CHAIR WITH ARMS LIGHT. This fishing chair from DAM convinces by its chic design alone. Just as you would expect from DAM. A positive feature is that it is incredibly light and easy to fold. Also the transport of this carp chair is very comfortable. Especially since it weighs only 5,2kg. This fishing chair can also be adapted to almost any surface without any problems. Picture of the carp chair: Summary:
  • light fishing chair
  • with armrest
  • simple to fold
  • Material: 100% 600D-Nylon / PVC
  • stable steel frame
  • Dimensions for transport: 48 x 55 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 5,2 kg.


Unfortunately the backrest is not completely adjustable. Especially if you are very tall, this could become a problem. Nevertheless, the DAM CARPENSTUHL WITH ARMS LIGHT is comfortable and fulfils all the characteristics that a fishing chair should have. Furthermore it is very robust. Especially if you are a bit heavier (>85kg) it can easily withstand the load.

If you don’t have so much money at your disposal or don’t want to spend so much, this model is definitely a good choice. Especially as it is the cheapest chair in our carp chair test.

The chair is also available at the fishing spot. Just have a look.

Anaconda Carp Chair I Carp chair

The Anaconda Carp Chair I Carp chair is suitable for anglers who need more space. This carp chair is very wide and therefore suitable for wider people. For many people it is even a substitute for the carp chair.

It is so spacious that you can even sleep on it if you want. With 8.3 kg it is also one of the lighter carp chairs in its class. We had tried this chair on a meadow directly on the shore. It stands there really very well and hardly wobbles at all.

Unevenness can be easily compensated with the adjustable feet. It is also very successful in terms of design. This is how you imagine a typical fishing chair.

What might be disturbing for many is that this carp chair does not have armrests. But it is wide enough to put your arms down on the seat if necessary.

Picture of the carp chair


  • Backrest (imitation leather): Alcantara, high backrest: 50 x 60cm
  • Seat height adjustable from about 35 – 53cm, seat: about 50 x 50cm
  • Locking device for aluminium legs, padded head and kidney area
  • Transport dimensions: 75 x 62 x 15cm, extra wide mud feet, weight: 6,3kg
  • continuously adjustable legs, made of 600 D Polyester/ Alcantara


The Anaconda Carp Chair I Carp chair is a versatile chair designed for fishing. And you can feel that. At the latest when you have sat in this chair for the first time. It is very comfortable and offers a lot of space, also for wider people.

It is also very stable and robust. Actually exactly the qualities you should expect from a fishing chair.  If you don’t care about armrests, you can definitely go for this model.

DAM Luxury carp chair with armrests

The AnzeigeDAM Luxury folding chair with armrests Chair 130Kg is especially suitable for heavy persons. Also anglers who weigh more than 130kg will have no problem with this carp chair. It is extremely stable.

I also felt this as soon as I sat down. There is nothing wobbling. The feet can also be adjusted to any surface without any problems. Because they are infinitely adjustable, you can even sit on uneven surfaces without any problems. It is also very comfortable and gentle on the back. The backrest is sufficiently upholstered and gives you the necessary support.

Picture of the carp chair


  • Dimensions: 70 cm x 60 cm x 80 cm
  • Transport dimensions: 85 cm x 60 cm x 22 cm
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Can be loaded up to 130 kg
  • with comfortable armrests which can be adjusted
  • Anti-slip feet with knobs
  • Feet are continuously adjustable
  • Stable chair frame made of light metal

Conclusion on the DAM Luxury Carp Chair with armrests

The DAM Luxury Carp Chair with armrests is in the middle price segment in our Carp Chair Test. The advantage of this chair is obvious. It is extremely stable and can therefore also be used by heavy persons without any problems.

The light metal also makes for comfortable transport, as at 8kg it is not really heavy. Another advantage is that the armrests can also be adjusted comfortably. We can definitely recommend this fishing chair even though it could be a bit lighter.

If you are seriously interested in this chair, you should definitely compare and view it in the shop.

ANACONDA Slumber Chair II Carp Chair

Already when you sit down in the ANACONDA Slumber Chair II Carp Chair you feel the comfort. It has a sewn-in neoprene head cushion. Even after a longer session while fishing I could not feel any neck pain (which I get very often).

With 5,9kg it is also one of the lighter carp chairs. It owes its light weight to the aluminium frame. Unfortunately it has no armrests, but there is enough space to the right and left.

The seat can be adjusted without any problems. Especially if you are a bit taller, like us, this is a very interesting additional option. In addition, it can be easily adapted to any surface.

Picture of the fishing chair

Below is a picture: Display


  • Sewn-in neoprene head cushion
  • Aluminium frame
  • Cover: 600D polyester with water-repellent PVC coating
  • Seat height: continuously adjustable from 33-46 cm
  • Seat surface: approx 64 cm x 66 cm
  • Backrest: approx 69 cm x 75 cm
  • Transport dimensions: 81 cm x 70 cm x 19 cm
  • Transport weight: 5,9 Kg

Conclusion ANACONDA Slumber Chair II Carp Chair

All in all the ANACONDA Slumber Chair II Fishing Chair is a very comfortable chair for fishing. Not least because of the built-in pillow. Although it is in the upper price range, it is definitely worth the money. We can definitely recommend it for fishing 100%. Not least because it has performed best in our carp chair test. Following is the graphical evaluation.

Not found in the carp chair test?

If you did not find what you were looking for in the Carp chair test, you will find a large selection of carp chairs under the following link.  Just have a look.

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