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Unhooking mat test 2020

The best unhooking mats for fishing in the test

A unhooking mat helps to unhook fish gently without harming the fish. Especially when fishing for carp, for example, it is easier to unhook the fish, measure it and then put it back into the water.

Even if you would like to take a photo of your catch, you can position the fish so gently without having to do this in the landing net or even another surface.

Tested unhooking mats at a glance

Zeck Fishing – Predator Mat

View on AmazonThe Predator Mat unhooking mat from Zeck convinces with its very low weight of 220g. With 2 small hooks on the outside it can be attached quickly and easily to the backpack and taken along. Due to the low weight and the comparatively small pack size it is hardly noticeable and therefore ideal to take with you. Due to the scale on the inside even big predators with a maximum of 105cm can be measured comfortably before they find their way back into the water. The Predator Mat is very well made, all seams are neatly sewn and the mat makes a very high-quality overall impression. From me therefore in any case a purchase recommendation for the Predator Mat.

Popular unhooking mats

Important characteristics of a good unhooking mat


One of the most important criteria is certainly the weight. Certainly this is much more important for e.g. predatory fish anglers, as often less tackle is taken and the angler has to be a bit more mobile.  In carp fishing, on the other hand, the repertoire of tackles is often much larger, so that the unhooking mat does not have to be constantly packed up and carried from one fishing spot to the next.

Nevertheless, the following applies of course: the easier, the better.

Compactness / size

Another relevant point: The size of the unhooking mat. Here it looks similar to the weight. Of course, the size of the unhooking mat also depends to a large extent on the target fish, as it requires a much larger mat for a capital carp than for a medium-sized zander.

Measuring tape

A practical feature is a “built-in” measuring tape, with which the fish can be measured directly on the unhooking mat. The measuring tape is of course not built in directly, but is usually simply printed on the mat. This has the advantage that you do not have to take several pieces of equipment with you and the fish can be inspected much faster and easier on the mat and put back into the water.

Weighing fish

Especially with capital fishes the weight is interesting besides the size. However, these cannot simply be placed on a cradle, so a good unhooking mat is essential if you want to know the weight of your catch.

For this purpose the unhooking mat is hung on two handles on a scale and the fish is weighed. If this is relevant for you, you should make sure that you buy a hook-off mat that also functions as a weighing bag.

Material / Processing

As the unhooking mat has a lot of contact with the ground and the fish during use and is constantly wet, the material and processing should be durable. This includes a tear-resistant material, a water-repellent coating and a clean finish, for example on the seams and risers.

Some unhooking mats are also padded, which makes unhooking even gentler. Especially on stony ground, such an unhooking mat is more suitable than a thin unhooking tape measure.

Using the unhooking mat correctly

In principle, a unhooking mat is very easy to use. You put the fish on the mat and that’s it. But wait, there is one important rule: the mat should always be wet. This applies without exception to all unhooking mats, no matter what material they are made of.

If the unhooking mat is used dry, it can very quickly damage the sensitive mucous membrane of the fish and cause a fungal infection, for example. This is also the reason why fish should only be handled wet and never with dry hands.

Clean the unhooking mat correctly

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