Fishing Equipment: Guide & Review


Fishing equipment

Check-off mat The best check-off mats for fishing in the test A check-off mat helps to gently check off fish without harming the fish.
Fishing gloves The best gloves for fishing in the test Especially now when fishing in winter they are especially important: suitable fishing gloves. Fingers are quickly frozen through and need to be warmed up.
Fishing hooks Fishing hooks Before every fishing venture, you need to choose the right hook. At first glance this seems to be an insurmountable hurdle, especially for newcomers to fishing. The hook often has to withstand enormous forces and should therefore be chosen with appropriate care.
Fishing knife Every angler will soon find out that a suitable fishing knife is a must in the tackle box. Such a knife is usually used for all kinds of purposes.
Hook sharpener Especially when fishing on groynes you know it. After a few casts and a lot of contact with the piled up stones, the fishing hook on the jigging head is blunt.
Fishing backpack The best backpacks for fishing in the test If you want to go fishing, you have to have some equipment with you. Lure, line, hook, pliers and other equipment.
Fishing Rods Fishing rods The next fishing trip is coming up and a suitable fishing rod still has to be chosen? In order to catch target fish successfully, it must be the right fishing rod with the right fishing accessories. In fact, the confusing variety of different fishing rods often makes it difficult to explain the differences in purpose and use.
Fishing Net Fishing Net: The best landing net for fishing for days on end and the weekend off. The weather is perfect and the fish bite as if they had agreed to give you the best fishing weekend of your life.
Multireel / Baitcastrolle Multireel / Baitcastrolle Multireels are on the rise – at least if you believe the sales figures. But what is actually behind these trendy looking rolls? In the German-speaking world, multi-reels are the large, round models that are particularly familiar from saltwater fishing.
Jigheads & Jig hooks If you fish for predators with softbait lures, the jighead is certainly a household name. However, there are now countless forms, some of which only differ in nuances. So it is often not clear which is the best shape and size for the respective purpose.
Spinning Reel / Stationary Reel Spinning Reel / Stationary Reel When fishing in domestic freshwater waters, a rough distinction can be made between three different variations. Fly fishing requires special equipment and techniques. At first glance, however, the two other types of fishing – spinning and site-fishing – could be regarded as one group.
Additional Triplet, Fear Hook & Stinger Fear Hook, also called Stinger, is an additional triplet that is attached to the lure with a short line. This makes sense especially when fishing for predatory fish with rubber bait to hook sharp biting fish that would otherwise not get caught.

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