Fishing In Spring: Target Fish And The Best Fishing Spots


In spring, all of nature comes to life and with it our fish in rivers, lakes and ponds. The metabolism of the equally warm animals increases due to the rising temperatures and also the winter rotten fish start to eat.

Table of Contents These fish bite in spring from March to MayHot spots in spring – here fishing is worthwhileThe magical temperature limitWith bio-indicators to successAt the pre-alpine lakesSummarized

These fish bite in spring from March to May

Clearly the fish that still bite in winter still bite well now. From March onwards the trout protection period is finally over in many federal states and you can fish for brown and rainbow trout. On the first of May or at least on the 15th of May is a holiday for many anglers, because then the pike is open in many federal states and pike often bite very well after the spawning season. Especially with artificial bait you can now search for pike and experience real magic moments on the water. Exactly the same as the already mentioned trout, the chub is of course also on the way with breakfast meat at the bottom or drifting pose, as described in this article >> one often comes quickly to success. For spring fishing for all white fish I prefer rather small baits and still feed very sparingly. Also for eel 2-3 maggots or 1-2 manure worms are now the right bait.

Fish that are particularly active in spring:

  • Trout
  • Chub
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • White fish
  • Carp

To see which fish bite particularly well in which month I advise you to read the following article. There you will also find a big table:

Biting times – the whole year on the fish

Hot spots in spring – here it is worth fishing

Clearly the fish are still looking for the warmest areas in the water and these are often shallow and calm areas thanks to the increasing sunlight. It is therefore important to seek them out and to fish from a certain distance, because the fish can be very shy. Often these are places right next to the shore in 30-50 cm deep water! Just today I saw a shoal of unbelievable 30 chubs with about 25-30 cm on a very shallow sandbank and also the carp were basking in the shallow water at the lake.

These places are especially good in spring:

  • The inside of outer curves in the river
  • Shallow water areas
  • Sandbanks
  • Right on the shore

The magic temperature limit

To make it short: from 8 °C the magic temperature is reached, at which all fish start to eat again slowly the first eels start to search for food in the shallow water at night and also the previously very inactive carp start to search for food slowly.

From 10-12 °C on it really starts and our fish are much more active again. So if you are planning a raised hide, it would be a good idea to go to the water with the thermometer in your luggage and measure it there.

With bio-indicators to success

Bio-indicators are biological indicators, in this case for example plants that flower when the temperatures are warm enough. If you now remember which plants start to flower or how far they have developed when the target fish species bites, then you can easily do this next year and wait for the plant species to flower.

Of course, fish are a little better at recreating the conditions under water. Whitefish are often relatively easy to catch and when they really get going, other fish species bite better again.

At the pre-alpine lakes

At the big pre-alpine lakes everything always shifts a little bit backwards. This is because it takes a while for them to warm up and for the fish to become active. But from the shore, when the magical temperature limits are reached at night, you can also succeed here on eel and zander. The perch usually finish spawning when the chestnuts are in bloom, which is usually around 15 May. Then they can also be caught again from the shore in Lake Constance.


  • From 8 °C you can dare to sit on a perch 10 °C are better
  • Look for shallow spots from 40 to 80 cm
  • Plants that flower can tell us when it’s time to start
  • Small portions and bait are top of the list

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