Fishing In Weedy Waters Tips And Fishing Practice


Herb – this is how aquatic plants are often called by anglers are both a curse and a blessing. So it can be a lot of trouble if 2 kg of the unpopular green is hanging on the hook again immediately after casting.    But often you have no choice and have to fish in the herb because the lake is completely weedy or because the fish are standing there.    Pike, carp and tench love herb and water lily fields. They offer them hiding places and thus protection from predators, and the fish also find plenty of spawning grounds and food here

Table of Contents How to fish best in coved watersWhere to fish in the herb?fishing with natural bait in the herb?fishing with artificial bait in the herbDrill in the herbFishing tackle for fishing in the herbWhat to do about coved waters Measures

How to fish best in coved waters

There are many fishing methods to be successful in haulm, but there are some special ones to minimize the dangers such as line breakage and hanging.    Above all, however, to prevent the herb on the hook.

Where to fish in the haulm?

It’s often a good idea to fish at the edge of the haulm field or in haulm clearings, these are popular with all fish and even predators like pike focus their attention on such clearings to ambush their prey.

You can, if allowed, make such a clearing yourself with the help of a rake. To do so, tie the rake firmly to a string and throw it as far as possible into the water. This way you can also create a feeding place at the same time, because the churned up ground is guaranteed to attract the fish in the next hours. But make sure that this procedure is also allowed.

Fishing with natural bait in the herb

All normal natural bait can also be caught in the herb, whether bait fish, worms, dough and boilies. The only thing that might change here is the bait presentation.

In clearings or at the edge pose montages are especially suitable, also to prevent the lead or bait from sinking into the mud which is often under the herb fields.

Water lily fields or particularly tall water plant fields offer a particularly exciting possibility. There a mounting with water ball and floating bread on carp is very effective in summer. It is very important to hide the hook well and be as inconspicuous and quiet as possible.

Carps see the hook and line from below very precisely when they look against the light and react accordingly cautiously. The assembly can be very simple: braided main line with water ball, stopper bead, swivel and leader with 6`er to 1`er hook.

The leader should always be a little thicker in the herb, especially when bigger fish are expected.    Normally I never fish below 0,25 mm, mostly even above it when I offer my bait in the haulm.

Fishing with artificial bait in the herb

As there are many fish in the herb, this also attracts predators. Last but not least, pike will also find a good shelter for robbery.

As frogs also like water lily fields many pike have also adapted to this food. Therefore surface lures such as frogs or weedless mounted softjerks are very good lures. Frog baits are becoming more and more popular and are usually equipped with herb protection hooks. Other lures for spin fishing in weeds are of course spoons with weed protection, but these are less suitable for really fishing directly in the weed field. Fishing with surface lures is particularly exciting and thrilling, as bites are directly visible and come very explosively. Then adrenalin is guaranteed! At the edge of the aquatic plants, any other artificial lure can be used if the casting angle is right. But make sure that behind the water lilies, for example, there are usually other water plants that are not visible on the water surface.

Chris Tip: The best way to spin-fish in the herb is to use a leader as long as possible with a carabiner in front of it and a no knot (knotless connector). The result is that water plants and herb collected by the line during spin fishing will stick to it and will not slide up to the bait, making it unattractive. This is also a useful tip for trolling.

Drill in haulm

Im Kraut should be drilled much more uncompromisingly and with a fairly tight brake. Ideally the fish has bitten at the edge of the herb and there is no herb between you and the fish. Then you can open the brake a bit after a few meters of line. But if the fish pulls towards the weed again you have to drill more uncompromisingly.

If there is a lot of weed between you and the fish you have to put a lot of pressure on the fish.

The landing can sometimes be especially critical with a lot of weed. Before fishing, it is always a good idea to think about how you want to land the fish.

Fishing tackle for fishing in haulm

The line should always be a little stronger, instead of a 0.30` monofilament fishing line for pike or carp fishing, 0.35 mm or even 0.40 mm is more appropriate. But braided lines are best, because they cut through the herb better than monofilament lines. A steel leader also fulfils this purpose

The rod and reel should also be somewhat stronger and should be one size bigger and more stable. If the line has collected a lot of weed this can mean a lot of water resistance and weight on the rod.

What to do about weedy water: Measures

Strong water plants growing is annoying when fishing, but it’s usually good for the fish and the water quality. Higher plants prevent the uptake of nutrients by the algae and algae blooms occur, which during the day lead to a lot of oxygen in the water, but at night they consume the oxygen. In extreme cases this can result in the death of fish. The nutrient absorption also ensures better water parameters, less phosphorus and nitrate in the water.

Another advantage of aquatic plants is that they serve as hiding places for young fish, while many fish species depend on aquatic plants as spawning substrate. It should therefore be carefully considered whether it is really useful and in the interest of fishing to remove water plants. Grass carp stocking is not a solution to the problem. Although the fish can mow the lake very efficiently, they leave a lot of undigested food in the water, which promotes algae blooms.

There are several ways to prevent strong weed growth.

  • One biological option is tench. These fish, which are extremely dabbling in water, can cause turbidity in the water by their activity alone and deprive the plants of light. A stocking of tench as well as a year-round closed season for this species of fish can therefore be sensible.
  • Shadow falling on the water through trees also takes the light away from the aquatic plants and can reduce growth somewhat.
  • Reduce the amount of nutrients in the water. This is one of the most difficult but certainly a very effective way to get waters weed-free or low in weed. Look at the inflows and their nutrient content. Are there fields nearby through which fertilizers, liquid and solid manure are released into the water?
  • If nothing helps, a mechanical removal is possible. With special underwater mowing equipment the plants are then mowed.

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