Fishing In The Rain A Journey Worth Taking


Regen is the second longest river in the Upper Palatinate. It is fed by the black and the white rain. At Pulling both watercourses flow together. From then on the watercourse is called only rain.

At the level of the district town Cham is one of the sections with the most fish. Gravelly and sandy is the bottom. Various weirs with slow-flowing sections as well as areas with strong currents make the rain attractive for every angler.

At home here is the Cham fishing club. Its waterway borders extend from Chamerau to Loibling. In total, there are about 15 km for club members to fish in the rain alone. As a guest angler you can choose between a day ticket for the fly course or for the rest of the Chamer waters. There are also 3 other larger lakes.

Table of contents Pike and catfish are at home hereCarp anglers get their money’s worthFly fishing for trout and barbelThe necessary equipment from the fishing shop and day tickets

Pike and catfish are at home here

Pike, catfish and pike-perch find ideal conditions. Fast flowing noise alternates with slow flowing areas. Sweeping water and deep pools with water lilies at the edges offer optimal retreat areas for roach and tench. Pike and waller find best hunting conditions here. Armed with poppers or rubber fish you don’t have to wait long to get one of the sought-after hunters on the line.

Pike with over one meter are not uncommon here. Wallers with a length of 1.80 metres and more are also regularly caught, although you should bring the necessary seat meat when fishing for wallers.

Carp anglers get their money’s worth

If you like to fish for carp, you will certainly get your money’s worth. River carps are once again a completely different number than carps that have grown up in the lake. Strong and persistent, scaled or mirror carps offer a unique drill. Some capital carps with 30 and 40 pounds have already been caught in the rain.

Fly fishing for trout and barbel

If you want to experience a special kind of drill, you should hunt for trout and barbel with a fly rod. In the upper part of the water we have created a special area for fly-fishing. By regularly washing the gravel, trout and barbel can be brought back to spawn. Capital catches of barbel with a length of one meter are no longer a rarity.

The necessary equipment from the fishing shop and day tickets

If you have any questions about the waters or need special tips or tricks, the local fishing shop has the answers. You can also get the necessary guest tickets there.

The owner Franz Fischer is not only a passionate catfish angler himself, but also knows the perfect pike locations and is happy to reveal a few tricks to be successful in carp or spin fishing. Here you can also find out where the hotspots for carp anglers are in the rain.

Here you can get suitable bait for catfish and pike as well as boillies and tigernuts for feeding. You will also be perfectly advised on the necessary equipment.

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