Match Rod Review: 6 Rods Under $100 Reviewed & Comparison


In the match rod test 6 rods under 100 Euro in comparison.  A match rod is often also called a fighting rod or fighting rod. It is a fishing rod that is mainly used for angling game fish. It has its origin in England.  Characteristic for a match rod is often that they have a length between 3.60 and 4.20 m. Many match rods are at the same time also plug rods and consist of several, mostly 3 to 5 individual parts, which can be connected with each other.

Another characteristic of a match rod is that it has a tip action. That means, especially the tip or the upper part of the rod is mainly bendable. The rest of the rod, however, is in many cases very rigid. Match rods have a high number of rings which in most cases are designed to use very thin lines and braided lines. The casting weight is also very low in comparison, e.g. to a feeder rod, and is only about 10 to 50 grams.

match rods are simply great when it comes to angling for game fish. In the past we have been asked again and again by e-mail if we could present different rods. Since we now want to fulfill this request, you will find a detailed report about 6 match rods and their advantages and disadvantages in the following. Therefore we present each rod in a form of a small product report with an overall score. So you should be able to get a good impression of the different models and the products available on the market.

Now you are probably wondering how we tested the rods. Well, we will go into that in the following.

Note: From time to time selected match rods may not be available for a short period of time. If this is the case, you will find numerous match rods on this overview page.

This is how we tested the rods

After the DHL Kurrier brought us the rods, we took a close look at them. That means we took them in our hands and inspected them for gross errors. This includes for example processing and material defects. Everything that seemed strange to us, we of course wrote down in writing. So we collected a list with all kinds of points that we found good or bad in the product. This list was later used as a basis for the preparation of the respective product reports.

For the respective match rod test we examined all kinds of points. These included quality and workmanship, and of course how the casting behaviour and rod action are to be evaluated overall. Of course we also looked at the balance of the match rod and the price/performance ratio. All these points are included in the final result of the product report.

We hope that the product report will help you to find the right match rod for you. But now we don’t want to beat about the bush and start with the first test. Here we go.

Browning Fishing Rod Ambition Match

Note: This item may not be available at the moment. Alternatively, you can use the following display match rods.

The AdBrowning Ambition Match has a total length of 3.60 m, not exactly the shortest, but also not the longest match rod. In this product report even longer rods with a length over 4 m are presented. Therefore this match rod is in the healthy middle range. But with a total weight of 263 g it is the heaviest rod we tested. In comparison to a pike rod, it is very light but is already more of a heavyweight among the match rods.

The good thing is that the Browning Ambition Match has a very fine action. You notice this immediately with the first drill. The casting weight is with a maximum of 20 g comparatively low, but in our opinion completely sufficient. Altogether it concerns 3 parts of the rod, which are put into each other. This works relatively problem-free and also after a harder strain and a longer drill, the ends do not tilt. You still get them cleanly and easily separated.

The rod grip is made of EVA. This is a foam-like material which is very supple in the hand. It was not ergonomically formed, but because it is so soft, it fits every hand without any problems.

A picture of the match rod

In the following you will find a picture of the rod. To enlarge the picture, simply click on it:

Short & sweet – the most important in a nutshell

Here is an overview of the most important facts for you:

  • Brand: Browning
  • Throw weight: 0-20 g
  • Length: 3.60 m
  • T-dimension: 1. 25 m
  • Parts: 3 pieces
  • Total weight: 263 g

Conclusion of the match rod test

All in all the Browning Ambition Match is a good match rod which is very flexible. Especially if you prefer rods that are not quite so long, you will have a lot of fun with this rod. In addition, with a transport dimension of 1.25 m it can be transported relatively easily.

Shakespeare Sigma Matchrod, 3.7 m, black

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display match rods are an alternative.

The AnzeigeShakespeare SIGMA 12FT MATCH is by far the cheapest rod presented here. Even with a total length of 3.60 m it is not smaller than the model presented before. During the drill it has a good action. It is neither too hard nor too soft. Because the handle is made of cork, it also lies very well in the hand. The handles also have an ergonomic shape due to the incorporation of different heights and depths. This means that especially if you want to hold the rod in your hand for a longer period of time, this feature is very useful.

What we also liked very much is the fact that the rod is very light with a total weight of 156 g. Of course, there are lighter match rods, but this one already has good values.  This of course also has a positive effect on the transport. All in all, with a transport dimension of 1.26 m it is also very handy and easy to transport. It fits without any problems on every backseat or in a bigger trunk.

In addition, it has very fine rod rings which have been processed cleanly. This means that the fishing line cannot be damaged by sliding on the rod rings. This is a characteristic of very cheap fishing rods where in many cases the plastic is slightly overhanging. This is not the case with the Shakespeare Sigma match rod.

Official Illustration

Here is a picture of the fishing rod: Display

Short & concise

All important facts at a glance

  • Brand: Shakespeare
  • Length: 3.60 m
  • T-dimension: 1. 26 m
  • Parts: 3 pieces
  • Total weight: 156 g
  • 3-piece, strong, light carbon blank, length: 3,7 m
  • Titanium oxide ringing
  • DOS reel seat
  • Hook seat
  • Coated EVA cork handle

Conclusion of the match rod test

All in all the Shakespeare Sigma match rod is a real bargain. It has many positive characteristics such as a light total weight, good transport characteristics and a fine action. If you want to spend less than 50 Euros, you can definitely take a closer look at this fishing rod. In the following our graphic evaluation:

Daiwa Aqualite Power Match 390MH 3 pcs. 3.90m

We have ordered the AnzeigeDaiwa Aqualite Power Match rod in the length of 3.90m. There is still a 4.20 m version, but this one is completely sufficient. It is relatively light in weight and weighs only 240 g. Of course, this is not yet as light as the 156 g of the Shakespeare Sigma match rod, but the rod is very well balanced, so the weight is optimally distributed.

During the fight with the fish it is soft, but also not too soft and has in any case a pleasant action. The blank is made of carbon fibre which gives it sufficient grip and a strong backbone. So even smaller carps are possible without problems. So whoever wants to fish for carp will have no problems with it.

The rod handle is very comfortable and is made almost entirely of cork. All in all the rod consists of 3 parts which makes transport relatively easy. Because it comes in individual parts just on a transport length of 1.35 m. We also recommend a cheap rod bag to protect the rod sufficiently and to guarantee a long life span.


Here is a picture of the fishing rod:

Short & concise

All important facts at a glance:

  • Brand: Daiwa
  • Length: 3.90 m
  • T-dimension: 1. 35 m
  • Parts: 3 pieces
  • Rings: 13 pieces
  • Total weight:  240 g
  • Thin carbon fibre blank
  • Screw-Down reel seat
  • Cork/EVA handle


We can definitely recommend the Daiwa Aqualite Power Match 390MH. Because the drill at match angling is a real pleasure with her. Pleasant and fine action as well as a passable dead weight makes it meanwhile to an almost daily companion. However, it is a bit more expensive than the previously presented models. Just compare the rod with the other models by means of the numbers in the following graphical evaluation:

TUBERTINI FTM STEEL TROUT 3,30m 8 – 25g Match-Rod by Michael Kahlstadt

The TUBERTINI FTM STEEL TROUT is with a total length of 3,30 m the smallest match rod. Nevertheless it is not without. It was developed by Michael Kahlstadt. Kahlstadt is a well-known angler, rod developer and author. This name should say something to all those who are a little more intensively involved in fishing. He definitely knows what trout fishing is all about, because he is considered the trout pope.

Equipped with 2 spare tips (besides the actual tip) and a casting weight of up to 25 g, this is, in our opinion, perfectly sufficient. The tips are also available in different strengths, which makes it even easier to catch the target fish. With this match rod we could achieve very long casts. Therefore the casting characteristics have been rated by us as very good.

The cork handle is nice and easy to hold. Last but not least the complete match rod makes a very high quality and noble impression on us. The materials have been selected to the best of our knowledge and belief, which makes every angler’s heart beat faster.

Picture of the match rod

Here is another picture. To enlarge the picture, just click on it: Display

Short & concise

All important facts from the match rod test at a glance

  • Length: 3,30 m
  • Transport length 1,18 m
  • Casting weight: 8-25 g
  • Parts: 3 plus 2 spare tips
  • Rings: 14 pieces
  • Total weight: 240 g


All in all TUBERTINI FTM STEEL TROUT by Michael Kahlstadt is a very good match rod with all components perfectly coordinated. It has a great action and comes with 2 additional rod tips. The price is a little bit higher, but you have to pay it if you like quality products.

DAM PTS – Distance, 3 pcs. – float and match rod

The AnzeigeDAM PTS distance is the perfect match rod for carp fishing. It is relatively long with 3,60 m and has a total weight of only 218 g. This is very little and therefore it is light as a feather in the hand. Last but not least the good balance of the rod is one of the main reasons for this.

In addition, the rod even has a casting weight of up to 50 g. So here is much more room for manoeuvre upwards than with the other match rods presented here. So if you are looking for more capitalized carp or similar, this rod will give you the necessary flexibility.  When casting you will notice the real difference. The line including the mounting flies very well and also very far with this match rod. It is perfectly balanced and you can offer the lures at a long distance.

It also has black aluminium oxide rings which can be used with braided lines without any problems. We tested both monofilament and braided lines and could not find any problems.

Our illustration

Here is a picture of the rod:

The most important at a glance:

Short and sweet, our summary:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Length: 3.60 m
  • Transport length: 126 cm
  • Casting weight: 10-50 g
  • Parts: 3
  • Weight: 218 g

Conclusion in match rod test

All in all, the DAM PTS Distance lives up to its name. With it you can achieve really long casts on the lake. Especially if you suspect the carp are far out, this match rod is a blessing.

With this rod you can achieve very precise casts, no matter if close or far away. Beginners as well as advanced casters will have a lot of fun with this rod. We can therefore definitely recommend it to others and all in all it is considered the winner of the comparison.

Cormoran DISTANCE MATCH Matchrod 3 pieces, 5-25g

The last rod presented here is the AnzeigeCormoran Cormoran Distance Match. It is also the longest rod with 4,50 m and has a total weight of 245 g. Therefore it is in the middle range of the match rods tested by us. When you stand with it at the lake, it makes a good impression. Because it is easy to hold and it is also very flexible during the fight.

The balance ratio is also very balanced. This is another reason why fishing with this match rod is great fun in the game fish area. It has a casting weight of “only” 25 g, but for those who don’t have such high demands, the casting weight is completely sufficient.

During the fight you can feel that this rod has a strong backbone and a pleasant action. If you are also looking for distance casts, you will have a lot of fun with this match rod.


Here is another illustration: just click on the picture to enlarge:

The most important at a glance:

Short and concise, our summary:

  • Brand: Cormoran
  • Length: 4,50 m
  • Throwing weight: 5-25 g
  • Transport length: 158 cm
  • Parts: 3
  • Weight: 245 g

Conclusion of the match rod test

This rod is perfect if you are looking for something cheap but still want a high quality match rod that you can fish with at a distance. We would therefore like to recommend it to all price-conscious anglers. The next drill is sure to come.

Final word on the match rod test

The DAM PTS distance indicator has definitely won the match rod test. This does not mean that the others are bad because of it. Most of them are also very good, but the DAM PTS distance has simply convinced us a little bit more. I hope that this product report helped you to find the right match rod for you.

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