Landing Net Review: 6 Landing Nets Under 70 Bucks Reviewed & Comparison


Here in the landing net test we present you different landing nets. In total there will be 6 parts. During the tests there were landing nets which we found to be very good, but also landing nets which we had to rate less good. In the following we will explain the procedure.

We will introduce you to the landing nets at the beginning. Here we go into the characteristics, the purpose and the condition. A further criterion is the material in terms of tear resistance and durability.

In addition, there will be a summary with all relevant properties and a picture of the landing net. At the end of the test you will receive a summary and a graphic summary which summarizes the essential characteristics.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can simply look up the display at the fishing spot. There is a really big choice of landing nets. Just have a look and browse a little.

In our first part of the test series we would like to introduce the telescopic landing net with a size of 1.80m from KANANA. Now to the landing net test.

Note: From time to time it can happen that selected landing nets are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous landing nets for fishing on this overview page.

Telescopic landing net 1,80m from KANANA in landing net test

The telescopic landing net from Kanana has a total length of 1,80m. This makes it really long enough, especially for fishing. According to the manufacturer it is probably not suitable for cleaning a pool or pond.

We see no reason why this landing net should not work. Maybe because it is too coarse meshed, but that’s all. Some landing nets hook at the telescope function, but this one does not work at all. It can be pulled in and out very easily.

We could also store it comfortably in our backpack because it has a transport length of 0.65 m when folded. Therefore this telescopic landing net has very good transport characteristics. The net opening has the following dimensions: 40x40x40cm.

This triangular shape is large enough to land larger fish gently. In addition, the display telescopic landing net from KANANA (1.80m) has a very good price/performance ratio.

Especially if you ask yourself if you should buy an expensive landing net again, we think you can take the step and buy this a little bit cheaper.

As the price is not very high either, you don’t have to be too careful with it and can concentrate fully on landing trout, carp or pike-perch.

Summary of the most important features

  • Telescopic landing netLength: 1.80 mMaterial: AluminiumMark: CananaNet opening ca, 40x40x40cmTriangle openingLength for transport: 65 cmNet depth: approx 40cm suitable for fishing (not for cleaning pools or ponds)

Picture of the landing net

Conclusion about the telescopic landing net

In our opinion this landing net really fulfills every purpose. Especially if you do not want to spend so much money, this landing net is a very good choice. The material and the workmanship are really appropriate for this price.  We don’t want to make a recommendation for the professional angler at this point, but for the hobby angler it will do. Even if the net should break, the loss is not too tragic because of the very good price.

Our second part is about the Zebco telescopic landing net 8mm, 2 pcs.

Zebco telescopic landing net 8mm, 2 pcs.

In our second landing net test we tested the Zebco landing net with telescopic function. We tested this landing net because the numerous reviews at amazon made us a bit suspicious. For your information: Many buyers have the landing net bent under higher load.

To carry out the load test we have placed 3 x 1.5 litre water bottles in the display Zebco telescopic landing net and lifted it carefully. Unfortunately our suspicion was confirmed. With heavy loads this landing net tends to bend slightly.

As it has bent, the telescopic function is also somewhat impaired. Unfortunately it was a bit more difficult to push the landing net together after the landing net test. It is a good landing net but a landing net that is normally used for fishing should be able to withstand a certain amount of strain.

Especially when you want to catch bigger fish, it is even more annoying when the aluminium rod bends all at once due to the strong movements and punctual pressure. Depending on how much the landing net bends, this can mean the complete loss of the catch.

We had the biggest size with 2,5m. There are 6 more sizes of this landing net (1,4m 1,6m, 1,75m, 1,8m, 2m 2,4m). Of course, it is possible that the size was simply too big and would have been less or not at all bent due to the leverage of a smaller version.

Summary of the most important features

  • Length: 2.50m
  • Mesh size: 8mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Rubber handle
  • Net dries very fast

Picture of landing net

Conclusion about the telescopic landing net

Like the landing net tested in the first part, it is a very cheap landing net, but the workmanship was not really convincing. It bent quickly when subjected to a greater load when pulled out.

In our opinion a landing net should be able to withstand such a test, especially for fishing. The net and material are still well made. In our opinion this landing net is only suitable for smaller fish with less weight.

So if you don’t plan to hunt catfish but would like to catch one or the other fish, you can strike. The Zebco Telescopic Cone is also available at the fishing spot.

Our third part is about the aluminium telescopic fishing net 200cm.

DAM Hammerhead landing net Bärenstark

In the second part we presented the Zebco telescopic landing net 8mm, 2 pcs. Now we would like to talk about a high quality landing net from DAM. It is the DAM hammer head landing net Bärenstark.

Among the landing nets tested this is by far the longest landing net. It has a total length of 3,00m. The transport length is 1.25m and is therefore not too big to be unsuitable for transport.

Could be a bit smaller for our taste. But nevertheless this landing net fits very comfortably into the trunk of our VW Passat. The AnzeigeDAM hammerhead landing net Bärenstark is really great.

It withstood our load test with 3 x 1,5l water bottles without any problems. We could not find out that the landing net was bent in any way. Of course this makes it very attractive for larger specimens like pike or pike-perch.

The high stability and good workmanship are good indicators for predatory fishing. And indeed, we were able to land a (small) zander gently with this landing net. But other predatory fish should also be no problem with this. In the following we will show you how this landing net looks like, how it came out and how it scored in our big test.

All important characteristics at a glance

  • Length for transport: 125cm
  • Total length: 3,00m
  • Head size: 80x80cm
  • Net depth: 80cm
  • Mesh size: 14mm
  • Mesh material: 100 % Polyester

Picture of the landing net

Conclusion about the DAM hammer head landing net Unterfangkescher Bärenstark

This landing net was completely convincing. In the landing net test it proved to be an excellent landing net for predatory fish fishing. From the company DAM we are actually always used to very good quality and workmanship.

And we were not disappointed with this landing net either. This landing net showed without any problems during our load test that it does not bend even with heavy loads. The transport characteristics are not optimal, but we did not cut back on quality and workmanship. We have a clear recommendation to buy this landing net. Be sure to have a look at and compare it at the display angling place.

Our fourth part is about the landing net from Balzer.

Balzer landing net 2,7m

Note: It is possible that the item is currently not available. The following display fishing nets are an alternative.

In the third part we presented the DAM hammerhead landing net Bärenstark. This product report is about the Balzer landing net. The Balzer landing net with a total length of 2.7m is considered an insider tip among professional landing nets.

It is completely cast out of aluminium and therefore completely solid.  During the test we found out that all seams were double stitched. This was very positive for us, because you don’t have to be afraid that the net will break when you catch something heavy.

Even the net frame was made of aluminium. Of course we don’t need to tell you that aluminium from the AnzeigeBalzer landing net can’t rust and is therefore very suitable for fishing. Furthermore the net cannot rot because it is made of a special nylon. We also found this very good in the test because the constant pulling in and out tends to rot.

The nylon used also feels very robust and stable. We all agreed that the material cannot tear so quickly. At best under enormous force. The net depth of the landing net is also very suitable for fishing. At 65 cm no catch can escape so quickly. In contrast to many other landing nets, the depth of the net is really sufficient.

Overview of all important features

  • Material: Aluminium
  • very strong profile tube
  • continuously adjustable
  • aluminium net frame
  • seams double-sewn
  • solid aluminium
  • one time telescopic – bar length infinitely variable by twist handle
  • Net frame mainly made of aluminium
  • Net reinforced again
  • Nylon net cannot rot
  • odour repellent
  • Frame size: 80 x 80 cm
  • Net depth: 65 cm

Picture of the landing net

Conclusion of the Balzer landing net 2,7m

The Balzer landing net really convinced us. It is of very high quality, impresses with its good material properties and the high quality workmanship.

It is a bit more expensive in the price category but it feels like it will last forever. The whole processing is designed so that this landing net can be used regularly without having to accept possible material damage. Our fifth part is about the Fox Rage Speedflow predatory fish landing net.

Fox Rage Speedflow Net Large Raubfischkescher

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. Alternatively, the following display fishing nets are available.

In the fourth part of our landing net test series we showed you the Balzer landing net with a total length of 2.7m. Today we show you the Fox Rage Speedflow Net Large predatory fish landing net.

The AnzeigeFox Rage Speedflow Net Large Landingnet is, as the name suggests, suitable for catching predatory fish. Already when unpacking we could see with one look that it is a very large and spacious landing net.

Especially for predatory fish like pike-perch, pike and catfish. The net is with 11 mm very fine-meshed and with its spacious dimensions of 75x75x75 cm very suitable for catching predatory fish. For transport we could fold the landing net without any problems.  There is a mechanism between the rod and the frame which makes sure that we could transport the landing net very well.

The rubber coating on the frame also feels very good. This is very gentle on the predatory fish and ensures that they are not injured. The knotless landing net also contributes to this.

All important features short and sweet

  • Very large
  • Very roomy
  • Stable landing net for predatory fish
  • Knotless landing net prevents the bait from getting caught
  • Gentle for predatory fish
  • Flat bottom
  • Possibility to fix the pole
  • It can be folded for transport
  • Mesh size: 11mm
  • Dimensions: Length x width x depth of net: 75x75x75cm
  • Length of bar: 1m
  • Material of net: 100% polyester
  • Net coating: 100% rubber

Picture of landing net

Conclusion on the Fox Rage Speedflow Net Large Predatory fish landing net

Everything has really been thought of here. Starting with the knotless net up to the rubber coating to land the predatory fish gently with the landing net. The price is quite high but justifies in any case the TOP workmanship and material. We have nothing else to complain about except the high price.

Cormoran KESCHER EX.STR.STAND.2/65X45/240

Note: It is possible that the article is not available at the moment. The following display fishing nets are an alternative.

The last test was about the Cormoran KESCHER EX.STR.STAND.2/65X45/240.

In the fifth part of our landing net test series we showed you the Fox Rage Speedflow predatory fish landing net. Today we would like to introduce the Cormoran KESCHER EX.STR.STAND.2/65X45/240.

This is a standard landing net of the company Cormoran. It has a total length of 2,40m and is therefore not one of the longest landing nets tested. The transport length of the display Cormoran KESCHER EX.STR.STAND.2/65X45/240 with 1,60m is quite long in relation to the length.

You could already see this when unpacking the landing net. All in all the landing net has two parts which can be connected without problems. The depth of the net is 0,5m and is therefore sufficient for all common fish. The landing net made a very stable impression on us in the landing net test.

Also with regard to the workmanship it is ok in the point / price performance.

All important features at a glance

  • Size: 65×45 cm
  • Transport length: 160 cm
  • Total length: 240 cm
  • Parts: 2 pcs
  • Net depth: 50 cm

Picture of landing net

Conclusion about the Cormoran KESCHER EX.STR.STAND.2/65X45/240

All in all this landing net is a good standard landing net with few negative characteristics. It does what it is supposed to do and is definitely suitable for the hobby angler. In our opinion professionals will have less fun with this landing net in the long run.

Not found in the landing net test?

In addition to the landing net test, there is a really large selection of landing nets at the fishing spot. Just have a look and browse a little as many branded products are even reduced.

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