Fly Reels Review & Comparison: 6 Fly Fishing Reels Under $70


We have tested 6 models in the fly roll test. A fly reel is a fishing reel specially designed for fly fishing. Good fly reels are usually turned from one piece of aluminium and are therefore not only very light but also corrosion resistant. Other materials such as ABS and graphite are also common. The price is often between 30 and 100 Euros. But there are also models that are significantly higher.

Fly reels can be classified very well according to the area of application. We differentiate between the different line classes of the respective reel. Here is a rough classification with the corresponding line classes, so that it is easier for you to align your future reel according to the water to be fished:

  • small to medium brook: line class #2-#5 (the matching fly rod also covers line class #2-#5)
  • large brooks and smaller rivers:  Line class #4-#6 (fly rods from 8’6 feet)
  • Normal river to river currents:  Line class #6-#9 (fly rods from 9 feet)
  • Sea and high seas: Line class #9-#14 (strong rods between 8’6 and 9 feet)

The fly rod should be well balanced if possible. We have already tested various models in our fly rod test for you. Of course there are also different reel types. There are 3 different types:

  • Large Arbor
  • Mid Arbour
  • Regular

Large Arbor fly reels are known for their very large diameter. This means that the winding is correspondingly smaller and the fly line does not curl as much. In addition, winding is much faster than with a small spool. Mid Arbour spools are slightly smaller than the Large Arbor spools. This means that less fishing line fits on the reel.

Additionally there are also the regular spool reels. These have the advantage that they have a particularly large line capacity. Although they are somewhat older, they are still very popular with most fly fishermen.

We hope that this has given you a good overview of the different characteristics of the different fly reels. But now we do not want to wait any longer with the fly rod test and start right away. We hope you enjoy it.

Note: From time to time it may happen that selected fly reels are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous reels for fly fishing on this overview page.

Andux Aluminium Fly Reel fishing fly fishing reel 3 3/4″ large bower 95mm 9/11 FL-02 Black

The Andux Aluminium Fly Reel is a very affordable model at a price of just under 30 Euros. But just because it is cheap, it does not necessarily have to be worse than others. It was made of a black, brushed aluminium. In our opinion, this looks very noble when you hold it in your hands like this. It’s a little heavier than other models, but it’s in a good mid-range when you compare sizes directly.

We tested it with 50 meters of nylon backing and 30M WF7. Both fit without any problems. What we liked very much is the fact that it was designed for both left and right handed players. All you need to do is to change the alignment of the fly reel. If you even want to go one step further, you can easily replace the ball bearings. It is a bit of “fiddling” but with a few simple steps this is done quickly.

We used it for trout fishing as well as pike fishing and were able to land several trout with it. All in all we are very satisfied with this model.

Picture of the fly reel

Below you will find a picture of the fly reel: Display

All facts about the fly reel test at a glance

Here you will find a summary of the most important facts about the model from us in the fly reel test:

  • Brand: Andux
  • AFTMA line class: 6/7
  • Line capacity: 5 – 200
  • Spool diameter: 95 mm 9/11
  • Spool width: 28mm
  • Weight: 180g BB: 2 +1 BB
  • Roller bearing grips Drag in one direction
  • Precision machined brass bush drive system
  • ALC: Alumilite aluminum die-cast frame design
  • aluminum die-cast super large bower coil design
  • Price: cheap

Conclusion to fly reel test

The Andux aluminum fly reel is cheap, but that is far from being a reason to judge it negatively. The present line class of 6/7 is ideal for normal rivers and lighter river currents. In addition, the reel runs very smoothly and smoothly. The quality and workmanship is quite satisfactory for us, despite the low price. If you don’t want to spend so much money, you won’t go wrong with this model. It is also suitable for beginners. Here is a summary in form of a small graphic:

Freefisher CNC milled aluminium fly reel FX60

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. Alternatively, the following display fly reels are available.

For small money you can already buy the AnzeigeFreefisher FX60. It is currently a little over 30 Euro. Whether it nevertheless keeps what it promises, you will find out in the following. Also with the FX60 it concerns an aluminum housing. This makes a cleanly processed impression at first sight. By CNC milling, all components were followed very precisely.

We also liked the idea of keeping the complete fly reel in red. This distinguishes it clearly from other models. In addition, it is much smaller than we had first suspected. Nevertheless, with a 0.34 mm thick fishing line, only about 100 m of line will fit on this rather small model. In addition, it can be used almost without problems for right-handed as well as left-handed people.


Here is a current picture: Display

Briefly and concisely the most important facts

Following is an overview of all the important facts:

  • Brand: Freefisher
  • Line class according to AFTMA: 4 to 5
  • Housing CNC milled
  • 2 +1 ball bearing
  • Outer diameter: 60 mm
  • Inner diameter: 35 mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Right and left hand operation possible
  • Cord holder 0,30 mm, 125 m
  • Cord holder: 0,32, 105 m
  • Price: favourable


All in all the Frefisher FX60 definitely delivers what it promises. For little money it is suitable for both small and medium-sized streams when fly fishing. However, due to its size we would not necessarily use it for larger rivers. Especially beginners, who just want to try fly fishing, will get their money’s worth. Therefore we can recommend them for not too high demands.

X-Version Fly Fly Reel Titan Fly 78

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display fly reels offer an alternative.

The display X-version Fly – Fly 78 is also almost completely made of aluminium. With a weight of almost 160 g it is also relatively light. This is partly due to the aluminium used and partly to the many small, cleanly drilled holes and grooves. These let the weight of the reel shrink considerably. Therefore it lies comfortably in the hand and does not become a “burden” even after many casts.

The X-Version Fly – Fly 78 is in the middle price range (of the reels presented here) and costs about 40 Euro. We also liked the fact that the built-in disc brake is very well adjustable and finely adjustable. This really works perfectly.

In our opinion, especially beginners will have fun with this reel.  Because of the AFTMA line class of 7/8, this fly reel is suitable for normal rivers and stronger currents. So it is ideal to try fly fishing.

Picture of the fly reel

Here is a current picture:

The most important facts

Here are all the important facts for you in the overview:

  • Brand: X-version
  • AFTMA line class: 7/8
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Disc brake
  • Diameter: 85 mm
  • Width: 38 mm
  • Height: 7 mm
  • light weight
  • fine brake
  • ULL metal body
  • ULL metal coil
  • disc brake
  • left and right hand model
  • price:  medium price


All in all the Fly 78X is a precision fly reel for small money. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and is not even expensive. Whether you fish for grayling, trout or even pike, this reel will do everything and we have had good experience with it. We are also convinced of the good price / performance ratio. Here is a graphic elaboration:

Freefisher Fly Reel BC60

Note: It is possible that the article is currently not available. The following display fly reels offer an alternative.

The DisplayFreefisher BC60 is the next upgrade of the Freefisher FX60. It is somewhat more expensive and can be purchased for just under 40 Euros.  We liked the fact that it is very light at 119 g and is one of the lightest fly reels presented here. This is mainly due to the fact that the material has been deliberately removed in many places, which makes it look light as a feather when you hold it in your hands. But nevertheless the construction is very stable.

With line class 4 we think it is perfect for large streams and smaller rivers. We also think that it looks very chic and elegant. The aluminium looks very high quality and almost borders on a titanium look. Unfortunately no separate manual was included. So if you want to switch from left- to right-handed use, you’ll have to do some fiddling yourself.

But we didn’t have any problems at all in this respect and were able to make the change without any problems. So if you prefer to use the fly reel for left- than right-handed people, you can do so without any problems.


Here you will find the illustration that matches the fly reel. Click on the picture to enlarge it:

The most important facts at a glance

Here is a short summary of the most important facts

  • Brand: Freefisher
  • Line class according to AFTMA: 4
  • 2 +1 ball bearing
  • Outer diameter: 55 mm
  • Inside diameter: 35 mm
  • Width:18 mm
  • Weight: 119 g
  • Cord size (mm/m): 0. 30/125, 0.32/105
  • Brake system
  • Right and left hand operation possible
  • Price: medium price


All in all this fly reel is a very chic and elegant reel at a small price. Furthermore it could convince us of its weight. If you want to fish larger streams and smaller rivers with a fly rod, you will not do much wrong with this reel as a beginner.


The AnzeigeDAM QUICK SHADOW CENTREPIN is definitely the highlight of the fly reels presented here. Although it is more expensive and available for about 60 Euro, it convinces with many small special features which we would like to discuss in detail in the following.

Granted dimensions, the ball bearings and the workmanship are really first class. The roll is very stable and the bearings are of enormous quality. You can see more in the video below. Also the complete presentation shows clearly the difference to cheap models. It is made of a combination of ABS and graphite. This makes it a bit heavier but also much stronger. Furthermore, the size of the fly reel compensates for the weight.

It has a relatively high line class and is therefore ideal for normal rivers and river currents. What we also liked very much is the fact that the run is very good. This again shows the excellent quality of the fly reel compared to cheaper models.


Here is another illustration of the fly reel: Display

Video about the smooth running of the reel

Here is a video showing how fast and long the 5 ball bearings move. In total the one on the fly reel comes to 2 minutes and 16 seconds. And that only by a small nudge by hand. Here the difference in quality compared to cheap models becomes clear:

The most important facts summarized

Here are all the facts briefly summarized:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Translation: 5.10 :1
  • Ball bearings: 5.00 pcs
  • Thickness: 0. 18 mm
  • Weight: 318 g
  • Material: ABS graphite construction
  • Price: higher priced


All in all this fly reel has exceeded our expectations. It can also be used in currents without any problems where the reel has to withstand a little more. In addition, it makes an excellent impression in terms of quality and workmanship. That is why, despite the expensive price, it has also become the winner of the comparison. Here is everything important about the result for you for information:

DAM Quick Shadow FLY LA – Fly Reel

The AnzeigeDAM QUICK SHADOW FLY LA is a real all-rounder in the fly reel test. With a line class of 7/9 it is perfectly designed for stronger rivers and river currents. It also has a waterproof brake in case it should fall into the water or get splashed. It is also suitable for light sea fishing, as it is almost completely saltwater resistant.

With a weight of 179 g it is also relatively light and extremely stable thanks to its sophisticated construction. You can feel this when you hold it in your hands. Besides the CENTREPIN, this model also consists almost entirely of ABS and graphite. In our opinion, it is almost unbeatable in terms of quality at this price.

The brake system also works very clean and precise. The brake operates completely jerk-free during use.


Below is the official product image of the fly reel:

Unboxing Video for the fly reel test

Here is another video where the DAM Quick Shadow FLY LA is unpacked and shown. From minute 5:32 on it starts:

The facts

Everything you need to know, short and concise overview:

  • Brand: DAM
  • Translation: 1:1
  • Kuellager: 2. 00 pcs
  • Cord class according to AFTMA: 7/9
  • Cord size mm/m: WF8+120m 30lb
  • 2 ball bearings and 1 needle bearing
  • Weight: 179g
  • Price: higher priced

Conclusion on the fly reel test

All in all, the DAM Quick Shadow FLY LA also has a great quality and finish. The fly reel is a little more expensive, but it allows excellent fly fishing for both beginners and advanced anglers. We can therefore definitely recommend this model.

Concluding words on the fly reel test

We hope you enjoyed this fly reel test and that you were able to find the right reel for you. If not, then have a look at the advertisement on this link. Here you will also find a large selection of matching fly reels in the shop. You can also compare them easily there.

Have fun with your next drill.

Petri safe and sound.

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