Travel Rods Review: 6 Fishing Rods Under $100 For Your Fishing Holiday


Are you by chance still looking for a reasonable travel rod for your next fishing holiday? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have tested 6 different fishing rods for less than 100 Euro in the travel rod test and have taken a closer look at them.

As we have unfortunately found out, it is not always easy to find a good travel rod. Because with the huge offer on the market, you can also lose the overview.

In addition, many people, especially beginners, do not know what is really important. Therefore, we would like to start by showing you some criteria that we are convinced will make a good rod, and then start with the product reports.

This way you can build on the knowledge you have gained and get your own impression during the product reports.

Note: From time to time selected fishing rods may be temporarily unavailable. If this is the case, you will find numerous rods for your next fishing trip on this overview page.

This makes a good fishing rod

Admittedly, finding a good fishing rod is not always easy. Often you notice too late that the rod is a few centimetres too big for the suitcase. Therefore an important criterion is the transport length. Common travel rods have in many cases a transport length of 30 to 70 cm. Whereby 30 cm is relatively small and 70 cm relatively large. Therefore most of the models presented here are between these two sizes.  Usually telescopic rods have also proven to be the more comfortable travel rods, because they are simply more space-saving. But there is also a large selection of telescopic rods in the range.

Important on a trip to a fishing holiday, whether as a backpacker or as a tourist in an all inclusive hotel, is of course the weight of the luggage. Usually every gram counts and therefore a low weight of the rod is of course even better.  Unlike heavy surf rods, which sometimes weigh 800 grams, travel rods often weigh between 200 and 300 grams. This is very little for a rod that is up to 3 m long and is taken on holiday. The reason for the lightness is often the material. Carbon fibre is often used, which contributes enormously to the low weight.

With higher quality fishing rods for holidays a small carrying bag is often included. This protects the rod from other objects flying around which are usually needed for the fishing holiday. Usually this is made of fabric or other protective material.  Of course, casting weight, casting characteristics, behaviour during the fight and the first strike are also decisive for the choice of a suitable rod.

We hope that this has given you a small impression of what is usually important for a travel rod. But now we also want to start with the first product report. We hope you enjoy it.

SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro Big Fish 225

At just under 60 Euros, the first travel rod we tested is not necessarily the cheapest, but also not the most expensive rod.  When you hold the AnzeigeSPRO Globetrotter GT Pro Big Fish 225 in your hands for the first time you will notice that it is relatively light. However, if you equip it with a suitable rod reel, you will also notice that it looks a bit top-heavy. This means that it did not really make a balanced impression on us.

Because in our opinion the reel seat of the SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro Big Fish 225 was mounted a bit too far back.  Here there are in any case still travel rods which are substantially more balanced and make a better figure straight with the drill. With a transport length of 64 cm it is also not necessarily the smallest and slimmest travel rod.

The ring coating is made of silicon carbide (SiC). This means they are very hard and the chance of a braided fishing line cutting into the material after a while is much lower. For us this is in any case a very positive aspect. The SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro Big Fish 225 has a relatively high casting weight of 180 g. This makes it ideal for pike, carp or pike-perch fishing.

A picture of the rod

Here is a picture of the rod. Click on the picture for an enlargement:

All facts at a glance

Here you will find the most important facts, summarized briefly:

  • Brand: Spro
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Transport length: 64cm
  • Parts: 4
  • Casting weight: 100-180g
  • Put-in rod
  • ringed
  • ringing: SiC
  • Length: 2,25m


The SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro Big Fish 225 is okay if you want to try the bigger fish like pike-perch and catfish. However, it is not the smallest and narrowest travel rod in terms of transport. Also the weight is still “relatively” high. If you are looking for bigger fish during your fishing holiday, you will certainly appreciate this rod. All others, can now read on.

Carbon rod fishing rod in different lengths

We have ordered the AnzeigeSoytich Carbon travel rod in the length of 2.10 m. Because it is a telescopic rod, it can be reduced to a very small size. Thus one comes straight times on scarcely 40 cm.  This works relatively problem-free and it also does not jam.

You can clearly see the difference to very expensive rods. Therefore we think that this is a rod for beginners and fishing beginners. Especially if you want to fish occasionally, this rod is suitable for praying. What we also liked is that it is relatively light at 250 g. In our opinion this is especially important on holiday and when travelling.

A transport cover is also included. However, this is not suitable for carrying a suitable rod reel at the same time. You may have to sew the bag around or simply transport the reel separately. There are now really more elegant solutions, especially for rod bags and fishing backpacks.


Here you will find a picture of the fishing rod. For an enlargement, just click on the picture:

The most important facts

All facts in a nutshell:

  • Brand: Soytich
  • Material: Carbon fibre
  • Including practical carrying bag
  • Lace action
  • Transport length: 40 cm
  • Number of rings: 5
  • Casting weight: 50 to 100 g
  • Length of rod: 2.10 m
  • Weight of the rod: 180 g
  • Weight of the carry bag: 35 g


If you have just started fishing and want to “try” it out, you will certainly have fun with this carbon travel rod for a while. However, with the material, the workmanship and the casting characteristics, this is not a rod that is really designed for the long term.  Therefore in our opinion it is ok for occasional anglers.

SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro 285 H

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display travel routes are an alternative.

The SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro 285 H is really very nice to look at. The handles of the travel rod consist of handy cork material. Also the blank as such makes a high-quality impression on us. Overall, the black fishing rod looks very noble in combination with the cork.

This is the big brother of the previously tested SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro Big Fish 225, because this model here has a total length of 2.85 m. This makes it almost 60 cm longer than the smaller version. Nevertheless it has a transport dimension of just 54 cm. Therefore you can almost take it with you in your hand luggage on the plane.

Also the weight is with 255 g relatively light and therefore very handy. The rod rings are made of high quality SiC which is very durable with regard to the fishing lines used.

Picture of the holiday rod

Here you can find a picture of the fishing rod. To enlarge, just click on the picture:

All facts

Here is an overview of the most important facts

  • Brand: Spro
  • Weight: 255 g
  • Transport length: 54 cm
  • Parts: 6
  • Casting weight: 40-80 g
  • Putting rod
  • Rings
  • SIC-ringing
  • Length: 2,85 m

Conclusion on the travel rod test

This is certainly one of the higher quality rods presented here. This is not only because of the look, but also because of the clean finish. All in all materials simply make a high-quality impression. We can recommend this model to all those who know something about fishing and value great workmanship and quality.

SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro 285 MH

SPRO is known for making rods for the holidays. In the following we would like to introduce the GT Pro 285 MH to you. The AnzeigeSPRO Globetrotter GT Pro 285 MH has a total length of 2.85 m and is one of the longest rods presented here. The transport size is with 52 cm quite ok. A rod bag is also included in the scope of delivery, which ensures unsparing transport during the journey.

This rod is, similar to the rod itself, of very high quality. The 6 parts can be easily stored in this bag. What we also liked very much is the integrated cork handle. This also looks very high quality and makes a solid impression.

It has a great action and also the first shot on the water is super. All in all a travel rod that we can recommend. 2.85 m ,

  • Transport length: 52 cm
  • Parts: 6
  • Throw weight: 25-60 g
  • SIC-bering
  • Conclusion

    The SPRO Globetrotter GT Pro 285 MH did very well in many points. These include not only the transport characteristics but also the workmanship and quality of the rod. The price is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive rod and therefore it is definitely a travel rod we can recommend. Here is our graphic evaluation from the travel rod test:

    WFT Pro Salt Speed Pilk Traveller

    Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display travel routes are an alternative.

    TheWFT Pro Salt Speed Pilk Traveller is a light sea rod. Especially if you plan to fish on a shallow coast, it is a good choice. In total it has a transport length of 58 cm. But still well above the winner of the comparison presented later. Also with a length of 2,60 m it is a bit smaller.

    What we did not like so much is the fact that the reel seat is relatively far forward. This is not optimal for the balance of the rod. Also this fact cannot be changed afterwards.  Furthermore it is also designed for relatively small reels. We used a spinning reel with a reel foot of 70 cm for the travel rod test. This fitted perfectly. But 75 cm long reel feet do not fit. So here you should really only go for light sea fishing.

    If you’re into small fish and prefer to fish in the harbour basin rather than on the coast, you’ll certainly have a lot of fun with this model. But anglers who are out for barracudas on fishing holidays may regret the purchase.


    This is what the rods from the rod test look like:

    All facts

    Here is the most important information

    • Brand: WFT
    • Model: Pro Salt Sea Jigger Traveller
    • Parts: 5
    • Length: 2,60 m
    • Transport length: 58 cm
    • Casting weight: 50-200 g
    • Rings

    Conclusion on the travel rod test

    Perfectly ok for the small catch. The transport length of 58 cm is also very suitable for this. But every angler who is looking for a big catch on holiday should better leave it alone. Also the fact that the reel seat is very far forward does not necessarily contribute to the improvement of the overall score.

    Travel rod Shimano Exage BX STC Mini Tele 2,40m 10-30g

    We were able to get hold of the Shimano Exage BX STC Mini Tele 2,70m 10-30g display relatively quickly after only 2 days delivery time. The delivery by DHL was surprisingly fast. We were positively surprised by the fact that it is delivered in a reusable and high-quality transport tube. This means in the end that you don’t have to worry about damage to the rod during transport to your fishing holiday. It is really sufficiently protected with this transport tube.

    When you hold it in your hand, you will immediately notice how incredibly small this rod is. It has a transport length of just 38 cm. This makes it one of the smallest rods presented here. This is of course also a characteristic that has a very positive effect on the transport.

    All in all there are 8 high quality rings which allow an optimal line guidance due to the different sizes which are matched to each other. In total it is 2.40 m high and with a casting weight of up to 30 g it is suitable for many different types of fish. Whether it is used in the Black Forest or in the Mediterranean is almost irrelevant. It is a small all-round talent.


    Following a picture of the fishing rod:

    The most important facts

    Here are the most important facts in short:

    • Brand:  Shimano
    • Throwing weight (g): 10 – 30
    • Length (m): 2,40
    • Parts: 11
    • Rings: 8
    • Transport length: approx. 38cm


    All in all we are very satisfied with this travel route. To be honest, our expectations were even exceeded. It is really excellent to transport and also the quality makes a very high impression. It was also the best rod in the travel rod test in terms of casting behaviour. Just like you are used to with rods from Shimano. In combination with a pure 500 or 1000 reel, it really makes something special. We can recommend it in any case.

    Concluding words to the test

    All in all the Shimano Exage BX STC Mini Tele with a length of 2,70m and a casting weight of 10-30g has established itself as the best rod in the test. However, the choice was not necessarily easy. We hope that we could help you find the best rod for your fishing holiday.

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