Carp Roll Review & Comparison: 6 Good Models Under $100


Are you looking for a good carp roll? We have tested 6 different models in the carp roll test for you and would like to introduce them to you in more detail. It was very important to us that the reel fulfils several minimum criteria.  A carp reel can be very important for the success in carp fishing. That is why you should pay special attention to the following criteria when buying a reel:

  • Brake
  • Stability
  • Quality of ball bearings
  • Type of gear
  • Winding (line laying)
  • Quality and workmanship

The brake on the carp reel is there to allow the carp to escape up to a certain point in the event of a bite – until it tires. On high quality reels, the brake brakes completely without jerking. Unfortunately this is not the case with many inferior models.

Another important point with carp reels is stability. This determines how clean and straight the reel will work in the end. Inferior quality reels also start to rattle quickly. We have paid special attention to this in the product report.

Another quality criterion is the ball bearing. The mere number of balls in the ball bearing, however, says nothing about the quality of the roll. Much more important is the quality of the ball bearings and where they were installed. If both the quality and the construction are in harmony, this is a further indication of a high-quality bearing.

A distinction is made between Wormshaft (worm gear) and S-curve gear. Both differ in terms of winding and stability. A worm gear unit, for example, has a very good cord laying. Whereas an S-curve gear has a better stability.

Of course, the quality and workmanship in the entire reel is also important. Because only when all components fit together and have been cleanly processed together can one speak of a high quality reel.

We have checked all freewheeling rolls for the above criteria and then combined them into an overall grade. We hope that this gave you a better idea of the test criteria.

Since we don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer, we will now start directly with the first product report. We hope you enjoy it.

Note: From time to time it may happen that selected carp rolls are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous reels for carp fishing on this overview page.

Shimano Baitrunner ST 6000 RB Carp reel

Let’s start with the Shimano Baitrunner ST 6000 RB free spool reel. She already belongs to the “better off”. What we noticed positively right at the beginning is the low price of nearly 60 Euro for a Shimano carp reel.  With 550 g it is already one of the lighter carp reels in comparison. It also lies very well in the hand. The design is relatively plain and simple. In our opinion minimalists will get their money’s worth.

Furthermore it has a very high line capacity of over 270 m. And this with a line thickness of 0.30 mm. This is a blessing, especially when you want to go far out on the water with the lure. Attached to a conventional carp rod, it is very stable and makes a solid impression. The freewheel function allows the carp to easily pull off the line to “power up” a little after the bite and get tired.

The integrated stern brake makes sure that the carp is braked after some time in the freewheel function. It is completely jerk-free and runs very cleanly. Furthermore, it has a very balanced line run. All in all the Shimano Baitrunner ST 6000 RB makes a precisely processed impression on us.

Picture of the carp reel

Here is a picture of the carp reel. Click on the picture to enlarge it:

A summary of the most important facts

And finally a summary of the most important facts:

  • Brand: Shimano
  • 1 ball bearing
  • Cord holder: 270m/0,30 mm, 240m/0,35mm, 140m/0,40mm
  • Gear ratio: 4,6:1
  • Weight: 550g
  • Rear brake
  • Freewheel function
  • Price: medium price

Conclusion of the carp roll test

This carp roll has exceeded our expectations in many points. It is quiet, stable and runs very clean. In general one can say that it makes a very high quality impression on us. Furthermore the freewheel is really top class. In any case, this reel is a model that we can recommend. Here you will find a short and concise summary of the most important facts about the Shimano Baitrunner ST 6000 RB:

Fox EOS 10000 Reel Freewheel Reel #CRL059

Next in the carp reel test we would like to introduce the AnzeigeFox EOS 10000. This reel can be used for pike and trout fishing in addition to carp fishing. We like the fact that it is, similar to the Shimano carp reel, very light with 558 g. All in all it makes a stable impression despite its lightness. With a 0.28 monofilament fishing line we got about 300 m on the reel. For our taste this is quite good.

The brake can also be adjusted very finely. Exactly how you imagine it to be. The gearbox of the Fox EOS 10000 Reel also made a high-quality impression on us. Here nothing rattles or wobbles at all. In the carp roll test it ran almost flawlessly.

This reel is also available for almost 60 Euro. Furthermore it can be attached to almost every reel seat without any problems. Even on carp rods with a smaller reel seat we had almost no problems.


Here is a picture of the reel for you. Click on the picture to enlarge it: Display

The most important in the summary:

Here is a summary of the most important facts:

  • Brand: Fox
  • Fox free spool reel
  • 5 ball bearing
  • Line holder 0,33mm- 320m resp. 0,35mm -260m
  • Gear ratio 5:1
  • Weight: 558g
  • Price: medium price


All in all it is also a really good carp reel. In our opinion the Shimano Baitrunner ST 6000 RB is a little better in terms of workmanship and quality. But also with the Fox carp reel you can go fishing for carp. We can recommend this model to everyone who is looking for a solid model with a good price/performance ratio.

Daiwa Uni Big Pit Reel CROSSCAST-S

The AnzeigeDaiwa Uni Big Pit Carp Reel is suitable not only for carp fishing but also for surf fishing with a surf rod. Because it is relatively stable when you hold it in your hands. We have chosen the 5500 model because it is a bit bigger and has a higher line capacity.

All in all, with a 0.35 mm monofilament fishing line it has a total capacity of about 500 m. In our opinion this is more than sufficient – especially for long distances. Because it is particularly suitable for long distances. We have estimated that it can reach a distance of 50 to 70 m when cast. So it is ideal for targeted long distance casts.

Furthermore, the line run is also very good. In freewheel mode it releases enough line without any problems. Also the integrated WormShaft gear works completely jerk-free and very clean – just as you would expect. All in all it makes a great impression, also in terms of workmanship.

Unfortunately no spare spool is supplied. In our opinion this one would have been very suitable for an additional braided fishing line. But you cannot have everything…

Picture of the Daiwa carp reel

Here is another picture. Click on the picture to enlarge:

Short & concise from the carp reel test

All facts briefly and concisely summarized:

  • Brand: Daiwa
  • CROSSCAST S, Big Pit reel
  • WormShaft gear
  • Translation: 4. 9:1
  • Wide spool core
  • Feed: 102 cm
  • Suitable for carp shore fishing
  • Size: 5000LD (Long Distance)
  • Ball bearings: 3
  • DigiGear gear
  • WormShaft spool stroke
  • Cross-Wrap winding
  • Infinite backstop
  • Twist Buster line reel
  • Price: medium price


Altogether the Daiwa carp reel makes a very reasonable impression. It has a high performance gearbox and an integrated Infinite backstop. Also the possibility for long distance casts could convince us completely. Unfortunately there is no spare spool included, but it is not that expensive from the total price. If you want some flexibility with your carp reel, you will love the Daiwa Uni Big Pit reel CROSSCAST-S.


The DisplayDAM Quick CAMARO 640 FS is with 412 g much lighter than the 3 other models presented before. But it also has a smaller line capacity of 137 m with a line thickness of 0.40 mm. The line run is also very good. Furthermore it makes a very good impression in terms of workmanship and material. Because it is very stable concerning the single components of the carp reel.

Furthermore the freewheel can be adjusted very fine with the integrated freewheel brake. In addition it also has a matching front brake. This is extremely finely adjustable. The reel seat makes it very comfortable to hold and is compatible with many carp rods. We have already fished many different predatory and peaceful fish with it and have had no problems so far.

A graphite spare spool is also included. Ideal if you want to take another fishing line with a different diameter or a braided one. Because the spool can be easily changed at the push of a button.

Here a picture

Here a picture. Click on the picture to enlarge:


All the facts in a nutshell:

  • Brand: DAM
  • incl. free Shimano Ultegra Invisitec monofilament string when you order at amazon
  • Weight: 412 g
  • Translation: 5. 5:1
  • Cord holder (m/mm): 137 m/0,40 mm
  • Cord retraction: 90,0 cm
  • 1 Graphite replacement spool
  • Price: medium price


The DAM Quick CAMARO 640 FS is cheap, has a solid line capacity and is incredibly light. A spare spool is also included. For carp fishing it has also proved itself in the carp reel test. We were able to land a medium and a large carp with her. Therefore we can definitely recommend this carp spool. Here are the most important advantages and disadvantages in the graphical overview:

Distance Carp Runner 10000s (Free Roll 8 Ball Bearings)

Note: This item might not be available at the moment. As an alternative, the following display carp rollers can be used.

With the AnzeigeSänger Distance Carp Runner 10000 you will notice at first that it is somewhat more expensive. We have decided on the 10000 model because it has the highest line capacity. All in all it has a line capacity of 265 m with a monofilament 0.35 fishing line. The next smaller models with a smaller line capacity are the 8000 and the 7000 – if you need a smaller line capacity.

We have of course tried out Sänger carp reel directly when fishing for carp and achieved a small success. All in all the good guy managed to catch 10 kg. To get him ashore we switched to the freewheel mode first and then we used the freewheel brake to get him back down a bit from his excitement. This works very smoothly and is completely jerk-free. It can also be finely adjusted.

This model has a very precise S-curve transmission. This gives the complete fishing reel enormous stability. Nothing really wobbles and it also made a great impression during the drill.

Illustration of the carp reel

The following picture shows the carp reel. Click on the picture to enlarge it:

Summary of the Distance Carp Runner

All important facts in brief:

  • Brand:  Singer
  • 8 + 1 ball bearing
  • Precision S-curve gear
  • Thick Bail
  • One Way Clutch
  • Aluminium coil
  • Ball Bearing Line Roller
  • Fine adjustable freewheel and front brake system
  • Vibration Proofed System
  • Gear ratio:    4,1:1 (10000)
  • Cord socket: 265m/0,35 (10000)
  • Price higher feed


All in all the Distance Carp Runner 10000 is more expensive, but very well manufactured. You will notice this already when you hold the carp reel in your hands for the first time. Any angler who knows something about fishing will immediately notice the difference to very cheap models. We think that this model is definitely suitable for beginners as well as for advanced anglers. Therefore we can recommend this carp reel if you have a little more money to spend.

Anaconda Power Carp Runner LC12000 (Freewheel Carp Reel)

The most expensive carp reel presented here is definitely the displayAnaconda Power Carp Runner LC12000. If you want to own this model, you have to pay nearly 100 Euro. With 850 g it is also the heaviest carp reel presented here. It has a line capacity of 650 m with a monofilament line thickness of just 0.35 mm. So you can really put something on it.

Furthermore it is completely designed for long distance casts. And in the long cast test we have also achieved a very high distance with this line. 70m + were not uncommon here. The freewheel function is of very high quality and fulfils its purpose completely.    In addition, it is made almost entirely of high-quality brushed aluminium. So all who value a noble material will get their money’s worth here.

In addition, it has a rear brake that can be very finely adjusted. Also the line guidance made a really good impression on us. However, the higher weight of the spool is also noticeable during casting. With 850 g it is really not the lightest carp reel.


Following a picture of the carp reel:

Here are the most important facts for you:

  • Brand: Anaconda
  • Model: Power Carp Runner LC12000
  • Line capacity: 650 m/0. 35 mm
  • Total weight: 850 g
  • 7 + 1 ball bearing
  • freewheel
  • line clip
  • aluminum throw spool
  • Price:  high-priced

Conclusion to the carp reel test

If you want to spend a little more money, you will reach very high distances with this long throw spool. This is not least due to the high line capacity and the higher weight.  It also has a great freewheel technique. Who does not only have pudding in his arms, will have a lot of fun with this, but very high quality model. Therefore we can recommend the Anaconda Power Carp Runner LC12000 in any case. Solid and qualitatively outstanding. Here is the graphical evaluation:

Final words to the carp roll test

Overall we are very satisfied with the results of the carp roll test and the catches. The winner of the comparison is in any case the AnzeigeDAM Quick CAMARO 640 FS, which we can recommend without reservation both in terms of price and quality. But of course the other carp reels are not bad either. We hope that you have found the right reel for you and that you will soon land your next capital carp.

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