Sea Trout Rods Review: 6 Sea Trout Rods Under $100 In Comparison


In this sea trout rod test we would like to present you some different rods. First of all, this product review should help you if you want to buy a sea trout rod in the near future.  It is important to us that we can give you an objective opinion about the different products on the market.

We have structured the product report in such a way that you will be shown an overview table in the following. In this table all the relevant rods that we have chosen for the test are briefly introduced and shown.

This should give you a first rough overview of the different models. Then we will go into the individual models in much more detail.  This way you can inform yourself about the sea trout rod that interests you the most.  And off we go.

Note: From time to time it may happen that selected sea trout rods are not available for a short time. If this is the case, you will find numerous sea trout fishing rods on this overview page.

Overview of the individual rods

Below the promised overview table. You will get to the respective sea trout rod test below. We have classified the rods by material, length, casting weight, total weight, transport length, number of parts and price. You will also find a first picture and the overall score for direct comparison.

This is how we did the tests

Basically, a good sea trout rod should be able to cast a long distance and also have a good shock absorbing effect during the fight. Especially when the sea trout suddenly starts to flee. That is why during the sea trout rod test the following characteristics were very important to us, which we will discuss in more detail in the following

  • Rod action
  • Quality
  • Throw distance
  • Weight
  • Price / Performance

With the first point we have of course paid attention to the action of the sea trout rod. When fishing for sea trout we have had good experience with softer rods. A good sea trout rod has a progressive or semi-parabolic action. This allows for very long casting distances (especially along the coast). Also during the fight with the fish, the rod has a correspondingly good cushioning effect. We use almost exclusively braided fishing lines.

Of course we also took a closer look at the quality of the sea trout rod. Especially with regard to the processing of the individual materials. For this we exposed the individual rods for several weeks to the saltwater air in the North Sea and paid attention to how the materials behave, for example during the drill.

Of course the casting distance is also an important criterion for sea trout rods. Especially at the coast you are often forced to reach long distances. Especially to avoid stones and the surf. Therefore we have of course paid attention to how far you can cast with the rod and if the rod is designed for long distance casts.

The weight is also decisive. Especially when you are searching the shore with a sea trout rod, your arms can get tired. Therefore, a light weight in the rod was of course also decisive for us for a good rating.

Finally we took a look at the general price/performance ratio. Here it was important to us that the price is in a good relation to the rod. Because nothing is worse than if you regret buying a rod because of the bad quality.

I hope that we were able to give you a little insight into what was really important to us with the rods.

And now we don’t want to keep you in suspense and start with the first sea trout rod test.

Jenzi Thunder Spin in the sea trout rod test

The indicatorJenzi Thunder Spin belongs with a total length of 3 m to the longer rods. However, it comes to a total weight of just 198 g. And therefore it is one of the lightest sea trout rods presented here. What we immediately noticed positively when unpacking the rod is that it is also delivered in a noble rod bag. So you can transport it without any problems. It has a solid transport length of 1,55 m.

Altogether the rod consists of two parts which are simply put into each other. Putting them into each other was very easy and worked without problems. So it could start relatively quickly. It has a rather stiff action and a relatively strong backbone. So ideal if you want to go for capital sea trout. Especially when it comes to drill, the stiff backbone can help you to get the catch (with the help of a landing net) ashore.

What we also liked very much is the fact that both the binding and the reel seat make a very good impression.

Illustration of the sea trout rod

Here is another picture of the rod for sea trout


Everything important you will find in the following overview:

  • Brand: Jenzi
  • Material Blank: CFK and GFK fibers
  • Length: 3,00m / Parts: 2
  • Casting weight: 25-70g
  • Transport length: 1.55 m
  • Weight: 198 g
  • Delivery is in a cloth case
  • Price: approx. 80 Euro


All in all this sea trout rod has an enormous power and a stiffer action. We can recommend this model to all anglers who are looking for bigger fish and who love surf fishing. Therefore we give it a clear recommendation to buy. In the following you will find our graphic evaluation for a better overview:

Balzer – Diabolo Seatrout

Note: It is possible that this item is currently not available. The following display sea trout rods are an alternative.

Next in the sea trout rod test is the displayBalzer Diabolo Seatrout. It has a total length of 3.05 m and is, just like the Jenzi Thunder Spin, also designed for sea fishing. It is even 5 cm larger. However, this also has an effect on the transport length. With approx. 1.60 m it is not necessarily handy if you have a longer distance to the lake or pond in front of you. However, this rod also comes with a cloth case. This means that you can store it comfortably and transport it more easily.

The Balzer Diabolo Seatrout is with 240 g also a bit heavier. But in our opinion the weight is still very light for a sea rod. With the casting weight it comes up to 45 g. Furthermore, the Balzer model is not quite as stiff as the Jenzi Thunder Spin. Also for a long cast she is very well suited.

Due to the cork handle, the sea trout rod also lies very well in the hand. It has been ergonomically formed and therefore feels comfortable and lies well in the hand. We also liked very much the fact that the rod looks relatively balanced. That means it is neither too head- nor foot-heavy.


Following is a picture of the rod: Display

Short and to the point

Here you will find the most important facts at a glance:

  • Brand: Balzer
  • Material Blank: IM-7 Carbon
  • Length: 3,05m
  • Parts: 2
  • Transport length: 1,60 m
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Throwing weight: 10-45g
  • Price: approx. 70 Euro


Also the Balzer – Diabolo Seatrout makes a very good impression on us when trout fishing. We were able to land several large sea trout with her. In addition, the good balance and equilibrium completely convinced us. We can therefore recommend this sea trout rod to anyone who wants to enjoy sea angling and is looking for a high quality rod.

Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout

The AnzeigeDega Lars Hansen Seatrout is a sea trout rod with a relatively thin blank. This is especially noticeable when you hold it in your hands for the first time. Also the weight is with 252 g relatively light. Admittedly, the two previously tested rods are a bit lighter, but even the Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout doesn’t weigh much.

The rod tip on this model is extremely sensitive and you can feel almost every pluck of a sea trout. Therefore it also cushions a spontaneous bite very well. This characteristic is also especially noticeable with long casts. Also with this model we could unerringly position the lure at the desired spot at sea.

Admittedly, the price of just under 80 euros is not necessarily cheap, but you get a lot for it. Especially the massive backbone and the noble cork handle make every angler’s heart beat faster.

Picture of the sea trout rod

Here another picture. To enlarge the picture just click on it:

Short & concise

All important facts at a glance:

  • Brand: Dega
  • Length: 3,15 m
  • Parts: 2
  • Transport length: 163 cm
  • Weight: 252 g
  • Throwing weight: 20 – 45 g
  • Price: approx. 80 Euro


All in all the Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout is a very solid sea trout rod. Especially if you want to go far out to sea, the strong backbone of this model is very helpful. And yet it has a sensitive tip that can replace any reasonable bite indicator. Unfortunately it is a little bit heavier and also a little bit bigger in transport length. But if you want to try out the Dega brand, you won’t do much wrong with this model. The alternative is the third generation Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout. You can find the product report below.

Daiwa Seahunter X Seatrout 3.10m 10-40g

The displayDaiwa Seahunter X Seatrout is ideal as a sea trout rod if you want to use it at the Baltic Sea or North Sea. We have tested it at the Baltic Sea and would like to tell you about our experiences. In total it comes to 225 g, which is perfectly ok for the price. At the moment it costs about 50 Euro and is therefore very cheap compared to the other models we have tested.

With a total length of 3,10 m it is one of the longest sea trout rods presented here. Furthermore it has a semi-parabolic action. This means that it bends slightly in the middle and can therefore develop strongly, especially during long casts. You can really feel how it unloads during the cast, as soon as the rod springs forward. Because of this we were able to achieve very long casts of about 80 m with her.

Furthermore it is equipped with an additional cork handle. This is still in the hand even after a longer fight. With a transport length of 1.59 m it can be easily transported to the sea. However, we recommend an additional rod bag because this model does not come with a cloth case.


Below you will find a picture of the rod:


All important features briefly summarized for you:

  • Brand: Daiwa
  • Model: Seahunter X Seatrout
  • Size: 3,10 m
  • Weight: 225 g
  • Transport length: 1, 59 m
  • optimal bending curve
  • carbon fibre rod
  • tenon joint
  • high quality natural cork handle
  • seawater resistant
  • double singe
  • price: approx. 50 Euro


All in all the Daiwa Seahunter X Seatrout with a casting weight of about 40 g did very well in trout fishing. Also, despite the low price, she has adapted very well to the seawater and seawater air at the Baltic Sea. We could not see any signs of wear even after 3 weeks of vacation. We also liked the low price very much. All in all it is a recommendable sea trout rod. Here is our graphical evaluation from the sea trout rod test:

Daiwa Exceler Seatrout 3.15m 15-45g

The displayDaiwa Exceler Seatrout is with 205 g very light. Furthermore it is with a length of 3,15m one of the biggest sea trout rods presented here. We have tried it with medium-heavy indicators and were extremely successful. Overall it is very soft in terms of action. Therefore it cushions sudden escape very well.

In addition, we were able to achieve the longest casts with this rod. All in all we reached a distance of 90 to 100 m with her. And that with a blinker weighing about 18 g. In addition, we did not even have to use a lot of power for it.

All in all we were very successful in fishing and were able to outwit 4 sea trout between 40 and 60 cm without any problems. Also the rod was not damaged by the drills. The strong backbone of the sea trout rod more than supported us. We used a braided line on it which could glide through the Titanium-Oxyd rings without problems. All in all this is a rod we can recommend.

Illustration of the sea trout rod

Here is a picture of the product:

Everything important at a glance

Here is the most important thing for you in the summary:

  • Brand:  Daiwa
  • Model: Exceler Sea Trout
  • Size: 3,15 m
  • Weight: 205 g
  • Transport length: 1, 65 m
  • Throw weight: 15-45 g
  • Price: approx. 70 Euro


All in all we were most satisfied with this model. This is simply because the individual components of the sea trout rod from Daiwa have harmonized so well with each other. The complete blank construction is in our opinion more than impressive. Therefore we can definitely recommend the Daiwa Exceler Seatrout. Here is our evaluation:

Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout III

The displayDega Lars Hansen Seatrout III is the further developed model of the Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout I shown above. This sea trout rod is therefore about 20 Euro more expensive than the older version.

What we liked very much is the fact that it comes in a noble fabric furter. This protects the rod and can also be used for a gentle transport. If you take a closer look at it, you will notice that it does not have a cork handle, but a handle made of EVA. The EVA is reminiscent of a foam-like material and is also very comfortable in the hand.

In contrast to the other 5 sea trout rods presented, the Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout III consists of 3 parts in total. The other 5 presented rods consist of only 2 parts. This of course also has a positive effect on the transport length. With a total length of 1.10 m it is the smallest rod for transport. The total length is 3.15 m, making it one of the largest sea trout rods presented here, along with the Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout I and the Daiwa Exceler Seatrout.

With a total weight of 217 g it is also pleasantly light in the hand. Last but not least, this is due to the light carbon blank which also seems to be of very high quality. On us it makes a balanced impression.

Picture of the sea trout rod

Here is a picture of the product:

The most important data at a glance

Short and sweet, the most important data in the summary from our sea trout rod test:

  • Brand: Lars Hansen
  • Model: Seatrout III /
  • Length: 3,15m
  • Throw weight: 18 – 42 g
  • Hand Made
  • Material Blank: Carbon
  • Strong spine
  • Sensitive tip
  • Parts: 3
  • Transport length: 110cm
  • Weight: 217g
  • Price: approx. 70 Euro

Conclusion of the sea trout rod test

All in all the Dega Lars Hansen Seatrout III has surpassed the first version once again. This is partly due to the reduced weight and partly to the reduced transport length. Also during the fight it has a strong backbone with which you can easily catch one or the other capital sea trout.

All in all this handmade rod looks very noble and perfect to us. We can therefore recommend it without having a bad conscience. From us there is therefore a clear recommendation to buy.

Closing words to the sea trout rod test

We hope that you enjoyed our sea trout rod test about the different rods for trout fishing. We really enjoyed the test time with the different fishing rods and even learned something new at one point or another. If you are still looking for more sea rods, then you should have a look at the ad here. There you will find a large selection.

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